Sakura Under the Cherry Blossoms.

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Sakura sat under the cherry blossoms, leaning against the trunk, her knees pulled up to her chest as she cried so many tears.

Sakura's glasses sat next to her on the soft green grass, she felt as if her heart had stopped beating.

Her whole body had gone cold.

But Naruto, why now? Why didn't you tell me earlier on?! I… I'm sorry but… I think I will be able to let go of you easily. I know you still love me. Behind those emotionless eyes, I could sense a flicker of warmth… even though it was a small kinder. It was small. But I could see it.

Sasuke perked up from his sleep on the bench, Yuki's head leaned on his shoulder. She was wide awake, staring across the river quietly to herself.


"Sasuke Kun…?"


"Do you know what love is?"

"Yes." Sasuke answered.

"What is it?"

"Something that keeps you wide awake at night. Something that keeps you alive. Something that keeps time still when you are with another you love…" Sasuke had no idea where this was coming from, he wasn't usually this deep. But it kept coming.

"It is… patient… It makes your heart race until you think it could burst, sometimes it hurts so much that you think you're heartbroken…" Sasuke whispered to himself and Yuki smiled. Perfect. Just what she wanted.

"And… do you love me?" Sasuke turned to her; he always could say that he loved her as much as his whole life… but something in him told him not to. Yuki continued to look across the river.

That's a good boy, just the answer I'm looking for.

"Then you should go comfort Sakura. She's crying of heartbreak. All she needs now, is comfort."

Flash back.

"I'm not asking you to do anything, Yuki." Naruto spoke up as they sat opposite each other at the café.

"I'm breaking up with Sakura,"

Yuki remained silent, pretty sure of where this was heading.

"She is still in love with Sasuke, and it's so obvious, I think it's breaking me apart; not because she loves him, but because she can't be with him," Yuki took a sip of her coffee and sighed, staring out at the window.

"I'm gonna do it tomorrow. I've been your friend for a long time that I can trust you to not tell Sasuke." Naruto sighed, a sudden heap of pressure rose off his chest.

"Don't worry Naruto Kun, I won't."

"And I can trust you that you won't do anything irrational with your relationship with Sasuke." Naruto stood up, throwing some notes on the table, giving her a look.

"I won't," They both smiled wearily at each other and Naruto left. Don't worry Naruto, I understand. I got your message; I will end my relationship tomorrow too. I unlike you am not sure if I love him anymore. Sakura's return has definitely affected us all.


Yuki gave a small kiss on Sasuke's cheek as he gave one last smile at her, and she watched him run off on the path desperately for his long lost love.

"Don't look back Sasuke," Yuki whispered. Hm. I don't regret this. She smiled.

"Sakura!" Sasuke panted as he ran as fast as his legs could carry. Just a little bit shorter until he reached her, his heart felt like it was going to stop any time.

"Sakura!" He slowed down into a walk and approached her; she lifted her head, revealing a tear stained face with more running down. She hiccoughed and blinked the rest of her tears out.

"S-Sasuke K-Kun," She bit her lip again and this time cried harder, not being able to stand the sight of him offering his hand to her.

She took it and he pulled her up into his chest.

"Y-you c-came for me?"

"I came for you, Sakura," He lifted her chin and wiped her tears that ran down rapidly. Who could think a girl could store so many tears.

"I-I think I still love you Sasuke…" Sakura gripped his shirt and cried into it.

"I love you too," He said quietly into her ear, kissing her neck softly.

"Sasuke… I-" Sakura was cut off by Sasuke taking off her glasses and swooping down onto her lips, that sudden burst of familiar warmth that had been gone for a long time had been resurrected.

He wrapped his arms around her as did she.

I can definitely remember… everything. I can feel my memories.

Sakura looked up behind Sasuke's shoulders, a blonde haired kid she once remembered looked at her. She watched him carefully, as he shoved his hands in his pockets casually and walked off.

Sakura could swear that he wiped something away from his eyes before giving her a weary smile.

A smile full of… forgivness.

I will definitely remember you. Naruto.

Sakura blinked out her last tears.

No more burden on my heart. I feel… light.

&& -- Three Months Later.

Sakura walked down the familiar path with a white rose in her hand, Sakura sighed as she came to a small plaque.

She always came to the cemetery in every two months. To visit her little sister.

Sakura fell to her knees and touched the plaque, placing the rose down on it and smiling sadly.

"Hi little Yuki, are you doing well?" Sakura smiled. She waited a bit then sighed again.

"I'm back with Sasuke Kun, and I love him so much." She looked around to see if anyone was listening to her.

"You know? His ex is named Yuki too, quite a coincidence eh? … I wonder what would happen if you were still alive… maybe you could be with Naruto. I see him sometimes and he seems to be doing well… but that's what he says right?"

"Oh yea, it's your birthday today isn't it? Sorry, but Sasuke destroyed your present… it was a balloon that you would've enjoyed but he decided it would be funny to burst it…" Sakura smiled at her thought. "Happy seventeenth Yuki,"

"Hey, sorry about the balloon thingy," A hand was placed on her shoulder and Sakura turned around, Sasuke was behind her.

"Oh, no, it's alright," Sasuke wiped away her tears and Sasuke also touched the plaque.

"Hn. Happy birthday Yuki," Sasuke wiped away the dust that had settled on the plaque.

"You okay?" Sasuke kissed Sakura's forehead and she smiled.

"Of course,"

"You wanna go out to eat lunch?"

"Yea, sure."

"Bye Yuki, I'm going to eat lunch. I'll come visit you again next time," Sakura waved bye and walked hand in hand with Sasuke out of the cemetery.

Sakura beamed as a familiar blonde haired kid walked towards them, distracted by the side shops.

"Naruto!" Sakura ran towards him and thrusted her arms around his neck, he looked at her shocked for a moment and then smiled.

"Haven't seen you in a while,"

"Hey dobe," The guys clapped each others on the back.

"Join us for lunch!"

Naruto didn't particularly like outings with Sasuke and Sakura, they would always do things together intimately, like play with each other and kiss.

It tore Naruto's heart even more apart.

"Na, I'm alright. I already had lunch anyway," Naruto waved lazily. Sakura and Sasuke walked past, heading towards the town.

Naruto looked back to see Sakura's hand around Sasuke's waist and his arm around her shoulder.

Sakura looked back too, their Sakura's smiling eyes connected with Naruto and she gave one last smile at him.

Thank you for giving me another chance, Naruto.