Hello, my eager readers, whose minds I have every intention of corrupting with wonderfully pointless junk fiction and backwards tales of history. "Ut Proism" is on temporary hold in honor of the release of my newest story, Son of the Dragon. This is not a sequal to my other stories- it takes place about five years after the start of the manga (so it is entirely manga/Hellsing OVA based) and does not involve the themes in the anime series. I hate how the anime builds the relationships between the characters- it makes Alucard look weak, Integra look like a villain and Seras like a moron. And most importantly- it leaves Pip out!!!! He's like... THE BEST CHARACTER!!!!! One of these days, I'm going to write a fic about him. Oh, yeah, I just got a new puppy, and guess what I named him? Pip! Duh. Of course, I just tell people he's named after the Great Expectations character, but we all know the real meaning of the name... he's a ladies man and he crawls all over me. (I'm a girl, just in case anyone DIDN'T know). Okay, enough bunny trails- back to the story. This fic will pull characters and organizations from history and give them a lovely vampiric nature. Let me know what you think! R&R

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We will sleep until this plague has passed. The Ordinul Dragonului will rise again. We entrust our council to the son of the dragon, until the time has come for us to awaken, and once more rule the world we created for ourselves.


Thunder rumbled distantly in the field of gray, gloomy clouds as rain slowly drifted from the sky, pooling along the sleek, black coffin lid before sliding to the ground and soaking deep into the already moist earth. A small cluster of dark umbrellas stood beside the grave, their owners watching with graven faces as the coffin slowly sank below the ground line, disappearing into the dark of its final resting place. A line of soldiers stood at attention opposite the spectators, the rain running in tiny rivulets down the barrels of their rifles, which were raised as a sign of respect to the occupant of the coffin. The words on the marble tombstone were as dreary as the day.

Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing


"Police Girl..."

The petite, blond uncurled, pushing her arms above her head so that her large breasts strained against her black tank top.

"Master...?" Seras Victoria said, opening her large ruby eyes and yawning, flashing her pearly white fangs. She blinked looking around. "Master?" she asked again. But their was no sign of the elder vampire anywhere.

For a moment, she was a little disoriented, confused about why she had been sleeping in a chair instead of her usual coffin. And then she realized that she had been curled on the seat of a train compartment. Night scenes were still rushing past the window, snow-capped mountains and thick green woods, all wrapped in a thick blanket of night that was like daylight to her unnatural eyes. She frowned, trying to remember why she was there.

Oh, that's right, she thought weakly. That c-car crash... and Sir Integra is...

She shuddered, remembering the sight of the wreckage. Of course, she had thought that Alucard would take the body back to Hellsing and that they would at least stay for the funeral. But even as she had run to the mangled body of the heiress, Alucard had intercepted her, his crimson eyes gleaming.

"We need to leave," he had said. And that was the end of it. Next thing she knew, Seras was on a plane to Paris and from there, they had taken a train in the direction of Romania.

We must be almost there,she thought sleepily, watching the blur of colors beyond the glass.

"I wouldn't have woken you up otherwise," said Alucard, his long, slender form filling the doorway. "You're far easier to deal with when you're asleep." His black hair floated along behind him, moving with a mind of its own.

Seras jumped at his voice, and then blushed at his words. "Yes, Master," she murmured, averting her eyes to the floor. Alucard stared at her quizzically for a moment, and then sat opposite her and turned his own gaze to the window, frowning slightly.

They spent the next ten minutes in silence, Seras nervously fidgeting and shooting furtive glances at her master while he ignored he altogether, his arms folded across his chest, his sunglasses glinting in the faint light pouring into the compartment from the hallway.

When the train final began to slow, Seras was so surprised that she got her feet. Alucard fixed her with another calculating stare and she quickly sat, waiting for the train to screech to a halt before she rose again.

It pulled into an older, magnificent station, with white stone walls and smooth marble floors. The word 'Bucuresti' was carved into the stone outside the platform. The station was quite crowded, even though it was late at night. People carrying suitcases and coats jumped in and out of trains, clambering outside of ticket booths, calling farewells to their loved ones in a language Seras did not understand.

"This is the capital of Romania, Police Girl," said Alucard simply as she eyed the word 'Bucuresti' curiously. "Take a good look, because we will not be here long."

