The Reason Why, We Can't Be Friends.

A/N: Okay guys, this is the sequel to "You, Me And My Secret". Hope you guys don't think this one is bad too.

A soft wind caressed Sasuke's face, his untamed hair blowing around him. Sasuke looked up, feeling a little tingle in his body he looked all around him.

And now he was getting that same feeling again, that tingling, the soft wind, and the whispers around him.

He hadn't felt like this in about three months, when he last saw that pink haired girl, smiling at him then waving at him, disappearing into thin air.

"Sakura!" He turned around, searching his street; he knew she was here somewhere. He could feel her presence haunting him. He stepped off his steps where he was in deep thought and walked down the street.

This was just like last time. He was looking for her desperately, and she would be on that street, waving at him.

Sasuke took a left turn at the end of the street where the wind blew stronger.

"Where are you," Sasuke stopped in his tracks with his eyes closed; the wind was so strong now that it made him sway on his feet.

He opened his eyes, he could now feel his heart pulsate violently, and he looked around him. He was in the park, surrounded by blooming cherry blossoms.

Sasuke looked out on the calm river, the cherry blossom petals were floating on top, floating down the river with the current pulled by the wind.

He looked in the park, she wasn't there.

He looked more desperately and stiffened as a glance of pink hair caught his eyes, a body sat on the bench looking out at the river quite calmly.

It wasn't a sunny day, dark clouds above him were ready to roar, and it had already begun to spit lightly. But, the wind was… a warm wind. It wasn't one of those that sent chills down your spine; Sasuke knew it was just Sakura.

Sasuke took a step towards the person sitting on the bench; he took a look at the side of the person and then the front.

"I'm not hallucinating," Sasuke said to himself surprisingly. A pretty woman with flawless skin and short pink hair sat on the bench, sleeping.

No wonder her sitting position was awkward, her hair blew freely around her face, and her soft, lip glossed lips were partially open.

Why was she sleeping now? It was pretty dangerous to just nonchalantly sleep in the park. Sasuke stared at her face, that nineteen years old girl was still there. Sakura touched her shoulder, she didn't stir. Was she deeply asleep?

"Sakura…?" She didn't move. "Sakura," Sasuke said a bit louder. She still didn't move. Sasuke lifted his brows, shaking her a bit harder, still didn't move.

"Hey, wake up," He looked at her body, creasing his brows at a torn corner of her black shirt. There weren't any scratches or anything on her face…

Sasuke touched the corner of her shirt, wondering what had happened. Sasuke withdrew his hand away quickly as his hand brushed against her body, it was cold.

"Sakura!" Sasuke pressed his hand against her chest; her heart was still beating normally.

"What the hell?!" Sasuke pulled down her shirt and picked Sakura up, grunting as he lifted her in his arms. She was much heavier now that she was older, not that it was a strain or anything.

Sasuke walked back to his house quickly as the wind died down and the rain grew heavier, Sasuke kicked his door open and quickly walked upstairs. Why did his mother have to move out when he needed her?

Sasuke placed her in the bathtub and ran warm water in.

He pulled off her top, nothing more than a blowing punch, maybe to her face too, but he couldn't see anything.

Sasuke stared at the large bruise, and then his eyes moved to her ribs, then to her chest. He closed his eyes quickly, jeez.

"Sasuke Kunnnnn!" A voice was heard downstairs after the door had closed.

"Yuki! Come up here!" Sasuke called to her and the young woman came running upstairs, eyes wide at Sakura who lay in the bathtub.

"What's going on?"

"Found her in the park, she's unconscious. I need you to…" He nodded at Sakura and Yuki smiled.

"Sure, I'll take care of her," Yuki beckoned Sasuke out and kneeled besides Sakura, staring at her.

"Boy, Sasuke Kun picked up a pretty girl," She touched her hair and pushed it out of her face, taking off her singlet and other clothing, cleaning her body and face.


Where am I…Sakura opened her eyes tiredly and blinked heavily, exhaling wearily. Her vision blurred and then cleared up, next to her a young woman with long brown hair and blue-green eyes looked at her cheerfully.

"Where am I…" Sakura tried to sit up; she groaned in pain and lay back down.

"Don't worry, I took care of you. Try not to sit up, I don't know, you were unconscious in the park,"

"Oh… thanks for the help, but I got to get back- ah!" Sakura sat up but the woman pushed her down gently.

"Please, you'll hurt yourself even more,"

"Who are you?" Sakura gulped, starting to panic, why was this room so familiar to her?

"I need to speak to Naruto!"

"I'm Yuki! Just relax, let me get the phone," Sakura flinched as she heard the girl's name. Those dark memories rising up into her head as her heart dropped. Sakura shook her head, she must not get distracted! The girl stood up and reached over to the table, bringing her a phone. The phone… it also looked familiar.

Sakura took it and dialed Naruto's house quickly.



