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'Muuummm!' came Lily's shrill voice from upstairs.

Ginny sighed, stopping in the process of mixing the pancake dough. 'James! Stop picking on your sister!' She yelled automatically.

'I'm not doing anything!' James called loudly in response, he too upstairs.

A second later there came a scream from Lily. 'Don't touch my diary, you idiot!!'

'James!' Harry shouted in a warning tone, coming into the kitchen and placing a kiss on Ginny's head on that quiet, calm Saturday morning.

'What?!' James bellowed back. 'I'm not doing anything! It's not my fault she's such a blubbering little baby…'

There was a screech of frustration from Lily, followed by a crashing noise and a scream, 'I am not a baby!!'

Ginny shook her head. 'Reminds me of the old days, when Fred and George used to read out pieces of my diary - where I had written about your beautiful green eyes,' she said, grinning at Harry and resting her head back against his chest for a moment.

Harry laughed, encircling her waist with his arms. 'Remember that Valentine you sent me in your first year? I had nightmares about that dwarf for a month,' he joked.

Just then there was the sound of footsteps and Albus appeared in the doorway, rubbing his bleary eyes and wearing pajamas. He took a seat heavily by the table.

'Morning' sweetie,' Ginny said, walking by and ruffling his hair.

'Yes, morning indeed,' Albus said with a sigh. 'How wonderful it is to wake up to the melodic chatter of birds on this sunny morning,' he said morosely.

Harry chuckled and kissed him on the forehead. 'Sleep well?' he asked Albus, heading to the stove to relay Ginny from the pancake-making.

'Hmph,' Albus answered grumpily. 'Quite well. That is, until Lily took to throwing around heavy, solid objects meant to hit James; and her eight year old aim being what it is - or, James position being what is was - of course they had to hit my bedroom door. Obviously they'd gotten tired of bellowing at each other right in front of my bedroom, and felt that crashing noises would be a lot funner.'

Ginny sat down at the table and gave him a smile. 'Well, excuse us for not having three perfect children like you, ma' dear,' she said with a grin.

Albus rolled his eyes, a smile playing at the corners of his mouth. 'Yeah. You could have at least tried harder you know.'

Harry laughed, turning towards the gleaming screen door that was letting in the mid-morning sunlight with a reminiscent expression. 'I think it's quite balanced really… we have the bookworm,' he nodded towards Albus, who shrugged his shoulders dejectedly; 'the Quidditch freak,' Harry jerked his head in the direction of upstairs, 'and the hyper-active explorer.'

A silence filled the kitchen quite brusquely, and as the Potters' ears had become accustomed to the high level of noise, it seemed quite sudden and ringing.

'Phew,' Ginny sighed.

Harry nodded. 'I don't think I've really ever appreciated the silence before…'

'Don't be so relieved. I'm not sure it's a good sign,' Albus said with an ominous look upwards.

Indeed, a moment later there came a loud, piercing scream from upstairs that seemed to reverberate throughout the house, followed closely by a hammering of feet on the staircase. A split-second later Lily, followed by a flaming mane of red hair, barged into the kitchen with a squeal and ran head first for Ginny. Before they could say 'Quidditch,' James had burst into the kitchen too, letting out a piercing war-cry and brandishing a plastic toy hammer over his head like an axe.

'MUUUM!' Lily screamed, frantically trying to hide herself behind Ginny as James circled them loudly.

'James Sirius Potter!' Ginny shouted. 'You stop this racket this instant!'

James halted in his steps abruptly; the hammer still perched over his head, his mouth in a comical, pre-war-cry 'o'. He regained his composure, closed his mouth and glared at Lily, his hand dropping to his side with the hammer still clutched in it. 'Scardy cat!' He called, making a face.

Albus 'hmph'd again. 'Honestly. How old are you?'

James stuck his tongue out at him and marched out of the kitchen with a smirk. Only then did Lily come out from behind Ginny, a scowl on her freckled face. Before any of them had the time to move, there was a swish of wind and James had run back into the kitchen, slammed the hammer on Lily's head with a resounding 'bang' and run back out of the kitchen with a cry of victory.

