The Master's Wishes.

By: Aoi Shinobumi A Shigure x Yuki short story

Note: I may make another part to this story later, for the moment, this will just be a short story.

It had been a few days since Tohru had left, and the house had seemed so empty. Shigure was seated in his room, working on a new story he had thought of. Yuki could be heard in the kitchen, making tea. Moments later, the dark-haired boy stuck his head in through the door, carefully placing a cup of green tea beside him, an almost void look in his vividly coloured eyes.

"You haven't slept in days, you've scarecely touched anything I've brought you. You're even making me lonely, we used to eat together at the table before...all you do is write..." He said, obviously angry at this, despite his softened tones.

"Yuki, I'm sure you know, there's a thing called a deadline. I need to finish this book, and you know that." He said, giving him a soft smile.

Yuki nodded a bit, before turning back, walking into the living room and sitting on the soft, white couch, looking around a bit. Shigure needed a break, something guaranteed to distract him, at least for a day. He smiled a bit, thinking maybe he'd go out and find someone special to cheer him up, and he would make sure he knew. He stood up, briskly walking back to Shigure's study, opening the door.

"I'm going out, I need some company. You're about as interesting as a rock, at the moment." He said pointedly.

For some reason, Shigure nodded, setting aside his things and standing, he placed a hand on the doorway, looking directly into his eyes then.

"You say you're lonely, you say you want company. Shut up for once!" he barked, in a way unlike his normal demeanor.

"Shigure--" Yuki started, his eyes widening slightly, he hadn't planned on this reaction. It was a little unsettling.

"I said shut up..." He said, grabbing him by the shoulders, dragging him by his arm deeper into his room, tossing him onto his bed, kneeling by him then.

"I'll give you attention, company, whatever you need..." he told him, pinning him down

"Shigu--" Once again, he was cut off from his words, this time with a gentle kiss, which was enough to startle him into silence.

"I want you to try calling me master...just once...I want to see how it sounds coming from you..." He said softly, his tone, and his hold softening a little. He could sense how nervous he had made Yuki.

Yuki looked into his eyes for a few moments, biting his lip. This was definitely not something he had ever planned on, but he swallowed hard, tilting his head, as though waiting for further words.

"Tell me what it is you'd like, what you want me to do..." Shigure said, watching the younger Sohma.

Yuki, was, at this point, mildly afraid, his breathing a little erratic, he took a deep, slightly painful breath, closing his eyes, before mumbling softly to him.

"H...h...h..hold me...that's all I want right now...just keep me close..." he said, finally catching his breath.

Shigure frowned a little, worried Yuki might have started to have a bit of asthma troubles, but he nodded, brushing off the fact that he forgot to say "master" and gently slid onto the bed, his arms wrapping around his slim waist, tugging him close.

"Will I do?" he asked softly, looking at him.

Yuki bit his lip gently. Definitely not something he had ever planned, but he smiled then, nodding a bit.

"Hai, you'll do..."

The end for the moment -