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Destiny#1: Prince of Music

A standing ovation. The audience applauded much longer than necessary. Their faces were in awe and some were in tears.

"He's doing it again." Inui said. He had expected this to happen. The song Fuji had just played was supposed to be the last one that evening, but still, Fuji sat down the piano again and readied his fingers at the keys.

"Hoi hoi Fujiko! A title nya!" Eiji said in a hushed shout before Fuji could start.

Fuji paused for a while, thinking of one. "Thanks." He whispered back to the red curtain before addressing the audience.

Inui started taking notes, literally, as he scribbled the notes Fuji was playing on the piano. Geniuses had a tendency to improvise and Inui had taken it upon himself to record Fuji's inventions. Both their instructor and the audience would want the piece's music sheet. He would just ask the radio station covering the event to give him a copy of tonight's recitals.

At times Inui would pause from his task and would just listen to the sad melodies coming from Fuji. The tensai was famous for music that could send the audience to tears. Fuji was skilled at the piano, but he was talented in capturing the audience's hearts with his music.

After finishing the song, Fuji enjoyed the audience's praise. He bowed low before walking backstage. The host took a little while to take the floor as he was also in tears.

"Fujiko, that was unbelievable!" Eiji launched at him. "Who would have known that you were making it up on stage?" Eiji bounced around him; he was as lively as the music he played.

"He was making it on stage again?" Ryoma asked. "I wish I could do that." Ryoma had just joined Ryuzaki's piano school. But then again, Fuji started playing the piano since they were four, like him, but he couldn't compose one live.

"It's easy. Just follow your heart." was Fuji's elusive advice.

"It's quite a lengthy one this time." Inui said while observing his notebook.

Fuji smiled mischievously. "Someone was holding back their tears." Fuji liked to make the audience cry. All of them. May it be sobs or a single tear, he would like to let them feel sadness in a good way.

They were interrupted with a call to the stage. Their performance tonight was well received.

"Fuji, where'd you get the title?" Inui asked while they stepped on the spotlight, wondering what he'd answer if a fan asks him again.

Fuji smiled to the crowd and waved. He recalled instances where he had to pick random words to make up the titles. The last impromptu piece he did was strangely titled 'Dragonfly Illusion' because a dragonfly passed his feet that morning.

"I'm not sure Inui." Fuji said while they walked out of the concert hall. "Maybe I just like rimless glasses."


"Guys, we gotta do another one!" Momo excitedly twirled his drumsticks. "Crowd's going wild for an encore!"

Oishi looked over the crowd; the manager of the bar gave his thumbs up. "Okay!" Oishi adjusted his keyboard. "How about we do the new one?"

They all nodded in agreement. Kaidoh struck a very loud note on the base guitar, sending the crowd cheering. He hit it again and Kawamura started to shout. "Ready for another one?!" There were loud shouts from the crowd. "This is our new song--Here it goes!" Kawamura strung his guitar to a fast rhythm. "It's called- Rimless!"

Momo's drums and Kaidoh's base stabilized all the heartbeats of people in the bar. Oishi's timing and precision with the keyboard was expected. The crowd went wild when Kawamura had started his famous growl. "…falling…to…your…eyes"

"Holy shit!" Sengoku shouted at his own band mates in the audience. "Damn he's good!" The crowd somehow fell silent in wonder, their eyes fixed on the left-handed kid on stage whose hands stroked the electric guitar. They shouted in cheer before banging their heads to the air.

Tezuka's nimble fingers plucked the guitar effortlessly, making the complicated chords seem simple. Tezuka didn't trash around the stage, he just stood on his corner, focused on his guitar. The earsplitting solo had ended after a few more seconds, leaving the audience breathless.

The whole bar erupted to a cheer after they've finished the song. It was always a good feeling to leave the stage with a satisfied audience.

"That was awesome!" Sengoku had come up on stage; his band was the next performer.

"AWESOME BABY!" Kawamura shouted at him.

"Easy there." Oishi grabbed the microphone and put it back on the stand. "Next band's setting up; we should get going Taka-san."

A few girls passed by them when they were putting their equipment on the van. "You were amazing!"

"Thanks." Tezuka answered coolly, making the girls squeal.

"Well, would you look at that?" Momo paused from twirling his drumsticks. "Tezuka-sempai gets all the girls again!"