There were a few seconds of complete silence, and then Harry burst into laughter. Lily was standing rooted to the spot, apparently torn between tears and laughter. At last, her good-nature seemed to win and she cracked a grin, sitting down at the table with the others.

Ginny, meanwhile, gave a dismal sigh, plopping down on a chair and starting on a mound of pancakes. 'That boy has enough mischief and energy in him for the whole of Hogwarts. I wonder how they'll manage him.'

Harry laughed, swallowing a huge chunk of food. 'If they managed the whole Weasley clan, they can manage anything.'

Ginny smiled. 'Guess that's true.'

An hour later, a vibrant Quidditch match was going on in the Potters' backyard. The teams were quite fairly paired: Harry - who had kept all his infamous skill, apart from being a little less swift, was paired with Albus - who was a decent player - and Lily, who, in spite of her young age, was showing striking tactics and skill; while Ginny - having, like Harry, well preserved her Quidditch abilities, was paired with James - who had inherited both of his parents' speed and skill, and Thomas - a friend of James' who was reasonably good.

Currently, the score was 30 points for "The Bolts" - also known as Ginny, James and Thomas, while "The Thestrals" - Harry, Albus and Lily, were behind with only 10 points.

'Mum! Over here!' James was yelling, trying to gain Ginny's attention as she dodged Harry, Quaffle under her arm, and shot for the goalposts which Albus was blocking. Ginny looked around, and seeing that James was now being blocked by Lily, continued to fly for her aim, faking left and finally hurling the Quaffle at the right hoop, which Albus managed to block with the tip of his fingers.

'Woohoo!' Harry cheered, punching his fist in the air.

Ginny rolled her eyes. 'We're gonna kick your as-er, buttocks Potter!' She shouted, causing James to burst out laughing and by this miss Lily, who had just shot past him with her newly-gained Quaffle and was now aiming for the opposite hoops that were being guarded by Thomas.

Harry swerved past Ginny with a gust of wind and overtook Lily, who threw him the Quaffle neatly. He had to take a sharp turn left as James cut his path, and did an old move called 'the sloth-grip roll' to regain his position in front of the hoops. Harry paid no heed to the 'show-off!' call from James and threw the Quaffle past Thomas's outstretched arms through the middle hoop.

'Uh uh, uh uh!' Lily sang, doing a little twirl of victory in the air and highfiving Harry. Albus grinned from the other end of the pitch, immediately returning his attention to the game as Thomas, having retrieved the Quaffle, threw it to a determined-looking Ginny, who flew past the still hovering Harry and Lily and threw the ball in a forceful, arch-like fling to James, who was standing positioned at the other end of the pitch not far from the goalposts.

Harry and Lily jerked back to the game and flew in opposite directions, one heading for defense in front of the hoops and the other speeding under Ginny to prevent her from nearing the goalposts.

'Mum! Catch!' James bellowed, tossing the Quaffle to Ginny as she neared the goalposts. A second after she had caught the ball, Harry appeared out of nowhere in front of her with a wicked grin and managed to grab the ball out of her hands, the effect of surprise playing to his advantage.

Cussing herself, Ginny swerved right to block Harry's way, intent on obtaining the Quaffle. She needn't have worried. James, seeing what had occurred, had flown towards them at top speed, coming from behind Harry and smacking the Quaffle out of the curve of his arm. Grinning, he aimed for the goalposts. He hesitated for a second, not sure for what hoop to aim, and that second cost him his chance. With a high-pitched cry, Lily hit him with full force, having sped towards him purposefully and taken them all by surprise. With a smirk at her brother, she caught the discarded Quaffle and dived for the opposite end with vigor.

Ginny, suppressing a grin, sped past James on Lily's tail, but her daughter gained distance quickly, no doubt because of her light weight. James cried out a warning for Thomas, who had been dreamily observing a far-off garden-gnome and turned around quickly at the call, hovering in front of the center hoop. Lily stuck out her tongue, furrowing her small brow in concentration as she decided for which hoop to aim. Feeling the cool wind on her face, she had a sudden gut-feeling that Thomas would expect her to head for the right hoop, the one she was closest to, and at the last moment she hurled the Quaffle decisively in an arch over Thomas's head and into the left hoop.

