May: Guess who's back?

Mai: Oh my goodness, has it really been five years?!

Naru: You haven't changed a bit.

Mai: Yeah, height-wise too.

May: H-Hey! Anyways, I have an important announcement to make!

First of all, I would like to apologize for leaving this project hanging for pretty much half a decade. The first chapter was published when I was only 12. I'm 18 now, almost 19, and the adventures I had in the fan fiction literary world has done quite a lot of things for me. I loved hearing from my readers through reviews. They motivated me. Till now, I'm still amazed that I get follows and faves, despite how Terry-ble I used to write back then, despite the really short chapters, despite the shallow character development, despite the emotional A/Ns.

Right now, I just want to say 'thank you' to everyone who has supported me throughout this 7-year long journey. It is about to be completed.

No, I am not going to drop this project. Actually, in celebration of this fic's seventh year since publishing, I intend to commemorate the occasion by uploading the last and final chapter on that very day - November 14, 2014. In the meantime, I will regularly post new chapters, by mid-February, hopefully, if time allows, and I've begun revising and rewriting the previous chapters. Just haven't gotten around to uploading them either. What I promise is that by November this year, this story will finally reach completion and ultimately rest in peace.


TL;DR: Terry's decided to pick the story up again with the intention of revising each chapter and completing the fic on 11-14-14 for the fic's 7th anniversary.

Kyouya: The message has been posted for all to see. Please stick to your words this time. You're a responsible 'adult' now, while your height may not show it.

May: Ouch, to be lectured by someone younger than me...