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She stood at the window, watching the rivulets of water run down the pane, tracing their paths with her fingers.

He sat on the couch, to all intents and purposes relaxed, but for the way he watched the woman so carefully, while pretending to be immersed in a report.

"I love the rain."

The man ruffled the pages of the report, and made a disbelieving sound.

"Really? 'Cos you seemed to have a slight dislike for it last time we were out in a torrential downpour."

The woman stiffened slightly, and tugged the curtains closed, a little harder than strictly necessary.

"I was merely expressing my dislike for the cold."

The man glanced up, noted her glare, and smothered what might have been a smile.

"Ah. So why do you like the rain?"

He watched her fold her arms, impatient, suddenly.

"It's…you know, let's just change the subject."

The man made a tutting sound, shaking his finger at her.
"Now, Bones, you are sharing with me a personal feeling and I am supposed to respect that, according to our teenaged therapist."

She sighed. He waited.

"It's just…, it soothes, instantly. Whether you're happy, or melancholic, or just existing… it doesn't discriminate, it makes you feel better anyway." She paused, then shrugged a little. "Even if you hadn't realised you needed to feel better."

Booth lay down his report, watching her, then shrugged in response.

"I see it as more of a bandaid- I mean, sure it soothes, temporarily, but you know there's gonna be wind damage and car accidents to deal with in the morning."

He waited for her to meet his gaze, then grinned, triumphant, at the reluctant chuckle.

She turned back to the window, looking out at the rain.

"Yeah, but for that moment, that one moment- you know what peace is- and you can take that, and remember it."

He nodded, thoughtful, then cocked his head at her.

"It's never quite the same, though, right?"

She was silent for a moment, and he let the sound of the rain, of the fire in the grate enter his consciousness.


She turned to face his, her gaze meeting his, straight and solemn, in the way he'd come to love.

"No, it's never quite the same."

Author's note: I have no idea what this is. Haven't written for a while, haven't seen any of season three, have no idea what's going on, only certain thing is that I miss Bones, and reading fanfic is currently working wonders for me. XD Have a great week, people. Whoever reads this, I appreciate the time you took!