"Fushuu." Kaidoh hissed at him. "That's because you hit the drums too hard! Baka!"

"Did you think I didn't notice you missed a note at the end?" Momo pointed his drumsticks to Kaidoh. "Huh, mamushi?"

"It was good for the song's first time." Oishi said, hoping the end the fight. "That was good music Tezuka. Let's go." He pulled Tezuka, rescuing him from the girls. "I have something to say."

"What is it?" Kawamura asked.

"Guess what?" Oishi asked, heightening everyone's impatience. "Remember my uncle's friend who has a recording studio?" He stopped, stalling again. "Guess who got us an appointment!"

"No way!" Momo said bouncing up and down. "You did, Oishi-sempai?"

Oishi nodded. Kaidoh privately rejoiced by grinning.

"The studio was impressed when they heard 'Rimless'." Oishi told Tezuka. "Mind if we make that our album's first single?"

He looked at his band mates. "Fine by me." Tezuka answered when everyone nodded at him. When he wrote the songs, he didn't imagine them on a record. All he wanted was to be able to play at the Annual Battle of the Bands- and win.

"We need another track though." Oishi told them. "But we still have two weeks till record time. So try to write music till next Saturday, we'll practice, and tape 'em next week." He said with an encouraging smile.

They celebrated at Kawamura's sushi house. "I'm going." Tezuka excused himself early from the party. "I still have something to do." His band mates, although protesting, didn't stop him.

"He's writing us another masterpiece." Momo said after Tezuka left. "I can tell it's going to be his best yet."

"Try to contribute more sensible lyrics then." Kaidoh hissed at Momo, whose writing was often rejected because they were a bit unsuited for heavy metal. Kaidoh snickered, resulting in another verbal war

"That guy's enthusiasm for music isn't normal." Oishi stood, moving away from the ruckus.

Kawamura handed him another plate of sushi. "I'm so glad he's in this band."


"I heard Rimless at last night's concert! Man, it was blowin'!"

Everyone at Fuji's table turned their heads to the source of the compliment. Ryoma buried his head in the newspaper, Inui scribbled on his notes and Eiji just stared stupid thinking: was that boy even in last night's concert? Fuji smiled, scooping a large amount of ice cream from the cup. He couldn't believe that that boy wearing gothic make-up was praising him.

"I'd kill to be able to play like him. It was totally cool."

"Cool?" Fuji thought. Never had his composition's been described as cool. Sad, moving, touching were the common words, but not cool.

"Fuji-sempai." Ryoma got his attention. "Rimless is on today's paper." Eiji excitedly looked over, grabbed the newspaper suddenly and smacked it on the table.

"Someone gave a review!" Eiji squealed. Fuji's eyes widened. He didn't know that there was a critic at last night's concert. "Fresh Talent" Eiji read the title out loud. "You did it! Fujiko!" Their concerts were always at the paper, but never had his original work been reviewed before.

However Fuji's smile had vanished. He stared at the short article with sadness and disappointment.

"Eiji." Inui pulled him down his seat. "You better read first."

...a music bar where bands composed of students were performing. Having heard the place is famous for good school rock, I decided to come inside and see for myself...

"Nya? A music bar? Rock?" Eiji grabbed Inui's collar. "What's this Inui?"

I heard fresh music when I heard SG's Rimless that debuted last night...

"SG?" Inui copied to his notes.

Tezuka Kunimitsu, composer of 'Rimless', is also SG's resident electric guitarist who gave the crowd an amazing display of talent in the song's guitar solo, where…

"Tezuka Kunimitsu…" Fuji repeated when he finished reading the article. He smiled, even if he felt slightly ashamed that he actually thought that he was the 'fresh talent'.

"I'll just walk." Fuji stood up from his seat, leaving his ice cream unfinished.

Eiji slumped low in his chair. "Fuji should've been the one on the paper!"

"It may be my fault." Ryoma told them once Fuji left the café. He thinks he shouldn't have shown Fuji the article. "I was just surprised by having two songs debut last night with the same title."

"No. I think it's mine." Inui said, thinking that if he indicated that Fuji makes his compositions on the spot, someone who read the music sheets would have noticed his talent. "I shouldn't have prepared music sheets for Fuji."

"Che." Eiji messed up his hair. "I don't know who that Tezuka is, but he better be good!"


