Smithy tossed and turned. Then he woke suddenly, sitting bolt

up right, breathing heavily and covered in a sheen of sweat. He looked at the time.

It was 6.45. Smithy decided to get up and ready for work.

One hour later he was sat at his desk with a pile of paper work.

Twenty minutes later a shadow fell over his desk. He looked up. It was Gina.

'What are you doing here so early?' she asked looking down at her young sergeant.

'Couldn't sleep, so I decided to come in and make a start on my paperwork.' He said

'Come on, let's go and get a coffee.' Gina said before dragging him away.

They were walking down the corridor when Will came up to them.

'Smithy, Inspector, there's been a break out at longmarsh prison. Only one prisoner escaped.' He said

'Which prisoner was this?' Gina asked

'a guy called Pete Larson.' Will said.

The look on Smithy's face said it all.

Will walked away leaving the other two officers.

There was an awkward silence between the three officers. It was broken by Smithy.

'Do you think he could come after me?' he asked quietly.

'Yes, it's possible' Gina answered.

'he might come after Diane as well as me.' Smithy realised

'Oh My god!' Gina said

'Should I tell Diane?' Smithy asked. Diane was Smithy's girlfriend and also happened to be one of his P.C's.

'Yes, you should warn her about him and tell her about your last encounter with Pete Larson.' Gina said

Smithy began to walk away.

'Smithy, Tell Diane she's acting sergeant while Nikki's away' Gina yelled at her retreating sergeant.

'Will do, Gina' he yelled back.

He set of for the canteen. It was Refs so Diane was more than likely to be sat with Sally, Emma, Beth and Leela having a coffee.

He got to the canteen and sure enough Diane was sat with Sally, Emma, Beth and Leela plus Dan, Will, Ben and Callum.

Smithy joined them and told Diane she was now acting Sergeant Noble.

Refs finished and Smithy pulled Diane out the area car.

'Diane, I have something to tell you. Pete Larson has escaped. 'Smithy said

'Why does this concern me?' Diane asked, looking puzzled

'It concerns you because he might be after me and you are my girlfriend so he might target you to get to me.' Smithy explained.

Diane stayed quiet so Smithy carried on explaining.

'I had an affair with his wife Louise and he found out. He tried to kill me, he had his wife killed and tried to frame me for it and now because he was found to have framed me for it he went to prison, he wants his revenge.' Smithy said his head in his hands.

A shadow fell over the area car. Diane looked round. There was a gun poking in to the car …!