Summary: Dan's pushes Rikki away, protecting her from the fears he has of his Hep. C treatment, only to realise how much he is missing out on.
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CHAPTER 1 : Ignorance is bliss

The halls of the All Saints emergency department were always busy. The hustle and bustle of incoming ambulances with people supporting various amounts of medical problems. Today. Wednesday. It was quiet. Eerily silence protuding on the walls.
Frank sat aimlessly at his messy desk, clicking a pen as he stared into nothing.
"Frank, were you planning on taking advantage of the quietness that we somehow have stumbled into, or did you just come in to drive me insane"
"Well! Where are all the bloody patients? How can a hospital function without bloody patients? Why don't you go out there and run some people down with your car, then we'll actually have something mildly interesting to do"
"You could always start on the paperwork that has building up on your desk for the last three months since i cleared it last time"
"Don't be stupid! Now why would i do a silly thing like that? " he remarked, walking from the room.

Erika Templeton walked through the waiting room and into the emergency department. As she opened the door she was faced with her boss, the head of the ED, Frank Campion.
"Frank. Where is everyone"
"Good question young Erika. I don't know what the bloody hell is wrong, or in this case, what isn't wron with all those fools who decided not to be sick or get injured today. We have one patient in trauma 1. who need a broken arm set and a loony in 4. that is addicted to morphine, waiting on a consult from psych. It's going to be a really eventful day in emergency isn't it"
"Yes, i can only imagine that people are all holding off till the same time, when they will all suddenly realise that they are dying"
"You are probably right about that. I will look forward to that thanks Erika, thankyou"
"No worries Frank," she smiled, walking to the locker room where she piled her belongings into her assigned locker. On the inside of the door there was a photo. A photo pf the two of them. Erica and Dan, they looked lovingly at eachother, smiling as they had their arms wrapped tightly around eachtoher's waist. She always loved that photo. She almost ripped it down in anger, but instead carefully pulled it from the metal of the door and folded it, placing it inside her bag before closing the door and walking towards the door.

As Erika walked out of the tea room, Dan Goldman came running through the door, his bag piled in his arms as he slung his staff identification arpund his neck.
"Hey!" He said, stunned, as he almost walked into her.
"Hi," Rikki replied, putting her head down and walking out into the empty halls of the ED.
Dan dumped his stuff in his locker and ran after Rikki, calling her name into the echoing corridor.
She stopped, just about to round the corner, and turned swiftly on her heels, eyes still focused entirely on the floor.
"Rikki," cried Dan running towards her.
"What Dan?" she said, looking into his eyes for the first time.
"Listen.." he paused, " I just wanted to say that I'm really sorry how I treated you last week, I was, well I still am, just scared about how this treatment for the Hep. C was going to hit me. It comes with mood swings, irritation, and well you know the rest, and I love you too much to put you through that. I honestly thought I was doing the right thing"
Erika laughed. "You didn't want to put me through that. What a load of crap Dan! You're just pushing me further and further away everytime you try to make excuses. What makes you think that I didn't love you enough to stick around through the hard times. Do you think of me as that shallow a person? You're pathetic." At that, she walked briskly around the corner, knocking Jack on her way round, muttering, "Sorry Jack," before continuing on her path to the elevator.

Dan put his shaking hand to his head, running his sweaty palm through his hair as he leant back against the wall. He had given himself the next treatment for the Hep. C that morning, and was feeling it already. Last time it took over 24 hours. Nausea suddenly over took him as he ran towards the bathroom, passing Jack on the way.
After completely emptying his stomach of anything he had eaten in the last 24 hours, Dan stumbled out of the cubicle to find Jack leaning against the wall, a look of disappointment on his face.
"Why didn't you tell me Dan? I could have supported you"
"Jack, I'm, fine! Honestly, I just ate something that disagreed with me"
"For god's sake Dan, I am a doctor, you don't need to convince me otherwise"
Dan exhaled loudly, closing his eyes. "I don't want this Jack, why is this happening to me? It's ruining my whole life"
"Although the symptoms of the treatment do have a contribution, I am sorry to tell you that it is YOU that is letting it ruin your life. You need to let people in,let them help you"
"I don't want people's pity, especially Rikki, if that's what you're talking about"
"She just wants to be with you Dan, you just have to trust her. She doesn't pity you. She LOVES you, thats a lot more than a lot of people ask for"
"But Jack, you don't understand... Her being involved with me is only going to cause her pain"
"How about you let her decide that for herself, hey? She's a big girl Dan," Jack finished, exiting the bathroom.

All day Dan had thought about what Jack said. Whilst the ED of All Saints Hospital was almost dead quiet, the workings of Dan Goldman's brain, would more than compensate.
He finally came to a decision on what he was going to do. He walked along the halls of the hospital, looking in every corner for Rikki, who he hadn't actually seen all day since their incident that morning.
It was pretty much the end of his shift by the time he entered Franks office.
"Frank, do you know where Erika is"
"Yes, infact I do for once. She went home about half an hour ago, there was no point so many of us being here to treat the whole 4 patients we have"
"Fair enough, well I am going to head off now too, so I'll see you tomorrow"
"Okay. And Goldman?" he paused.
"Yah," replied Dan. "Don't be an idiot with her. Now get out of here"
Dan didn't even think twice before leaving the hospital and jumping in his car. He made his way to Erika's as if on autopilot, until pulling into her driveway. The light in the living room blasted through the front window, as Dan saw her dark figure moving gracefully through the room.
He got out of the car and made his way up the front steps, pausing only for a second before knocking lightly on the door. He heard footsteps throughout the house before she pulled the front door open, instantly closing it as she saw who it was.
Dan blocked the door with his arm, the metal knocker on her door, cutting a deep cut into his forearm. Erika flinched, but only for a second, before regaining her compsure and pursing her lips.
"Rikki please can we talk?" He begged, nursing his bleeding arm with the other.
"Dan, don't do this"
"Please Rik! I just want to talk to you!" He cried.
"You've got two minutes!" she stated, looking at the watch that clung to her wrist.
"Well, first I wanted to say how sorry I am for everything that I have done to hurt you. That honestly was not my intention and I regret all of it! What it comes down to Rik. Is that I miss you! I love you and I miss you, and I have been an idiot"
"I missed you too," she replied, taking Dan by complete surprise, "but you cannot keep pushing me away! We're either in it together, or not at all"
"Yes, yes I know, and I vote for in it together! Please baby, I've been so stupid"
"Okay." she stated, a smile creeping onto her face.
"Okay?" Dan repeated, trying to make the word sink into his head, "You mean okay, okay"
"Yes, now come and kiss me, I missed you so much"
Dan stepped forwards wrapping his arms around her and lifting her off her feet, the pain of the gash in his arm forgotten as they passionately kissed in between smiles and laughes and comments of "I love you" or "I missed you so much.
After five minutes of make-up kisses, Rikki pulled Dan by his good arm into the bathroom where she patted the surface of the counter for him to sit on.
"Oh, now you're going to play nurse are you"
"There is no playing about it, that is really deep Dan, think you need to go and get stitches"
"Oh, not now. Please, I just got out of that place, I don't really want to be going back there"
"Well, I'll tell you what, I'll put a dressing on it, but if it doesn't stop bleeding, we're going to the hospital, no arguments"
"Okay, okay, what ever you say!" he agreed, pushing his lips into the crook of her neck.

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