"That. Fucking. Sucked!"

Bullets flinched at Pickles' shout; shaking his head as he buried himself in the couch in their dressing room beside a tired looking Tony.

"This isn't going to be good." Tony sighed, tilting his head back and resting his hat over his face.

"You fuckers ruined my new song!" Pickles ranted, picking up a chair and throwing it against the wall.

"No way, man! We were awesome!" Candynose argued angrily.

"Are you kidding me?!" Pickles laughed. "You're drum playing was the worst! You totally fucked up 'Kill You'."

"'Kill You' is a fucked up song to begin with!" he countered.

"It wasn't that bad…" Bullets offered. "Both of you need to…"

"Shut up, Snizz! You couldn't even keep up with me out there!" Pickles accused. "And your sweeper arpeggios were really sloppy!"

"Leave him alone." Tony warned, looking up from his hat in warning. "He's only trying to…"

"Trying don't mean shit!" Pickles snorted. "You guys ruined my damn song and…"

"'I won't fit into my swimsuit?'" Candynose quoted.

"I'm the lead singer!"



"Yeah! So?"

Drummer and lead singer stood toe to toe; fists clenched at their sides and ready to fly.

"You fuckers would be nothing without me!" the redhead snarled.

"We're members of this band too! We have ideas for songs too, Pickles!"

"Please…You can't even play the drums! I can play the drums better than you!"

That did it.

Candynose swung and soon the two were exchanging fists in wild blows.

"Fuck." Tony sighed as Candynose gave Pickles a black eye.

"Hey! Come on!" Bullets tried, getting up and running over to stop the fight.

"Pickles! Candy! Sto…"

Pickles' fist connected with his face and Bullets fell to the ground sporting a bloody nose and split lip.

Pickles lost his will to fight as he looked down at his hurt lover and he winced as Bullets looked up at him with wide and hurt eyes.

Candynose punched him in the face one last time before going to check on Bullets with Tony.

"His nose is like a fucking fountain!"

"Bow your head, sweetheart." Tony instructed. "So you don't choke on the blood."

Whimpering softly, Bullets nodded and did so; his blood dripping onto his favorite shirt.

Pickles ran out of the room; unable to stay and look at what he had done.

"Wai'!" Bullets called after him. "Pickle!"

"Let him go, honey." Tony said. "You two can talk later."


"Fuck fuck FUCK!"

He tore at his red hair as he moved through the motel room; taking his things and stuffing them into his suitcase.

This was it. Snakes N' Barrels was officially dead and over. There was just no way that they would be able to get over this.

Blood. There had been so much blood coming out of his nose!

The look in Bullets' eyes mirrored the time his brother Seth had tried to kill the rhythm guitarist; and it had all been Pickles' fault this time.

As he took his box of videos and pictures, he took out one of him and Bullets laughing up at the camera; their hair mussed up from sex and he set it on the bed.

"I'm sorry." He mumbled, bowing his head as he slipped out into the night.

An Hour Later:

"Pickle! I'b nob mad a' yew!" Bullets shouted as he ran into the room.


Tony and Candynose watched helplessly as he tore through the entire room; sobbing helplessly as his nose started to bleed through the bandage.

Once he had gone over the motel room five times, he fell to his knees and wept miserably; clutching the photo Pickles had left behind in one hand.

"Pickle…" he groaned, unable to feel Tony's arms around his shoulders or Candynose's hands brushing away his tears.