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It's VERY irresponsible to turn to the time machine even when things are very wrong

The Yorozuya stared at their client stupidly. Their client happened to be also their landlady, Otose.

"Let me get this right," Sakata Gintoki said slowly, "We are going to help a group of people from the time machine (beer vending machine) across the street to find their hair to prevent world destruction."

Shimura Shinpachi looked at Gintoki and said, "No, I think you're wrong, Gin-san. We're going to help these people who are going to Otsuu-chan's next live concert to find their lost ball in order to prevent world destruction."

"WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!" Kagura said loudly, "We are going to help these people from the Slum to charge into an All-You-Can-Eat Sukonbu buffet and save the world from destruction!"

Gintoki replied indignantly, "What are you talking about? What has Sukonbu to do with saving the world? Go chew on it! It's the hair, the hair!"

"Gin-san, hair has nothing to do with saving the world either," Shinpachi said.

"What? Of course it does! Look at the heroes who have saved the world," Gintoki explained and started counting off his fingers, "Umibozu, Lupin the third, Kurosaki Ichigo… they're all on the same journey to search for hair while saving the world!"

"No, they're not!!! OK, maybe Kagura's dad is a valid example… BUT NO! The other two don't need to search for hair! They have enough to save the world!!!"

"What???" Gintoki replied challengingly. "Then you're saying you're right? What's so great about balls? Everyone has their own balls! And those need women to help save (populate) the world!"

"SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!" Otose screamed over the squabbling. The Yorozuya stopped in surprise and looked at her blankly.

"SIT DOWN AND LISTEN!" Otose commanded and they followed suit.

"… The hell…" Otose cursed and then continued. "I only said that a group of dimension travelers will be in Edo soon and I need you to guide them through Edo to find an important artifact that belongs to one of them. Where'd the hell did you get the crazy ideas? Stop watching those re-run dramas!"

Gintoki looked at Otose as if she was a three year old child and said, "Come on now? Are you really the Old woman from downstairs? Dimension travelers? Who the hell believes that?"

Gintoki started laughing, with Kagura and Shinpachi joining in too.

"Yeah, old lady! You're actually Catherine in disguise, aren't you? Only that retard cat ears thief would be this stupid! You'd think we believe you?" Kagura laughed loudly and said.

"Kagura, that's too mean! I mean since time travelers are possible, why not dimension travelers? Ah… but… still… the idea is too…" Shinpachi snorted from trying to keep down his laughter.


Otose watched angrily as the Yoruzuya laughed out loud. Kagura and Sadaharu were both rolling on the floor, laughing. Shinpachi bent over laughing with all his might while Gintoki held his head up and laughed. As Otose was about to open her mouth and shout at them, a light glowered in the middle of the room.

Gintoki who was looking up at the time, spotted the mysterious light and his laughter faded away. The light grew brighter and a strong gust of hot wind blew in the room. Shinpachi and Kagura realized that something was wrong soon and looked up at the light.

Slowly, the light grew bigger and became whiter. Once it stopped growing, a black hole then formed in the center of the light. Just as the Yorozuya thought that the black hole would cover up the light, they saw something from within the hole. Shinpachi adjusted his spectacles and squinted at the black hole.

"Is it just me? Or am I seeing people coming out from the… WAAAHHH!!!" Shinpachi screamed in panic as he scrambled to safety.

The black hole made a weird sound and spitted out four human beings from its inside. It then closed up immediately as it lost its light and landed on the floor. The Yorozuya stared on the thing on the floor as it announced excitedly, "We've reached the next world!"

Otose sighed and said, "It looks like they were earlier than I had expected."

The Yorozuya rapidly switched their gaze to Otose, and when she did not give them any reaction, they turned their heads back at the strangers in sync.


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