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Summary: The blond on Ducky's autopsy table was not part of a normal investigation. X-over with Heroes.

Spoilers: mild ones for season one of NCIS, and no real ones for Heroes.

And so we begin...

It was a rather odd case. The young woman on the autopsy table was not a marine, or a suspected terrorist, or any of the things that NCIS usually dealt with. In fact had this happened on solid land, Gibbs would have assumed that the young woman was simply a Good Samaritan who had tried to stand up to the wrong person. But this happened on a NAVY carrier, a couple hundred miles away from solid land.

Without the woman, the case would have also been very clear cut: on a carrier ship, about two hundred miles off Norfolk, a young Lieutenant Davis had simply snapped: he had become convinced that his commanding officer, a Colonel Javiers, was the devils own spawn. The Lieutenant had decided that the Colonel needed to be purged in the name of God. On his last leave he had obtained some silver bullets that had been sprinkled with holy water, a couple of crosses, and some other holy items, and had then waited for the sign of God (the Lieutenant had in fact blathered on about heaven and ides, and other things that Gibbs didn't quite understand, but were apparently important to keep in mind when you were planning on banishing Satan to hell). Once he saw that sign (something about the stars aligning in a certain way), he had hidden a gun, loaded with silver bullets, and some holy objects under his uniform, and had proceeded to find Colonel Javiers. Once Davis found the Colonel, he had pulled his gun and shot at the Colonel while screaming some prayer or chant that was supposed to make the devil go back to hell.

Now up until this point the case had not been much of a problem for NCIS. Sure someone had to go back and figure out how the psyche tests, and the friends, and the superior officers, had missed that the Lieutenant had been a raving lunatic, and how said raving lunatic had managed to conceal a plethora of holy items on the ship, but that was not Gibbs problem. But right at the moment that the Lieutenant had pulled his gun something very unusual had happened. A young woman wearing civilian clothes had rushed to push Javiers out of the line of fire, and had taken three bullets for the Colonel, before the stunned crewmembers had subdued Davis. The woman had died instantly from a bullet that penetrated her head and became logged in her brain.

Which left Gibbs with a very large headache in the form of a corpse that had once belonged to a petite and very pretty blonde. The woman had no ID on her. Running her finger prints through AFIS hadn't turned up anything. All of the crewmembers had been accounted for. All of them also claimed that they had never set eyes on the girl before. Nobody could even tell him just how the girl ended up in the room, since everyone present was willing to swear on their mother that there had been no women present when Davis pulled his gun, much less that woman. As far as Gibbs could tell their Jane Doe had simply popped out of thin air.

Which was why Gibbs was currently harassing Ducky. The higher ups wanted answers, but Gibbs had nothing to give them. At this point he would have even welcomed a false lead, if only it gave him something to do. He and Kate had interviewed everyone even remotely connected to the shooting, and got nothing. McGee and DiNozzo had gone over the video footage only to find that the camera in that particular room had mysteriously stopped working a few minutes before the shooting, and restarted again half an hour later. None of the surrounding cameras showed anyone resembling their mystery blond. Abbey had been processing her clothes, but they seemed to be the only normal thing about her. The only thing her clothes revealed about their Jane Doe, was that she dressed like a typical high school or collage student.

So now Ducky was his last hope of identifying the young woman and getting answers.

"I must say Jethero, I don't think I have ever met any one quite as healthy as our Miss Doe here. Its all very remarkable. Though I do remember a colleague of mine, in England, once mentioned…"

"Ducky! Please" Gibbs interrupted "is there anything that can be used to identify her?"

"Well that is what I'm trying to tell you, Jethero" Ducky muttered with a glare "She is absolutely perfect!"

"Perfect?" Gibbs could already tell that his headache was about to get worse.

"Yes, quite. She has no scars or imperfections of any kind. The x-ray and MRI didn't reveal anything. Her organs show absolutely no sign of any wear and tear."

"So there was nothing that could ID her?"

"Jethero, I don't think you understand" Ducky huffed. "A human being simply doesn't go through eighteen or so years of life without picking up some sort of scars, or scratches or broken bones, or anything. In fact it seems like Miss Doe here has existed in some sort of protective bubble, up until the moment Lieutenant Davis shot her."

"So should I just go upstairs and tell the Director that the civilian Jane Doe got on board the carrier with the aid of a magic bubble that knocked out all video surveillance, and that magic bubble also protected her from everything but silver bullets?" Gibbs felt obliged to ask. He massaged his temples and absently wondered whom he could send to get him some decent coffee. He also decided that he might as well pick up the bullets and whatever else Ducky needed to send up to forensics to give to Abbey, so that the trip down to the morgue wouldn't be a complete waste of his time.

Apparently reading his mind, Ducky remarked "I got two of the bullets out of her. Lieutenant Davis got in some very lucky shots. One of the bullets struck her in the heart" He gestured to a tray with a heart lying in it and to the bullet next to it. Gibbs had time to absently note that it was not necessarily the bullet in her head that killed her, since even to his untrained eye he could see the massive damage done to the heart, before Ducky continued: "There was also a bullet that I removed from her intestine." He gestured to another tray with a badly misshapen bullet in it. "Since I am already down here, I was gone to look at her Stomach and digestive tract. See what she had for her last meal. Maybe it might tell us a little more about her, though I wouldn't count on it. I should have something for Abbey in an hour or so."

Gibbs grunted and moved away to go upstairs to see if any of his team had any sort of breakthrough. It wasn't that watching autopsies disturbed him any more, but for some reason watching the autopsies of kids under twenty still made him a bit uncomfortable. Ducky gave him a knowing smile, but fortunately didn't say anything.

And that was when his already bad day got worse. Because when he turned away from the autopsy table instead of looking at an empty lab, he was forced to stare down the barrel of a gun.

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