Jeremy Manson had been forced to go on a long, grueling business trip that was supposed to last several weeks. Instead he had been kept in parts unknown; trying to get the natives to buy the cellophane toothpick coverings that made the Manson's famous for two months. Finally he was returning home. As the plane landed and he gathered his things, Jeremy wonder about what had gone on in his absence. "I hope nothing bad happened. Nah probably went by like any other two months." He thought to himself. Strangely when Mr. Manson walked into the terminal he was not greeted by his wife or daughter but Ida.

"Mother, what are you doing here?" Jeremy asked.

"Picking you up of course." She replied.

"Well, did anything happen while I was gone?"

"Nothing much, a couple of servants died trying to put out the greenhouse fire." Ida responded. Jeremy looked shocked for obvious reasons.

"Greenhouse fire!?"

"Yeah, after the house burned down the sparks set poor Sam's plants on fire and the whole thing melted."


"The firefighters said one of the candles around the coffin set one of the drapes on fire, the house burned to the ground before we could do a thing." Ida was getting annoyed with all this explaining.

"Coffin? Who died? Another servant?" Jeremy asked, getting more horrified and upset by the moment.

"No silly, the only servants who died were the ones trying to put out the greenhouse fire." Jeremy breathed a sigh of relief.

"Pam was in the coffin." Jeremy's eyes widened and he started hyperventilating.

"MY WIFE IS DEAD!!! WHAT KILLED HER WOMAN?" Mr. Manson frantically shook Ida trying to get some answers.

"Stop shaking and I'll tell you already!" Jeremy put her down. "She had a heart attack when Sam said that she was pregnant with Danny's child and they were going to elope."

Hehe, poor Jeremy. I think this is my only DP story where Danny and Sam haven't appeared. But they still managed to get mentioned.