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A couple people commented on Bella's skill and how it defeats the purpose of Edward not being able to hear what she's thinking. Bella chooses when to put thoughts into peoples minds so if she wants Edward to know what she's thinking then she'll tell him, otherwise she doesn't. This is handy for if they need to have a private conversation or something.

Chapter 3.


We had spent the past night memorizing the songs of the show. Emmett took it upon himself to play the drums pretty much as loud as he could. His excuse was that the volume marking was forte. Rosalie compensated by honking her saxophone as loud as she could play it so it sounded like a dying duck. Then Jasper would play very high, loud obnoxious notes on his trumpet that he would purposely clash with whatever Rosalie was playing. Alice would then come in with some high, obscene note that also clashed. Carlisle and Esme were not happy.

After the second straight hour of this Carlisle threatened to turn all of our instruments to power if we didn't all shut up. We quieted down.

The next day at band we found out we would be marching during half time at the football game this Friday. After that we would play pep band in the stands.

The six of us had to leave band a little early so we could be fitted for band uniforms.

When we saw them Alice had to muffle a scream. Rosalie stood there shaking her head. The boys looked like they were ready to quit band.

They were dorky and hideous to say the least. There were navy blue suspender pants that were actually high-waters. When Rosalie asked if she should have them hemmed down they told her no. That made her angry. There was a navy blue jacket with a white sash and gold buttons on it and the zipper was in the back so it was next to impossible to put it on by yourself. We had to wear gold things on our wrists that they called gantlets. They looked like the things the Power Rangers had. We wore white gloves.

We all received ugly black shoes that made your feet look ten times bigger than they were. Alice complained how the black clashed with the navy. They told us to wear black socks.

Then we got our shakos, which is a fancy word for the helmet thing with the feather in it. They were navy with a gold chain that hung down. A giant white plume stuck out of the top. I felt like the biggest, ugliest dork on the planet.

I was going to give Alice a hard time about forcing me to do band but decided not to when I saw how mortified she was of the band uniform.

To put it simply, I was not looking forward to the game.

Edward and I had English next and we would be reciting the poems about ourselves.

Last night when we weren't practicing or having our ears blown off by obnoxious playing, the two of us found terrific synonyms to describe ourselves for our poems. At first Edward was afraid we were giving out to much information about ourselves but I assured him it would be fine.

The first couple of people to go had nice easy names like Emily or Jason and used nice basic words like amusing, intelligent, nice, sweet, loving etc. "Who would like to go next?" The teacher asked.

I glanced at Edward. He smiled at me. I raised my hand. "I'll go!" I said.

The teacher looked at his seating chart. "Mrs. Swan. Go ahead."

I smiled at Edward and then walked up to the front of the room. "I'm Bella Swan." I began and smiled. "I am Beautiful, Eternal, Loved, Lethal, Arctic, Self-willed, Wintry, Alluring, and have a Narcissistic sister."

The teacher was flustered. "Alright, well…thank you Bella. Who's next?" Edward raised his hand. "Mr. Cullen." The teacher said.

Edward rose and gracefully walked to the front of the room. "I'm Edward Cullen." He said and smiled at me. "I am Exsanguinous, Discerning, Wintry, Adept, Ravishing, Deadly, Cadaverous, Undying, Laconic, a Looker, Eternal, and have a Narcissistic sister." Edward smiled and returned to his seat. "Minds are going mad." He whispered to me. I giggled. "No one really gets what we mean by eternal or lethal, it's amusing."

Twenty minutes before we had to be at the game we started to get ready. Alice was screaming about how we couldn't make her wear the uniform. Emmett had to leave in about two minutes because he was a football player. Rosalie put on her tiny cheerleading skirt and top and showed Emmett. They disappeared to their bedroom for a minute. When they came back out Rosalie's skirt was askew and Emmett had a goofy grin on his face. The two of them left for the game after that.

We dumped the uniforms, hats, and our instruments into the back of the Volvo and Edward drove us to the indoor stadium in about two minutes.

It took much persuading on Jasper's part to get Alice to wear the hideous uniform. When we were all suited up and ready to go Alice had clutched her flute and folded her arms over her middle, pouting.

We had to go on the field and play the national anthem and then filed into the stands to watch the first quarter.

Rosalie was down on the track with the other cheerleaders. Every male eye in the stadium seemed to be fixed on her and her beautiful vampire smile.

Emmett was an offensive lineman, number 52. Alice and Jasper sat by me in the stands and pointed him out, laughing at how frustrated he was. He could kill everybody here but he had to restrain himself into only slightly hitting people. If he broke someone's arm…or neck…it wouldn't be good.

The cheerleaders mostly just stood there and watched the game. When ever Emmett did anything remotely good Rosalie would scream "Go Emmett!"

When the second quarter came we had to leave and go warm up. We played some long tones and chromatic stuff and then went to tune. "Alright guys, first time the students will see the show so let's make it good. Remember all the stuff we've been practicing. Keep your toes up and your shoulders to the front, and don't forget to watch the drum majors." Amanda said with a peppy attitude. "Everyone clarinets in." We stuck our clarinets into the center, mouthpiece first. "One, two, three, Princess Diana!"

Wtf was that about? I thought.

About ten minutes after this we walked to the gate of the stadium, getting ready to go onto the field. I saw Edward getting the pit stuff ready. He smiled at me. I smiled back.

We got into a long line across the in zone. The drum line ticked off and we started marching across the field. When we got to our spot we stopped. Finally, the drum line stopped playing and the drum majors counted us off.

We marched and played the first two songs of the show. It only lasted about four minutes. As soon as we were done the drum line ticked off again and we turned and marched off the field, parading the stands as we left.

Back over by our stuff Alice was ripping her uniform off so fast you would think she was on fire. She had a wet towel and proceeded to wipe off her skin to 'get the nastiness off'. She then dressed herself in some expensive, designer clothes and felt better.

The rest of us got dressed quickly because we wanted to see the cheerleaders do their half time routine. It was complete with lifts and flips and every guy in the student section staring at Rosalie.

The rest of the game was fun. Rosalie was able to join us in the stands. We watched Emmett and the rest of the team and played a song after good plays. When ever we got a touch down we played the fight song.

The last quarter was pretty intense though. We were neck and neck with the other team. Pretty much who ever scored next would win. The other team had the ball. Our team was huddled figuring out their play.

Alice gasped from beside me. "This isn't going to be good." She said.

"We're not going to lose are we?" Rosalie asked. If we lost Emmett would be very unhappy to say the least.

"I don't think so." Alice said. "Just watch."

The other team hiked the ball and Emmett practically jumped on top of the quarterback, sending him crashing to the ground. The ball bounced out of his hands and one of our players grabbed it. Our side of the stadium went nuts. Emmett was jumping around and yelling revving the student section up. Rosalie stood and screamed "Yeah Emmett!" He smiled at her.

The quarterback wasn't getting up. He looked like he was in pain. The other team's aids rushed out to him. Our coach told Emmett to shut up. After about a minute the quarterback got up, clutching his left arm. He was escorted off the field and into a waiting ambulance. We got a penalty for that.

"What did he do? He hardly even hit him!" Rosalie said.

"His arms broken." Edward said simply.

"Carlisle is going to be pissed." Jasper said.

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Little side notes:

Yeah saxophones do sound like dying ducks/gooses when they are played really loud with bad tone.

The band uniforms are roughly based on my school's band uniforms.

Yes all of the words in Edward and Bella's poems are real words. Yey (I couldn't think of anything for N so I put in narcissistic sister as in Rosalie).

If you have any questions about terminology or something because you don't do marching band I'll be happy to explain it to you.

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