Code Blue

By: Cryoxe

Chapter one: Hot Springs

Summary: A collection of sweet, waffy Shinji/Rei drabbles and oneshots. OOC varies from chapter to chapter.

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Life was good...The Angels were gone and the three pilots had a break off from training. So Misato suggested to go to a hot spring. She even convinced Rei to go.

They entered and were soon in their designated sides of the spring. Shinji though still couldn't help but feel lonely, since he was all alone on the mens side of the spring.

Though he was told (by Asuka) not to peek, it was hard. To think, a small wall was all that separated him and three beautiful girls.

On the other side he heard talk amongst the girls. Nothing really to concern himself about. He laid back against a rock and closed his eyes.

"Uh, Rei if you want you can go over to the men's side with Shinji" Misato told her.

"How can you just let her go over there with that pervert!" Asuka protested.

"It's alright, Shinji behaves himself around Rei" Misato countered.

"Seems like the Third Child must really have a thing for Wonder girl" Asuka said sarcastically.

Rei didn't pay attention and soon left for the other side of the spring.

Shinji opened his eyes to see a pair of red ones looking back at him.

"A-Ayanami!" he freaked out.

The Third Child stood frozen in shock as Rei just stood there in front of him without any shame, but then again this was just like Rei.

"Major Katsuragi said that I may accompany you" Rei explained.

Shinji gave her a weak smile.

"At least I have you to talk to" he said quietly.

"I find your company to be relaxing" the First Child stated.

Shinji gave her a heartfelt smile.

"Could I wash your back?" Shinji asked her.

"I would like that, thank you" Rei felt herself blush a little.

Shinji got out some body wash and applied it to Rei's milky skin.

"Your skin feels really soft" Shinji admitted.

"Thank you" Rei felt herself heat up.

Everything about the atmosphere seemed right.

Before Rei knew it, Shinji's arms were around her, holding her just like the first time they met. Back when she was still recovering from her injuries from the Unit 00 test.

"Uh sorry" Shinji exclaimed embarrassingly.

"It's was nice" Rei reassured.

Shinji blushed.

"Ayanami you may not understand this but, I'm sorry that I couldn't save you" he told her. Shinji felt stupid for saying something he knew she wouldn't be able to comprehend.

Rei stood there kinda confused, but his words also seemed familiar and they ate away at her in the back of her mind.

An image of her hand being overtaken by an Angel flashed in her mind and a sharp pain surged throughout her body.

"Ah!" she winced in pain.

"Ayanami, are you all right?!" he asked quickly.

"I'm fine, I don't know why but I suddenly felt a sharp pain throughout my body" she admitted.

"Could I wash your hair?" he asked while grabbing a bottle of shampoo.

"Yes, thank you" she said with a small blush.

He squeezed out a good bit of shampoo and rubbed it together between his hands and began to rub it through Rei's blue locks.

"Tell me if there's any places that itch" he announced.

Rei just stood, taking in the moment, her heart throbbing hard.

She dunked herself underwater to rinse off the suds.

The First Child looked up at him, her body trembling uncontrollably. Rei latched onto him lovingly. Her face against his chest, arms tight around his back.

Shinji was surprised at first, looking down at her in shock but then he placed his arms around her, one around her back and the other against her head.

"This is nice" Shinji exclaimed.

"...I'm sorry" Rei apologized.

"It's alright" he replied.

Later on that night everyone was in their rooms and were dressed.

Shinji went to Rei's room.

"Ayanami?" he called out.

"Yes?" she said as she appeared. Dressed in only her underwear.

"I thought we should talk" he told her.

"Okay" she said, offering him inside.

"I was wondering...if you remembered anything...from your past" he told her.

"I remember you holding me...I remember many things and I even remember dying" she admitted.

"You look really sweet when you smile" he told her with a smile.

She smiled as well and then kissed him on the cheek.

"All I want to do is feel close to you" Rei explained.

"I love being around you" the Third Child said smoothly.

"Love?" Rei questioned as the word was unfamiliar to her.

Shinji smiled at her.

"Your really cute" he commented. And he moved in closer towards her. His eyes captivating her, entrancing her and making her feel so open and at ease with everything that was happening.

And Shinji's lips became closer to hers and they kissed softly. The whole atmosphere was engulfing them. Rei felt relaxed, warm and comfortable. They were both embarrassed. Shinji felt Rei lay against him. Her breathing was soft and warm. She didn't know why she was acting so impulsively and she didn't care.

Soon Shinji felt Rei's breathing become even slower. He took her in his arms gently to look at her and that's when he realized that she had fallen asleep. He lay her next to him and slowly drifted to sleep.

The next day Asuka came in and saw the two. She immediately went off and told Misato. She thought it was sweet. Asuka was flabbergasted by the scene.

When the pair realized what happened last night they both blushed.

On the ride home Rei sat in the back with Shinji. She was smiling gently and her hand was entangled with his.

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Author's Notes:

- - - - - - - -

Hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed writing it. In case your wondering every chapter will have a different setting and the such and all is written for mere WAFF, FLUFF and cutesy romance. Also thinking about doing a ShinjixAsuka version of this.