Harry and Albus gave whoops of joy as Thomas skulked downwards to recover the Quaffle and Lily, bulging out her chest and looking proud, did a lap of honor around the pitch with an expression fitting of a trophy-winning player. Harry and Ginny exchanged amused and affectionate glances at this, changing them immediately to mock-frowns and turning back towards their teammates.

A few minutes of diving and ducking later, James was positioned in front of "The Thestrals"'s goalposts, his way clear. He frowned in concentration and finally did a sort of figure-eight in the air, managing to confuse Albus, who flew right just as James came out of his loop, hurling the Quaffle at the left goalpost - left uncovered- and scoring 10 points for his team, bringing them out of the tie.

With a grin, James flew towards the center of the pitch to a round of applause from Thomas and Ginny.

The game went on for another good half an hour, the goal consisting of being the first team to reach 80 points - seeing as there was no Snitch.

The Bolts managed to score 2 more goals - one apiece for Ginny and James - bringing the score to 60:30. After a short pep-talk, The Thestrals flew back onto the pitch with renewed vigor, scoring 2 goals in the first five minutes. A determined-looking James did a complicated feint and scored another spectacular goal, bringing the grin back on his face - that is, until Lily managed to dodge past everyone and score a second goal on her own, bringing the score to 70:60 for The Bolts.

The mounting - though nonetheless amiable - tension was almost palpable as the game went on, so close to the end as it was, and yet all doors were still open. Ginny caught the Quaffle that Lily had just dropped, passing it swiftly to James, who neared the goalposts doggedly. Aiming for the hoops, he suddenly tossed the Quaffle back to Ginny, surprising her, thought she managed to catch it all the same. She did a few circles on the spot, buying some time. At the same time Lily was being blocked by James, who was putting a lot of effort into stopping her from disturbing Ginny. If she scored, they won.

Harry, noting the danger of the situation, shot from his place at the corner of the pitch and made for Ginny. Noticing this, Ginny made up her mind speedily and hurled the Quaffle at the center hoop in an up going, wide arch that seemed destined to pass through the hoop. Its destiny changed however, when a certain black-haired boy shot from his place with acute momentum, stopping the trajectory of the devilish red ball with a well placed volley.

Letting out a breath he hadn't realized he'd been holding, Harry cheered and flew over to thump Albus on the back for his wonderful save. Lily grinned at her brother too, giving him the thumbs up before returning back to the game.

'Common Thestrals! Show 'em what you've got!' Harry bellowed, punching his fist in the air.

'Let's enlighten them, Bolts! Show 'em who the rulers of the pitch are!' Ginny shouted in response, concealing her grin.

'You're going down, Weasley,' Harry muttered out of the corner of his mouth, managing to keep a straight face and flying up to bump shoulders with Ginny as they zigzagged across the pitch.

'Oh yeah Potter? We'll see who'll be laying in the hospital wing comes the end of the game…''

'What're you, Warrington?' Harry said in a mock-gruff voice as he flew off, and Ginny felt the grin slide over her face as she swerved right, positioning herself for the exchange with James.

Lily, who was now in position of the Quaffle, tossed it to Harry, who was flying alongside her. He swerved right, dodging James and throwing the Quaffle back to Lily in quick succession.

Lily, falling back a bit to allow Harry to get closer to the goalposts, went into a dive to avoid Ginny and passed the Quaffle quickly to Harry. She miscalculated the distance however, and the ball started dropping before it neared Harry. With a woosh of wind, James intercepted its path and tucked it safely under his arm, swiveling a path towards the opposite goalposts. Ginny flew up to him and he tossed her the Quaffle, but Harry intercepted it in mid-air. He sped towards the opposite goalposts like a bullet, shunning all obstacles with fascinating speed and ability and proving - once again - that he hadn't been the youngest Seeker in a century for nothing.

Doing a complicated sort of twirl and dive around the hoops, he lunged the Quaffle forcefully, and it soared through the perfect center of the middle hoop.

