AN: So this is my first Heroes fanfic. I am really loving Adam/Kensei right now and I thought I might have fun with his character

Disclaimer: I own nothing, except for my twisted imagination.


People have always put such importance on names. 400 years, and the trivial act of classifying one body from another is still popular. I guess that giving people names makes them more important, although I can't find too much logic in that. I mean just because his name is James doesn't make him less expendable; it doesn't make him more significant.

I suppose naming things is something you grow out of. I myself have had many names. Kensei, William, Johnathan, Toby, and hundreds more. I believe my name is Adam now, it sounds juvenile. I should probably change it.

Names are like that, expendable. Names are like…hmmm…names are like tissue. Helpful if you want to be in polite society but generally not needed if you have your shirt sleeve. Names are disposable. To be thrown away once their no longer useful.

Names are a truly mortal part of life. Having seen the human race wander through time I find that nothing ever changes. Seeing the same wars fought, the same desires pursued, the same deaths played out. It makes the time it takes to name each specific incident wasteful and ineffectual.

To these humans, giving people names gives identity. A name ties you down to the society, to your family, to your own mortality. Having a name makes you human.

I have no true name, no true identity. I know that once there was a man with my face and voice but that man was human. What was his name? Harrison? Harris? Either way that man is no longer alive. I have taken his place. I took it when he gained immortality.

With his body I have done terrible things and plan to do far worse. I have killed men and condemned thousands to fates worse than death. I have stolen everything imaginable from hearts to handbags. I have probably committed every sin under the sun. Yet I feel no remorse, how can I? I am nothing, I am but a shadow. Who can you say robbed you if you do not know their identity? How can you condemn me when I don't exist?