Shikamaru's Reflection:

Shikamaru sighed, falling back against the soft cushions of his couch, feeling completely and absolutely drained. Letting his eyes fall shut, he took a moment to think before his husband arrived home.

So this was how his life had turned out. With an over-exuberant, anomalous husband in place of his meek, boring wife and two, hyper-active, genious children instead of two stupidly ordinary ones who didn't use their intellect to prank friends, enemies and neighbors alike. But, he had to admit, Naruto was the most beautiful soul anyone had the pleasure of meeting, and his children were the pride of his life. At least Kyuubi had acknowledged his wish of a son and daughter...

Brown eyes drifted open once more, holding a lazy gleam as Shikamaru stood from his comfortably boneless flop and walked slowly to the window, shifting around to get into a more agreeable position (at least so that the damn sill wasn't digging into his spine) in the less than commodious space. He sighed, watching the clouds float lazily in the blue background, thinking of the striking resemblance to his husbands eyes.

So gold and sapphire had replaced the dull bronze that was to be his treasure, and in an astounding abundance. He had gotten sunshine in his grasp, and there was no way he was ever going to relent his monopoly on it.

Letting a smug grin slid onto his lips, he couldn't help but think, 'Not even to that Uchiha bastard.'

Shikamaru's ears perked up as the soft click of the door unlocking met his them, and the wooden fusuma slid open and Naruto stepped in, smiling tiredly at his husband. "Hey Shika," the blonde murmured, happily falling into Shikamaru's embrace. Shikamaru greeted his sleepy spouse accordingly, pressing a soft kiss to the whiskered cheek, smiling as Naruto giggled, rubbing his nose to Shikamaru's pale one.

"The kids went to your parents place for the night, so we have till tomorrow to be alone," Naruto whispered, wrapping his arms around Shikamaru's shoulders, grinning. The brunet smiled back, placing his arms around the others waist.

"I see."

No, he thought as he sealed their lips together in a gentle kiss, he wouldn't give this up for anything or anyone, not his parents, and especially not that Uchiha bastard.

This is my first ShikaNaru story, so be kind, ne:) I hope you all enjoy it, I certainly had fun writing it! I remember Shikamaru saying something about wanting a boring wife and two ordinary children, and I think that there's not enough ShikaNaru fics out there, so I wanted to do this... yeah... Well! Thanks for reading!