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Summary: It's been five weeks since the end of the war. The Great Valley and the Mysterious Beyond coexist in relative, albeit tense, peace. However, when a new enemy threatens this peace, a war of attrition is forced upon them all. With old friends and new allies, Littlefoot must lead his team back into battle, while discovering answers to the ultimate questions of war. How far will one go for victory? What's the cost of defeat? What is the price for peace?

Land Before Time: Remnants

Chapter 1: Scramble/Visitors

Littlefoot floated on a lake next to Ali. Five weeks. He couldn't believe that it had been merely five weeks since they lost King and that the war was finally over. A red long tailed sharptooth skidded in the mud and nearly joined them in the lake.

"Sir!" He panted. "Your grandparents say a huge leaf-eaters herd is coming in tomorrow. Also, Blade states the teams should get some practice in." Littlefoot shook his head. They had met Scythe shortly after the war ended. He is a very young sharptooth though still older than Littlefoot and his friends. And, he insisted in calling Littlefoot sir, after a 'legacy', since the sharpteeth still believed he was the best fighter in the Great Valley, for never giving up. Littlefoot persisted in breaking Scythe's habit, but pretty much gave up.

"All teams are go for the practice run!" Sawtooth shouted. Pterano started to move along the clearing, gathering speed, with Littlefoot and Ali on his back. Another flyer started screeching causing Pterano to stop immediately, nearly throwing the two longnecks off. Several flyers came tumbling done in not-so-graceful landings.

"We've got a nine-three-zero! Everyone scramble! Now!" Ordered Blade, looking towards the noise. Turning back, he saw the others watching him as if for further instructions. "Well?! What are you all waiting for?! Move!"

"Umm, what's a nine-three-zero?"

"Its when there's a herd coming in that doesn't know of our activities." Littlefoot answered the newer dinosaur. Those who had skeleton armor took them off and hid them in a cave, along with other 'equipments'. The groups in the water, swimmer or not, swam out and started pulling the vines that made an obstacle course, out of the water. Several dinosaurs took off leaves wrapped around their heads and/or body, while others carried away stacks of large folded leaves. As the flyers were led somewhere that they wouldn't arouse suspicion, groups started covering the large strip of barren land with pieces of leaves and mud from the tall grass, and patting it all down. A second group fixed the leaves to stand up rather than be crushed in a straight line.

"Put everything else in the cave behind the Thundering Falls!" Shouted Littlefoot. There was a lot of work, but with everyone helping out it went quickly.

Littlefoot stood next to his friends and team, soaking wet. In order to hide the sweat and smell, everyone who was working had jumped in the water when finished with their duties. He could only imagine what the herd before them thought. Though they always trusted leaf-eaters, no risks were taken. For starters, while the new herd was busy talking to the elders of the Great Valley, Streakclaw tapped the left side of his head with a claw from said side. Almost inconspicuous in the trees behind the new herd, Scythe nodded. Also, although their faces showed almost no emotion, Littlefoot saw in the eyes of his team that they were sizing up the dinosaurs before them for any strengths, weaknesses, and possible hostility, with extreme concentration.

"Littlefoot?" Called his grandpa. "How about showing our guests around?"

"Uh, okay."

Littlefoot brought the herd to a river, where on the other side he saw two Great Valley long tailed sharpteeth struggling to carry something between them. He quickly adjusted himself to block the sharpteeth from the herd's view.

"Over there beyond those trees, is where the Stone of Cold Fire landed." He said raising his right foot to point. Looking back, he saw the sharpteeth nod and walk away, while the herd was distracted.

"Well this sure is an interesting place." Said the herd leader, when the tour was over.

"Glad… everyone liked it." Littlefoot said, panting.

"This is the last time I take tours." He thought. "Too much walking and all those questions, jeez." The herd still seemed to have questions.

"Exactly how big is this valley?"

"How's the climate year round?"

"Is food always plenty or sometimes scarce?" Littlefoot tried not to faint. "Great! More questions!" Out loud he said, "Depends on the seasons, and the valley is pretty gigantic."

Littlefoot continued the tour and questions answering. As he walked he reflected on all that had happened in the last five weeks. This was the third herd to come into the valley and the second that was unaware of their activities. After the war, negotiation broke out and the Great Valley opened up its welcome to allow new sharpteeth to live there. So far twelve sharpteeth resided there; Blade, Sawtooth, Streakclaw, Scythe and eight new arrivals from the Mysterious Beyond, though as far as most outsiders knew, there was only the original four. Also, after the war, Blade and Sawtooth recommended frequent training exercises to keep everyone ready and in shape. The grown-ups had eventually relented and agreed that it'd be for the best. And now they kept that hidden from newcomers so as not to start a panic; they did not want others to think they were expecting battle again.

"This has been a long day." He muttered silently to himself.