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Previously: Both Isaac and Claire moved towards Hiro, and Gibbs whimsically wondered if they were going to use Superpowers to go to the Hawaii of the past, before Ducky, snapped out of silence by the flurry of movement, spoke up again, addressing the woman "How is that possible?"

She didn't need to ask what he was referring to. The former corpse simply gave him a mysterious smile and responded "Superpowers." Then Isaac slid the gun across the floor towards Gibbs, and the three of them simply disappeared.

And just like that, Gibbs and Ducky were once again the only living occupants of the Lab.

Gibbs wasn't quite sure what happened next. Even though he wasn't physically injured everything was blurry and confusing just like the times he got shot. In the back of his mind he recognized that he must have been going into shock.

When someone, possibly Tony, asked him where the intruders went he had responded simply: "Hawaii".

When the Director asked him what happened, he shrugged and said "Don't know." He was apparently so hysterical that he even forgot to add 'Sir' to the end of his statement.

In his lifetime Jethero Gibbs had often been praised for being able to deal with difficult situations. People respected him because he had walked through hell and come back without so much as blinking. He could deal with the most gruesome crime scenes without losing his cool, or his lunch.

His secret was that he managed to file most of the events in his life into nice neat mental boxes. As long as everything stayed in the boxes, he had no trouble dealing with it. Gruesome injuries. Bomb threats. Sociopaths. They all had their own boxes, and they stayed there.

But some things really bothered him, mostly because he couldn't find a box to shove them in, or because they wouldn't stay in their assigned boxes. Threats to his friend, team-mates or co-workers. The terrorist from two months ago. Marriage. Technology. Gun-wielding artists. Time-travel. Teleportation. Corpses miraculously coming back to life. Those things bothered him worse than any amount of gruesome crime scenes ever could.

Ducky didn't seem to be doing much better. As they were being ushered upstairs towards the paramedics, Ducky suddenly stopped and reached down into his pocket. He pulled out the scalpel and looked at it mournfully for a few minutes. He then remarked: "You know, Jethero, I don't think this would have slowed them down for long."

Gibbs would later blame it on the shock, but at that exact moment he found that statement ridiculously funny.

When they got to the paramedics, both he and Ducky were laughing hysterically, not caring about the crowd of concerned co-workers, or the FBI agents trying to figure out what the heck had happened, or the media that had heard about the commotion.

Later, it was decided that the intruders had somehow drugged Special Agent Gibbs, and Dr. Mallard with some form of hallucigens, despite the fact that there were no marks on either man, no foreign substances in their bloodstreams It was also conveniently forgotten that there was no hallucigen invented that could cause two different people to have the exact same hallucination.

It was decided that the intruders had inside help, despite the fact that no at the NCIS could have gotten the intruders into the labs and out of the labs without getting caught.

A lot of things were decided, probably because the FBI wanted to look good in front of the media. But Gibbs got a new hobby. Instead of working on the ship, or tracking down the Terrorist, he now spent most of his free-time tracking down unusual occurrences. He found stories of people with two heads, and of a man who had escaped an FBI transport vehicle, using insane amounts of radioactive material and apparently no outside help. He read about children and adults miraculously disappearing from the jaws of danger and reappearing some place safe. He even found that the corpse of a Jane Doe matching the description of their Cheerleader Claire once disappeared from the coroner's office in the middle of an autopsy. Gibbs wasn't quite sure if he believed everything that he had read. But after his experience, he was willing to give the benefit of the doubt to at least some of the accounts.

Leroy Jethero Gibbs had long since known that there were murderous, sociopathic, villains in the world. He had mental boxes for them. But now he now he knew that there were Superheroes as well. They could time-travel, and come back from the dead, and refused to stay in Gibb's boxes.

But for some reason Gibbs slept better at night knowing that if things got really, really bad, a cheerleader, or a bouncing swordsman, or a paint splattered gunman could come and save them.

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