Author's Note

Me: Guess who's back! . I know you've missed me guys!

Mai: Yes, May. We've really missed you! (huggles)

Naru: Oh joy. (sarcasm) She's back to ruin my ultimately perfect life.

Me: You know, Naru, it's alright for me to hate you. (evil smile)

Ayako: You're not making much sense.

Me: Oh, be quiet, Ayako. I know you missed me too.

Ayako: (rolls eyes) No, I didn't.

Me: Aww…did you just say you did? That's so heartwarming! (squee!)

Chapter 11

Previously on Terror Tales at Ouran

"Eh? Is he trying to avoid me or something?" she asked herself as she instinctly stood up and followed him.

She finally entered his office and said angrily, "Listen, Naru. Why are you avoiding me?"

Naru kept his back turned from her and remained silent which caused Mai to speak again.

"Is it because of the tea? I can bring you one right now," she said, sounding less angry with every syllable and becoming a little regretful.


Mai was getting irritated since Naru didn't show any signs that he was listening to her so she walked up to him and turned him to face her.

Naru then grabbed her close to him and…

Presently on Terror Tales at Ouran

"I'm sorry for disturbing," Kyouya apologized, shutting the door that he just entered. He gave that calculating smirk as Naru pushed Mai away.

"This isn't what it looks like," Naru drawled in a faint attempt in saving himself when he was the one doing the assault. Yeah. "Beside the point, what are you doing here?"

"I believe that I'm a member of the club who owns this club room which you are currently renting," Kyouya reminded and pushed his glasses up, causing them to glint in spite of the absence of light.

"We shall excuse ourselves then," Naru spoke and pulled Mai out with him with an annoyed look.

"That was easy…" Kyouya smirked and pretended to browse through the files Naru carelessly left on his desk.


The next day…

'What happened yesterday? What's wrong with Naru? Why was he acting like that? Why did he pull me close to him? How did Kyouya enter the room so easily like that? What's going on between those two? Why is there such tension in the air every time they meet?' Mai pondered endlessly to herself. She was just staring into the endless sky, and that made Masako look at her strangely.

"Mai, I hate to disrupt your…uh…thoughts, but what are you thinking?" Masako asked haughtily as she shook Mai roughly back to reality.

"Oh. Nothing," Mai said innocently, but Masako looked like she didn't believe her.

"Hey, you two," Ayako called, entering the room halfway and not even bothering to step inside. "Naru's requested a meeting."

"Right!" Mai saluted automatically as if it was SOP and followed Ayako out.

"Now that you're all here," Naru began with a throat-clearing cough. He still looked pretty annoyed from the previous day's event. "I would like to assign to you today's tasks."

Mai sat down on the couch. Ayako remained standing. Bou-san stood beside Ayako, and Masako sat down a good distance from Mai on the same couch. As for John, he was still praying the Morning Offering. Oh, and Lin? Well, he's sitting close to Naru, listening to some rock tunes on his headphones. No kidding.

"Ayako, Bou-san, and Masako," Naru assigned, stealing a glance at the pious John. "Please inform John that you guys shall be searching the school."

"What about-" Mai piped up but was quickly cut off.

"Lin and I will continued finding more data," Naru continued. Mai pouted.

Naru turned to look at Mai. "Oh, Mai." Mai looked up hopefully at him with a sunny expression.

"Yes, Naru?" she asked eagerly.

"Get me some tea."


At the school grounds…

"I'm tired of doing all this manual labor," Ayako complained as she filed her nails while she looked around the grounds.

"Why does Mai only have to do the tea-making? Does she even have to do secretarial duties?" Masako joined in the Whiners' Club.

"I hate to disturb you guys in your whining, but we found something," Bou-san interrupted, signaling that they come to where he was. He was standing in front of a large hedgerow cut to form the 'Thinker' statue.

"By 'we', you mean…?" Ayako sounded.

"Just hurry up and come over here!" Bou-san barked angrily.

John sighed from the sidelines since he knew that statement would trigger WWIII. He wanted to stop their bickering, but he was too engrossed in his rosary novena.

Behind the Thinker Hedge-Statue, Bou-san found a part of the wall of the High School Area's covered in vines. One brick looked extremely suspicious since it was sticking out more than the other bricks.

He pulled the vines off while ignoring Ayako's rants and taunts. It was a difficult job indeed.

Seeing she was being ignored, Ayako got angry and leant her arm on the wall to form a very convincing stance. Accidentally, her arm lodged with the brick that was sticking out.

Bou-san, who was pulling the vines out, was pulled in back by the vines. Masako gasped. John exclaimed, "Holy Jesus Christ!" and did the sign of the cross after to show repentance for his blasphemy.

"What was that?" Masako asked the obvious. Her hands were covering her mouth as if she was very shocked with the on-goings - as if she just saw a ghost stick its hideous green tongue out at her.

"The brick seems to be some sort of button," Ayako answered very nicely since seeing Bou-san getting hurt calmed her down.

"Try pushing it harder," John recommended gently, having finished his novena.

"I'll do just that," Ayako said and pushed the button harder.

The three combined forces to push the button. By their strength, they felt the button stop. The brick was completely even with the rest of the bricks. They looked left; the button brick was even with the others. They looked right; their eyes widened. JUST WHEN WAS THERE A PASSAGE WAY?!

"Sweet find, guys," Bou-san whistled in admiration. "Let's report back to Naru."

"Alright," they agreed.


Author's Note:

My plot line didn't intend me to stop here, but I wanted to. Try to expect an update tomorrow. ^^ I apologize for disappearing for a whole year (and two days). ^^