Rin gasped as she felt Haru's hands slide along the inside of her shirt. She was almost positive that the light from the fireworks would betray his movements. She stiffened as his fingertips lightly grazed the underside of her breasts. What was he thinking? Any moment now and Yuki or Kyo, or worse Tohru would look over and see them. A kiss on the side of her neck forced her to relax, her nipples rising as the pad of Haru's thumb lightly skimmed over them. She felt him grin against her skin as she relaxed into his embrace, sagging back against his chest. She tried to fight as she lolled her head further to the side, giving him more tender flesh to trail his lips across. She felt his hands slide back down her belly, his movements becoming rough and anxious. Goosebumps broke out across her limbs as a warm hand adorned with cold rings softly began to stroke her most tender of areas.

Something soft and large was thrown over her body, but she barely noticed. Rin bit her lip, trying desperately to stave off a whimper as Haru's other arm wrapped tightly around her, his hand plunging down her shirt to resume what he had first started. The finger stroking her picked up its pace as she felt something hard push against her lower back and Haru breathed heavily against her neck. She blushed with indignation and humiliation as her legs began to jerk slightly, thrusting against her will as the fingers began to swirl. Everything began to fade as chills and warm waves rushed through her. She couldn't hear how loud her gasping had become or the slight moans she was emitting, but she could taste the salt of Haru's sweat as his fingers moved over her mouth.

She wanted him. She wanted all of him. One of her hands clenched his thigh; the other came up and behind her as she buried it in his hair. His breathing was harsh against her neck and she relished the roughness of it as she sucked on his middle finger. The fingers stopped swirling and went back to a fast thrusting, pulling up through the folds. She couldn't take it anymore as her back arched against them. She didn't know if the fireworks she saw were real or just of Haru's making. She drifted as her body convulsed, his arms coming back up around her, to hold her until she stopped.

The world slowly came back into focus. The sky was still booming above her with fireworks. A quick glance around showed her faces rapt at the display, completely oblivious to anything she did. She tilted her head back, a hand on Haru's cheek guiding him down into a kiss. She had meant to be gentle, to show him her appreciation, but he had other things in mind. As his tongue plunged into her mouth she felt the throbbing hardness against her lower back again. She let out a slight shriek when he suddenly lifted her up and stumbled out of the dunes, leaving the others to enjoy the fireworks. Rin thought she saw a trace of Yuki's smile over Haru's shoulder before the door was kicked shut behind her.

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