Edward groaned as he cupped her breast in his right hand. He had never been more happy, nor more proud of his success than he was now, both arms embracing Winry, the nerves firing spastically up his arm, letting him feel the weight and silkiness and softness that was her. He couldn't get enough of touching her. He wanted to put his hands everywhere, each crack and crevice, dipping inside every orifice. He watched his right hand as it left trails of blushes across her skin, a thrill shooting through him as she leaned into his every caress, the pressure sublime on his palm.

She began to lean back against the bed and he had no choice but to follow, her warm toes sliding gently down his left leg; every curling, golden hair rising in the wake of the movement. She brought his hand up as the arch of her foot rubbed back up his calf, setting all of his newly restored flesh on fire. Winry kissed the tender veins inside his wrist before dragging a few fingers into her mouth, sucking on them, savoring the taste of his real skin.

He pulled his hand away, replacing it with his lips as his fingertips dove into her hair, each strand the finest silk. She deepened the kiss before working her way down his neck, across the collar bone which now bore only the faintest of scars from her drill. He felt her tongue swirl over his shoulder before her teeth lightly dug in. Ed moaned into the sensation as she continued to trail her lips roughly down the inside of his arm. He wanted to feel inside her again as the wet warmth met his palm.

Ed knocked her legs further apart with his knees, happy that he could just do it and not have to be careful of a steel appendage bruising her, happy to feel the knobby knees as she resisted. He dug his longest finger into her, resting the pad of his thumb against her most sensitive of areas. Feeling gently and carefully, he attempted to stimulate her both inside and out, something his left hand still lacked the finite control to do and would be impossible with automail. As her cries became louder and her breathing more erratic he felt the flush of victory well up in his chest; at all of the impossibles become possible.

He felt her tightening around his finger and -------CREAK! Edward awoke with a gasp.

"Oh, sorry. I didn't mean to wake you." Winry whispered as she swung her legs back under the covers.

"It's okay." He reached out to her, wanting to feel her warmth, but withdrew his hand when she flinched. "Sorry, I forget it's cold."

She smiled and repeated his words. "It's okay." She reached out and clasped his automail hand between hers. "I just wasn't expecting it."

Ed smiled back at this, recognizing the lie, but glad for it. After a few moments of sitting patiently his hand was warm enough and Winry held it up to her chest. "See Ed, it's no different."

"Yeah." He leaned forward to kiss her, wanting her after his dream even if he couldn't have her like he did in his fantasies. He was careful during his lovemaking to keep his leg from touching her and only used his right hand when he couldn't stop the impulse. He imagined his real hand sliding over her chest for a minute, like it had been in his dream, and then shook the image away. He had accomplished everything but the small matter of getting his limbs back, it was enough.