'Gina, Superintendent, we have a location. It's a warehouse on Jamaica Dock.' Mickey said as he burst in to the superintendent's briefing.

Terry, Mickey, take Will, Callum, Ben and Nate with you and get yourself down there now' The Super said.

Down at the warehouse …..

'Will and Nate, go that way, Callum and Ben go the other. I'll go round the front with Mickey.' Terry said.

They split up and began to search.

Will and Nate found a door in and as they opened it they called the others round and slowly went in.

Pete Larson came out of nowhere and knocked Smithy out with the butt of his gun.

Smithy lay on the floor. It took Will, Nate, Callum and Ben to restrain Larson, who was trying to shoot Smithy.

The gun went off and the bullet hit Smithy's arm.

Terry radioed for an ambulance and helped Mickey carry Smithy out from the building

The ambulance came and Smithy was taken to the hospital.

Several hours later Smithy was having his wrist put in plaster. His ribs and arm were already bandaged, with his wrist finally put in plaster he was free to go.

Smithy and Diane walked out of hospital. Pete Larson was back in prison and they were both safe.

Smithy stopped and leant down, he placed a gentle kiss on Diane's lips.

Then they carried on walking.

The End

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