I love stories that deal with a strong Iruka Sensei and an equally strong Kakashi in an equal relationship! I love mission stories and team stories. I love hurt comfort stories. And this story is going to have a lot of stuff in it.

Humor, Drama, Angst, Hurt, Comfort, Non-Con, Memory Flashbacks of old Abuses, some bad language.
I will not be graphic because this is I plan to eventually upload a more detailed story on Adult FanFic or on my website or my LJ. ;D

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M/M coupling!

also: Have not beta'd, so mistakes may lay ahead in the story as well.

Iruka/Kakashi ("Come Come Paradise" meets "I'm Very Conservative") quoted from author: MiseryLovesFanfics
I love this Author and I love how she put this couple so quaintly and perfectly described!


"So what if I baby him a little, even spoil him a little. So What! Don't you come here accusing me of favoritism Bastard!" Roared Iruka sensei. The class was silent, the streets outside were silent. Everyone stared at Iruka and Kakashi. "You think I don't know what you do to those children. You think you don't play favorites either!" he roared, accused.

"You treat him like a baby." hissed Kakashi. "he goes whining to you all of the time. How is he to grow up and become a great ninja if he's always running crying to you. His little mommy."

Iruka's jaw dropped, and his outrage increased. He was furious.

"How dare you!" he hissed. His voice slowly increased in volume and profanity. "If you weren't such an asshole all the time I wouldn't have to salve Naruto's hurting heart. You mistreat him, you scumbag! He's a child! I wont let you mistreat him. I'm going to the Hokage and I'm going to get your ass canned!" roard Iruka.

Naruto gaped. Then he beamed with such pride and adoration. His Iruka Sensei was fantastic and amazing and well, damn Iruka was scary when he was pissed. Kakashi deserved it to. He plays favorites, the Jerk!

Surprisingly the yelling went up another notch and then went shockingly to the physical but most shocking of all was that in Iruka's rage he showed off more of his skills than he had meant to ever show his children or the villagers. In truth, Iruka's blood limit made him just as powerful if not more so than Kakashi. But unlike Kakashi he couldn't stand to hurt people or to go on assignments to assassinate others even if he knew it was for a good reason. He wasn't a cold blooded killer. He just didn't have that ability. Not that he looked down on the jounin and the others with that ability, after all, they did protect the village and the children of the village by being able to do what was asked of them.

By taking lives they kept the village safe. By accepting paying assignments they kept the village thriving. Iruka respected and admired these jounin and chunin greatly. But he could not conceive of cold blooded murder. He couldn't kill. It hurt too much to have blood staining his hands. Despite this he was good at ninjutsu and his temper was fierce it allowed him a maximum destruction ability that was about to be unleashed on one sorry excuse for a shinobi.

"Pervert Punisher!" he hissed as he formed the signs needed to send his jutsu to work on his intended victim.

Shadow Jutsu, Mist Jutsu, Water Jutsu, combination jutsu.

Kakashi should have known better than to piss Iruka off. But really there was just something so damned sexy about an angry Iruka. Better take off the cover and use Sharingan otherwise I'm toast.

Shit! Fire Jutsu combined in water made steam jutsu, extremely painful.

Kakashi felt stone and water and air coming at him from all sides. Iruka was letting kunai and stars fly like a hornets nest of pissed off insects, birds came from the sky next, summons, and Kakashi could only retreat as the ground suddenly swallowed him whole.

By the time true panic set in and Kakashi realized he was in real trouble, Iruka himself cut off the jutsus.

"Sorry excuse for a bloody shinobi! Stop fooling around and start fighting me like a real man, asshole!" growled Iruka, still hopping mad.

Iruka never sounded more like a pissed of Kunoichi, Shinobi wife, than right at that minute. Kakashi's heart never pounded so hard in his chest.

"Iruka Umino, I think I'm in love with you." he managed to gasp out before blood gushed from him.

"Kakashi Hatake, what the hell?!" roared Iruka. "Stop fooling around and get up here and come try to kick my ass. You aren't fooling anyone with your stupid declaration and feinting spell. Do you here me?"

"KAKASHI." He roared, stomping up to the buried shinobi's unconscious form and grabbing him up by his shirt in a fist. He shook the jounin as a momma dog would shake a disrespectful pup by its loose skin at its ruff. Kakashi hung relaxed from the chunin's fists bunched up in his shirt and swayed with the chunin's movements. Kakashi's head lolled on his neck and his eyes were rolled up in his head. He wasn't faking.

The village gaped.

Iruka blinked, stunned as well.

Kakashi had been defeated by a chunin, by Iruka sensei, Iruka Umino, a school teacher, a paper pushing desk ninja, a weak ninja just defeated Hatake Sharingan Kakashi.

Naruto crowed. "You showed him!"

Naruto cheered, "Iruka-Sensei, you were awesome!"

Iruka meanwhile seemed to be having a slight break down. He was stuttering and his cheeks were red with embarrassment.

Sasuke Uchiha was as stunned as everyone else. He made a note. "I am so ashamed to have Kakashi for my sensei, and two, Never be an idiot like Kakashi and get Iruka Sensei pissed at me.

"Well I, Well, But, b-but, I, I, well I d-din't m-mean, well you see it was, well it, I." Iruka blushed and stuttered painfully for over twenty minutes even as Naruto was holding his wrist and guiding him to the Ichiraku Ramen stand.

"You were great Sensei. You showed that perv real good." smiled Naruto, proudly. "And you showed the village too. No one's going to ever mess with you Iruka-Sensei."

Iruka sighed then gave up and smiled lovingly back at his foster son.. "Well, I suppose not, I guess." he chuckled weakly and hid his face behind a ramen menu. Still in turmoil and in embarrassment for his behavior. He was ashamed of his emotional outburst even if Kakashi had deserved it. The man was infuriating! I really need to work on my temper, I really do.

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