Lily high-fived her father with a whoop of joy, grinning broadly. Harry made a face at Ginny, who burst into laughter, shaking her head and flying towards Thomas, who threw her the Quaffle. She took both hands off her broom to catch it, whipping around quickly and going into a downwards dive to avoid Harry, coming out of her dive in a pin-sharp turn upwards when she was two feet from the grass. She hurled the Quaffle at James, who was positioned in front of the goalposts, and managed to catch the ball by speeding upwards to evade Lily.

James tossed the ball back to Ginny, who gave him a moment to position himself and then threw back the Quaffle. He caught it and with supreme precision threw the Quaffle through the right hoop, Albus having launched himself the other way a second before as James feigned left.

There was a semi-second of complete silence, and then there came the soft 'plop' of the ball hitting the grass.

'WOOHOO!' James bellowed suddenly, as Harry, Lily and Albus were still registering their defeat.

'You go James!' Ginny shouted happily, flashing a wide grin at Harry and flying over to James, ruffling his hair triumphantly.

Lily scowled for a moment, but then she caught the look on Harry's face - it was as if he was fighting laughter, arrogance, defeat and annoyance at the same time. A minute later, the look was gone from his face and Harry broke into laughter, congratulating The Bolts warmly - although somehow managing to miss Ginny, who gazed at his retreating back with a smirk that was a combination of amusement and love.

Five minutes of cheers and jokes later, a band of sweaty, dirty, grass-stained and mud-covered wizards marched into the house, exhausted but chattering happily.

'Showers, everyone!' Ginny yelled, heading to the kitchen for a glass of water.

'But Mum,' James started to protest.

'No 'but's, James,' Ginny called back over her shoulder. 'Look at the state of you kids. You're not eating lunch like that.'

James scowled and trudged upstairs, making a big deal of slamming his feet nice and loud on every step and muttering something that sounded like 'why can't she play Quidditch all the time and leave me alone' as he slammed the bathroom door.

Ginny rolled her eyes and turned to Albus and Lily, who were still laughing about the game. 'You too guys,' she said, jerking her head in the direction of upstairs. 'I want you spotless for lunch in half an hour.'

Albus started climbing the stairs without objections, but Lily made a face, glancing longingly at her insect-discovery kit that was standing just outside, obviously waiting only for her.

At a look from her mother however, she too headed up, mumbling something about the Queen coming over.

Ginny chuckled. She steppied towards Harry, who had just come back form washing his hands, and rested her head on his chest with a small sigh.

He kissed the top of her head gently. 'So… can't see a hospital bed here,' he remarked, glancing around jokingly. 'Looks like you can't keep your promises.'

Ginny laughed. 'We'll see about that.'

Harry smiled down at her after a pause. 'Good game honey.'

'Thanks,' Ginny grinned. 'You too.'

'I'm off for a shower,' Harry declared, placing a soft kiss on her lips and squeezing her arm briefly before detaching himself and heading for their bedroom.

Ginny nodded cheerfully. She went into the kitchen, humming to herself a song that Hermione had introduced to her on a sunny afternoon about 20 years ago, and which she had sung on that day - almost 18 years ago now - when Voldemort had been defeated. It had been Harry and her's song of happiness ever since.

Little darlin', it's been a long cold lonely winter
Little darlin', it feels like years since it's been here
Here comes the sun, here comes the sun
And I say it's all right

'Little darlin', the smiles returning to their faces
Little darlin', it seems like years since it's been here
Here comes the sun, here comes the sun
And I say it's all right

Sun, sun, sun, here it comes
Sun, sun, sun, here it comes
Sun, sun, sun, here it comes
Sun, sun, sun, here it comes
Sun, sun, sun, here it comes

Little darlin', I feel the ice is slowly meltin'
Little darlin', it seems like years since it's been clear
Here come the sun, here comes the sun
And I say it's all right
Here come the sun, here comes the sun
It's all right, it's all right...'

A/N: Well, I do hope I did all right. I had a bit of a problem with the ending, but I was just listening to this song ('Here comes the sun' by The Beatles) and it seemed to fit perfectly for that day when Voldemort was defeated, so I adapted it. I hope it seems all right :)

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