Entering his room, Tezuka opened the radio on his shelf. He adjusted it to the station that played soothing classical music. The band had a practice that afternoon and Tezuka was beat. He needed some rest before he could start composing a new song. up is a record of the first song that made my husband shed tears…

Tezuka was engrossed with the melody since the first note. He turned up the volume, wanting the tune to envelop around him. Putting down his guitar on the bed, he slumped and closed his eyes. He relaxed while listening, taking in each note. However, by the time the song finished, he felt rather sad and lonely. He felt like…crying.

that was young Fuji Shusuke's Rimless…

"Rimless?" Tezuka sat up, surprised to hear that it had the same title as the song he made. He had never thought that the word could be used by someone else. He didn't even plan on titling it 'Rimless.' Just like the song, it just popped in his head.

"Fuji Shusuke…" Tezuka thought. He turned off the radio and grabbed his guitar. Such a sad feeling was perfect for writing music. Tezuka started strumming randomly, which, he found later on, wasn't random at all. He was playing Fuji Shusuke's 'Rimless'; the sad notes stuck in his head. He played some more, realizing he couldn't stop thinking about Fuji Shusuke's music. How could he write music in this state?

He went outside, his guitar in hand. Being outside always clears his head. He walked to the park, where he knew silence was plentiful.


Fuji walked on, still bothered by a certain Tezuka Kunimitsu. In all the years of playing piano, he didn't dream that he'd become famous. All he ever wanted was to play the piano and make people happy, even if all he could create were sad melodies. Remembering the praises the critic gave Tezuka Kunimitsu, he realized that he wanted someone to say that his music is also 'blowin'' or 'cool'.

He sat at a bench and sighed. He was jealous of 'the fresh talent' all of a sudden. All of this could have been avoided if he hadn't thought of 'Rimless' as the title.

Turning his head on the person sitting next to him, he managed to suppress a laugh. It was ironic that the boy had rimless glasses.

"Can I stay and listen?" Fuji asked, noticing the guitar in his hand.

"I'd appreciate it." Tezuka answered. He started to play and as if on cue, a breeze came by.

Fuji closed his eyes and inhaled the sweet air. He could tell the boy was no beginner as he played swiftly, making no mistakes at all. He started to hum with the melody but then, it suddenly stopped.

"I'm sorry I got carried away." Fuji tilted his head and smiled. "It's just that you play so beautifully."

Tezuka looked at him with disbelief. This person knew Fuji Shusuke's 'Rimless'…he was just humming to it. He looked at the boy's seemingly closed eyes and stared.

"Please continue." The boy told him. Tezuka, still staring, obliged.

Fuji looked at the boy's hands with fascination. It was incredible to be able to hear that melody from a guitar. A piano…

Fuji's train of thought was suddenly interrupted. It was his turn to stare as he realized the boy was playing his 'Rimless.' He still hadn't memorized what he'd composed, but he was certain that this boy was playing his music.

The song ended, leaving the two speechless. Both seemed to be deep in thought.

"That was "Rimless', wasn't it?" Fuji asked.

Tezuka was surprised the boy had said what he was thinking. "Yes, Fuji Shusuke's Rimless."

Fuji was even more surprised when the boy spoke of his name. "Yes. Mine. Not Tezuka Kunimitsu's…" he trailed.

Tezuka looked at Fuji with utter disbelief. "Yes. Not mine."

They both stared at each other; only the rimless glasses standing between them.

"You play it so beautifully." Fuji told Tezuka, scooting over to his right, inching closer to him.

"It's beautiful to begin with." Tezuka told him, lowering his guitar. "I hoped to write something as equally beautiful."

Fuji smiled. So, 'beautiful' was the word?

"It's easy. Just follow your heart."

Tezuka smiled. "I will." His heart filled with Fuji Shusuke's music.

They talked about their passions until it became dark. The conversation ended with both of them promising to see the other's version of 'Rimless.' As they parted, Fuji offered to help Tezuka compose a song, a happy song. Tezuka accepted and thanked Fuji. He was also thankful that his glasses were rimless.

By meeting Tezuka Kunimitsu, Fuji had finally found the one person he didn't want cause tears to, swearing to make him happy.

Then again, Fuji was always known to touch people's hearts. By meeting Fuji Shusuke, Tezuka had found the most beautiful note known to man.

His heartbeat.


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