"Can we go outside and see the city?" she asked eagerly, feeling a breeze drift in through a pair of open doors at the far end of the station tunnel.

"Our train arrives in twenty four minutes," Alucard said simply. "You may very briefly look."

Seras smiled and hurried towards the doors, carefully creeping outside and looking carefully at the world beyond. Her mouth nearly dropped.

The city was brightly lit and busy, with cars speeding down the road and buildings glimmering in the headlights. The city was ancient, or so the architecture of the limestone buildings suggested, with their large marble pillars and bronze domed rooftops. It reminded her vaguely of some pictures she'd seen of Italy, though by the shape of the domes she imagined that there was a lot of Russian influence in this city as well.

Either way, it stole her breath... or at least it would have if she'd have any breath to steal. For some reason, she had imagined that Romania would not be quite so beautiful. Perhaps it was because it was not widely renowned like Rome or Paris. But it was, without a doubt, the most beautiful place she had ever seen in her life.

"Enjoying yourself, Police Girl?"

Seras let out a small sound like a squeak and turned to face him, mentally yelling at herself, why do you always get surprised? You should be used to him by now!

"Yes, Master," she said, forcing a smile. "It's a very beautiful city."

"I'm glad you approve," he replied, though his tone suggested that it would not have mattered to him if she had despised his country of origin.

"Perhaps you would let me come back here again, sometime when I don't have a train to catch," she suggested hopefully. This city would be wonderful to explore!

Alucard said nothing. That meant 'no.' Fine; she could handle that. Afterall, she wouldn't be bound to him forever, and once she was free she would travel the world and go to any and every city of her choosing.

"Time to go, Police Girl," Alucard said abruptly, and for some reason, there was a hint of anger to his voice. She followed him wordlessly back into the station, just as a train pulled up. Seras watched it with interest; it was a steam engine, smoke billowing down the bright green and gold exterior. The old-fashioned shape of it differed greatly from the sleek, modern train that had carried them from Paris. They boarded silently, Seras trustingly trotting along in the wake of her master until he found a compartment that suited him and walked in side, leaving the door open for her to follow.

Seras slid the door shut behind her and settled into a seat, determinately not looking at her master. She tried to refrain from any silly questions like, "How long till we get there," or "where are we going?" With Alucard, you just had to trust his decisions and pray that they didn't get you into a sticky situation.

And then, quite suddenly, Alucard got to his feet and left without so much as hint as to where he was going. Seras glared at his retreating back, but chose not to lecture him about keeping her in the dark, as she thought he might take it to literally and lock her in her coffin for a month.

She tucked her legs underneath her as the train started to move, and closed her eyes, hoping she would be able to sleep, even though it was well after midnight.


Seras opened her eyes and stared up to see a man standing over her, his hand outstretched expectantly.

"Bilet?" the man repeated, a little more forcibly this time. Seras stared at him. He seemed to be some sort of train conductor. When she continued to stare at him without action he leaned forward with a glare and grabbed her arm, trying to force her from the seat.

"Tu Ε£inere ei bilet," said a voice harshly from behind them. Alucard had returned, his glasses held loosely in his hand, his eyes staring into those of the conductor.

The conductor mumbled some sort of apology and then continued down the corridor, a strangely blissful smile on his face. Alucard entered the compartment, but was not alone. Behind him followed a smiling, teenage boy.

He was babbling happily to Alucard, who seemed to be ignoring him.

"Master?" Seras asked uneasily, looking at the boy, who had no begun to look her up and down like a hungry wolf.

"This should solve the language problem," he said, shoving the man towards her.

"I-is he a translator?" Seras asked, though she was sure that could not be the case.

"Perhaps you recall that draining a human being seals a part of them within you, or have you so quickly forgotten your lover, Pip?"

Seras flushed. "He wasn't my..."

"Regardless, Police Girl, he is now a permanent part of you, as will be this boy. By draining him, you will absorb his knowledge, including his language. So drink."

"What?" Seras gasped, staring with horror at the young male who was no looking from her to Alucard with a slightly apprehensive smile. "I can't! Not hear... not now..."

"It wasn't a suggestion, Seras."