"Sakura Chan! Is something wrong?" On the other side of the phone, Naruto frowned.

"I-I don't know where I am, I don't know, this girl said I was unconscious in the park, can you come and get me? I don't know what's going on!"

"Here, let me," Yuki held her hand out for the phone and Sakura passed it to her.

"Is this Naruto? Yea, I'm Yuki, my boyfriend found Sakura in the park unconscious. He brought her back here and we've cleaned her up, you can come get her, she doesn't know what's going on." Yuki paused for a reply.

"I'll give you my address…" Sakura didn't pay anymore attention, she was too busy looking around the room.

The smell, the decorations, the ornaments, everything looked so familiar here. Maybe she saw it once in a dream, or she was having a déjà vu.

Yuki hung up and smiled at Sakura.

"Naruto's coming right now,"

"Thanks… what happened?"

"I have no idea, my boyfriend found you in the park on the bench; he said that you were unconscious. You had a few bruises on your body but I cleaned you up with this, it shouldn't hurt as bad," Yuki held a bottle of oil for her to see. Sakura creased her brow, did everyone have that bottle of oil in their house, or was this house just… so familiar?

There was a rapping at the door and someone downstairs opened it up, a few muffled voices were talking and then hurried footsteps were heard coming upstairs.

"Sakura Chan?!" Naruto's voice was so loud!

"She's in here!" Yuki called and a handsome blonde man came rushing in.

"Sakura Chan!" Naruto came rushing to her, bending down to kiss her on the head. "Thank God you're alright!"

"She's got a few bruises on her upper body, but the rest should be okay," Yuki stated. Sakura smiled at her, knowing that they meant good.

"Thank you, and thanks to your boyfriend too."

"Is she alright?" A voice was heard from the door and Sakura's eyes flicked onto a man, dark hair, dark eyes, handsome face, fit figure. Sakura was silenced; she could not say one word.

T-this house. Sas…uke.

"T-thanks for all the help," Sakura forced herself to stand up despite the pain; Naruto helped her up and they walked slowly out the door, Sakura could not look at that man.

Her heart felt heavy.

Sakura, don't think about him right now! Come on, you don't love him anymore. You love Naruto! Sakura dared herself to look in his eyes, that same tingling feeling she felt years ago revived again.

"Come on Sakura Chan, let's go." Naruto smiled at Sasuke gratefully and he nodded back.

"Nice to meet you! Oh by the way, what's your name?" Yuki asked and Sakura hesitated.

"Sakura Haruno, my name's Sakura."

"So you retrieved your last name? Or did you lie about it last time?" Sasuke softly asked; his eyes boring into hers.

"I didn't know it last time, I found out about my past." Sakura whispered hoarsely, turning her head away and walking downstairs with Naruto. In one quick move, Naruto swooped her up in his arms, feeling that Sakura was struggling with moving and also with her emotions.

Flash back.

Sasuke and Naruto stood opposite each other, keeping their distance, their hair blowing around their faces. Both of them stared at each other, emotions running wildly behind each other's eyes.

"How did you guys get together?" Sasuke asked, trying to hide his feelings.

"You really want to know that?" Naruto asked, none of them were joking around. Silence trailed behind each other and Sasuke looked at Naruto.

"Don't… hurt her." Sasuke breathed out.

"I won't Sasuke."

"Naruto, we can't be friends anymore," Sasuke stated suddenly with calmness. Naruto didn't say anything, they both knew what would happen today, it was inevitable.

"We both have the same feelings for the same girl, and if every time I see you; I'll start to lose myself," Naruto looked away sadly.

"Maybe there's some other way,"

"No Naruto, this is what I want. I'm always doing favors for you. Just do something for me once," Sasuke turned around and Naruto placed his hand on his shoulder.

Not saying a word, Sasuke pushed Naruto's hand off and shoved his hands in his pockets, walking off in the distance; Naruto stared sadly at him until he was out of his sight.


"You alright Sakura Chan?" Naruto placed her in the car and she smiled wearily at him.

"I'm alright, I can't really feel the bruises anymore actually," She gave him a kiss on the cheek and he stared at her sadly.

"I mean about Sasuke, not your body," Sakura sighed.

"I'm fine," She managed a little whisper.

"If you wanna talk about it over ramen or something," Sakura smiled, Naruto would always bring up 'ramen' when he was concerned about her.

"It's alright, I haven't seen him in a while, that's all." Naruto smiled understandingly and hopped in his driver's seat, starting up the engine to drive home.

As he reversed out of the driveway, Sakura stared out the window to inside Sasuke's house where Yuki jumped into his arms, kissing him passionately. Smiles on both of their faces.

Sasuke swayed around with Yuki in his arms, smiling at her. His eyes aren't smiling… like they used to smile at me.

Sakura's heart missed a beat as Sasuke glanced at her, giving her a little smirk as a peculiar light reflected from his chest, off a pendant.