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A Couple of Years later. . . .

A shrill cry rang out in the night.

Draco pulled his pillow over his head, rolling over onto his back.

"Your turn," mumbled a sleepy voice near his side.

Yawning and groaning, Draco pulled himself from the bed, shuffling out of the bedroom and into the room across the hall. The baby's cries lowered slightly as Draco approached her, smiling softly. He checked her diaper and she wasn't wet and he knew she wasn't hungry because they had just fed her a half an hour ago.

"You just love to wake up mum and dad, huh? No one can sleep if you can't right?"

The little girl whimpered as if to say that, without a doubt, she was the most important person in that house, which she was.

Draco reached down and scooped her up into his arms, resting her head against his chest as he walked around the nursery they had built in his house.

She was precious, little thing, his little Aries. She stared up at him with bright brown eyes like her mum, the dirty blond hair on top of her head already slightly curly. He tickled her stomach lightly and she gave him a toothless smile, kicking her feet lightly.

He loved his daughter beyond anything, and felt the same way about his wife.

Maybe it was because he never thought he could have anyone like them. But he was so happy.

After a while, Aries' eyes began to drift close, and soon she was breathing lightly. He gently set her down in her crib but as soon as he backed away from the crib, she began to whimper. Sighing, he picked her back up and carried her across the hall.

"Look who's here," he said, entering into his room

Granger sat up, a sleepy smile on her face.

Calling her Granger was just as permanent as it always had been, as she still called him Malfoy. Of course, from time to time, they referred to each other with terms of endearment, like 'love' and 'dear', but it wasn't them at all. He could just call her Malfoy, he supposed but that might make things confusing.

He handed Aries to her so he could climb back into the bed, scooting over next to them as Aries clung to her mother's nightshirt.

"Hello darling," Granger said, fondly, cradling the small girl in her arms as leaned back against the headboard. "I suppose we'll have to just hold you till you fall asleep, eh/"

Aries gurgled an affirmative, making Draco smile as he slipped his arm around granger

S shoulder and she leaned into him after pressing a kiss against his lips.

Looking back, Draco could still remember all he had thought and said about the idea of marriage. Potter, Finnigan, and Thomas had laughed all through his wedding and still laughed at him to this day. Merlin he had laughed at himself for a while, be he laughed with Granger now, with her by his side everyday all day and, surprisingly he didn't mind.

And thought they had had their bad times through the good, and their marriage had been unthinkable at the beginning, it seemed impossible to think that they had never once thought of life with the other.

Looking down at his wife and his baby, he realized he wouldn't ever change a thing.