She swallowed. If he was using her real name, he must really want this. She shifted uneasily, torn between displeasing her master and taking a life. It had been several months since she'd fed from a live source and she wasn't entirely certain she was up for it.

"Police Girl," Alucard sounded impatient, "Do you think Hellsing's going to keep sending you donated blood in plastic bags?" His intensive gaze sent chills down her spine.

"N-no, I suppose not," she mumbled, finally understanding. Either she fed from live sources, or not at all. "But, Master, I can't right now, I'm not hungry."

"There are easy ways to fix that," Alucard said, shutting the door to the compartment. He hit the boy over the head so that he passed out and slumped onto the seat beside Seras at an awkward angle. She shifted slightly away from the unconscious body, trying to repress the feeling of disgust growing in her stomach.

But the feeling vanished in an instant when her master bent down to her level, snaked his hand beneath her chin and brought her face close to his.

"Master?" she asked softly, trying to understand what he was doing. The closeness caused a thick blush to creep onto her face.

"Just relax," he said, his eyes boring into her own.

Hypn-hypnosis... she realized, as her thoughts began to slip. No! Something in the back of her head argued. Why was she fighting? This was for her own good, wasn't it?

"Master, I don't want..." she faintly protested.

"I said relax," he replied, running his index finger over her bottom lip, causing her heart to race.

So easily excited, he thought with a chuckle.

Seras blinked staring up at him. "Master?" she whispered, entirely uncertain if she should say anything at all.

"What, Police Girl?" He was frowning at her, obviously troubled by something. Perhaps he had already read her thoughts and was angry at her for being so presumptuous.

"I think I read your mind," she said quietly.

He raised an eyebrow. Impossible.

"No, Master, it's not impossible," she said in awe. "I just did it again."

Alucard released her, staring down at her with his eyes narrowed. Then after scrutinizing her for a few minutes, he smiled darkly. "Well done, Police Girl. It seems you've finally learned something."

"So, I can really read your thoughts?" Seras asked eagerly. "You weren't speaking into my head?"

"You were able to tell the difference, were you not?" Alucard asked.

"Yes... it was less like speaking, more like a stream of images accompanying a vague concept," she replied.

"Well put, Police Girl."

Seras could not have been any brighter is she had been alight. Her cheeks glowed warmly, so pleased that she had finally made her master proud for the first time in her life.

"I should warn you, Police Girl, now that you've learned to read minds, I will be blocking you out of my thoughts. And I recommend that you share this ability with no one."

"Who would I share it with?" she said with a laugh. "Dinner?" she gestured to the boy still slumped on the seat beside her.

Alucard smirked. "And yet, you haven't touched him."

Seras, still beaming, so happy with the reaction from her pleased master, pulled the sleeping boy to her and sank her fangs in without a second thought, drinking deeply of the warm liquid. She felt Alucard's eyes upon her the entire time, sensed the manic grin distorting his beautiful features. And the thought thrilled her and made her hungrier.

When she had finished, she dropped the body to the floor, a long stream of blood trickling from the corner of her mouth to the v of her breasts. Licking her lips she began to eye Alucard with a thirsty stare, her eyes fixated on the side of his neck.

"Calm down, Police Girl," Alucard instructed. "There will be a time and place for that; this is not it."

"Of course, Master," she said, crossing the compartment and placing a hand on his chest. She leaned up and licked the side of his neck.

"You are not a very good listener," he said, amusement in his voice. Gently, he removed her from him, setting her on the seat beside him.

"Master!" Seras whined, struggling against him.

"Go to sleep, Police Girl," he said, touching his fingers to her forehead. Instantly a thick cloud of black shadows overpowered her brain, pushing her into a deep sleep. She rested her head against her master's shoulder and closed her eyes, sighing happily.

Alucard stared down at her, his face still stretched into a quizzical expression. Carefully, he ran his finger along the narrow trail of blood and brought it to his lips, tasting the blood. He then smiled and twisted so that he could lick the crimson liquid off her pale skin.

Seras squirmed when his tongue reached the v of her breasts. "Master..." she mumbled in her sleep, snuggling closer to his much larger figure.

At this point, Alucard drew back and turned his gaze to the world outside the window. With a boot, he kicked the body of the boy under the seat, still licking his lips and allowing himself to slip into deep thought.


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