"Jack, do you remember when we were on our way to rescue Will from Barbossa, and we were talking about why we didn't tell James about the curse?" Elizabeth asked.

"Mmm-hmmm. Why?"

"Well," Elizabeth started, "I actually did try to warn him. When you had me ordered locked into the cabin, I tried to tell Gillette. And you know what he said to me??!!"

"What did he say, Love?"

"He very sarcastically said, 'Oh, he's already informed of that. A little mermaid flopped up on deck and told him the whole story'," Elizabeth replied, immitating Gillette. "I would have really liked to slap him," she said indignantly.

Two weeks later, the Pearl and her crew came upon a ship that was not flying any colours. Jack decided they were going to do a bit of honest pirating. He maneuvered the Pearl alongside the other ship, and he, Elizabeth, and five other crewmembers boarded her, swords at the ready. There appeared to only be ten people aboard the victim ship.

"Just hand over your valuables and no-one will get hurt," Jack said to the man who stepped forward to take charge of the situation. He noticed a very beautiful redhead coming to stand at the man's side.

"Eric, what's happening?" The redhead inquired curiously. "Who are these people?"

"Pirates, Ariel darling." Eric turned back to the man with the strange beaded hair.
"Sir, we truly have nothing valuable aboard. We are only out for a pleasurable trip. You are welcome to look around for yourself."

The redheaded lass seemed to be lost in thought, staring at Elizabeth, who stood next to Jack.

Suddenly, she exclaimed, "I recognize you!"

Elizabeth looked startled. "Me? I don't believe I know you. Are you from Port Royal?"

The redhead giggled. "No. I saw you aboard a Navy ship, about a year ago. I was a mermaid then."

Elizabeth wasn't sure she had heard correctly. "Beg pardon?!"

"A Navy ship was after some pirates, and I tried to warn one of the officers that the pirates were cursed! But he didn't believe me!"