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Koga has no idea how long he had been trapped in this small chamber that he currently inhabited. For long hours, perhaps even days, he sat alone in the dark with only his heart-beat and the rustle of chains for company. It was becoming maddening, the sound of his own heart was so loud sometimes he thought it would explode.
The worst of it all was the constant worry. Koga had no idea whether or not Ginta and Hakkaku were still alive. He told them to hide as soon as Naraku appeared while he was battling Kagura, but those two could be loyal to a fault when it came to protecting their alpha. It was unlikely that Naraku would have gone after them if he didn't consider them a threat…But if he sent Kagura, she'd toy with them and then kill them when they no longer amused her.

"I've got to get out of here." he said to the dark.

Steeling himself once more, the wolf prince strained against the chains holding his arms and legs. The chains, while short, were unnaturally strong and refused to break or be pulled free from the floor.

"If I…still had my jewel shards…this wouldn't be a problem." he grunted. He had awoken to find that not only had his sword and jewel shards been removed, but his furs and armor as well. Needless to say he felt very vulnerable.

"Well, then it's a good thing that you no longer have them." a voice in the dark responded, "Especially since I went through such effort to bring you here."

Had Koga been free he would have visibly jumped. How had that bastard gotten into this room? And how had he gotten so close with the wolf realizing it?

"I apologize for keeping your waiting my prince," Naraku said mockingly. "but I have been quite busy today. Preparations and all."

"Naraku, you bast-"

"You have no idea how fortunate it was that Kagura found you when she did," said Naraku, not letting Koga finish he insult. "no idea at all my prince…yet."

"Shut up! You have my jewel shards, so stop talking like I want to listen to you and kill me. Or are you planning to bore me to death?" replied Koga trying to show more courage than he had.

Taking the wolf's jaw in hand, Naraku leaned in close. "Had this been yesterday I would have already done as you requested my prince, but did you know that I have a obsession for reading? I can't stress enough the benefits of a good education and you will never guess what I found last night. Not only have I collected two more shards," holding them out to Koga teasingly. "but I now have the means to take control of the northern lands."

"What!?" Koga yelled in disbelief. "You dumbass! You can't just take control by killing me, it doesn't work that way. The clans will simply choose another."

Leaning even closer to the wolf, Naraku whispered seductively into his ear, "Who said anything about killing you…my pet."

Koga could feel the blood rush from his face. Pet? PET!? What was this fool on about? How could he…no that wasn't possible. Naraku could never get him to willingly ask that, much less get him to perform. He would die first.

Koga glanced up to see Naraku reaching into his robes for something. "Look, I have a gift for you. See?" he said hold it up. "It will fit perfectly and it even has an opening large enough to show off the mark I will be placing on you."

If Koga hadn't struggled before, he certainly started after seeing the dark collar in Naraku's hand. No way is this happening he thought in desperation.

"Now, now my pet, don't hurt yourself." Naraku said patting the wolf on the head affectionately. "Let us begin, it's going to be a long night and I know that at least one of us wants to enjoy it as much as possible. Now would you be so kind as to lift your tail and place your head on the floor?"

When the wolf didn't respond Naraku placed a hand around the base of his tail and squeezed hard. "Now do it or I will ripe it out and make you eat it!"

"Fuck you!" was Koga's only reply. Naraku could torture him to death for all he cared, he wouldn't submit.

"Oh my, we are not off to a good start my pet." the hanyou said mournfully. "Perhaps I should bring one of your traveling companions and kill him. Would that make you more obedient? The one with the spiked hair maybe…" With a laugh he went on. "I know what you're thinking. You want to believe that I don't really have your friends; that this could all be a trick. You might be right, but are you willing to risk it? Understand that if they are brought in here, they're dead even if you submit. And the last thing they will see as they slowly bleed out is you, naked and chained as you are now. But I can be a kind master, I'll let you choose which one dies first."

"Cursing himself inwardly, Koga felt himself crumble. Naraku knew exactly what to threaten him with. He had been willing to die just to spite Naraku, but he wouldn't, he couldn't sacrifice Ginta and Hakkaku. It just wasn't in him. Swallowing his pride Koga already on his hands and knees, slowly lifted his tail; exposing the most vulnerable areas of his body.

To say that Naraku was pleased, would be an understatement. He thought he would have to use every ounce of trickery he had to get the wolf to comply, but it seemed that threatening the wolf's loved ones was all the leverage he needed. "Very good pet, you're learning. Now let's put this collar on before I inspect the 'rest' of you. Uh-uh, keep your eyes open, I don't want you to miss a thing. As the clasp was set, Koga jumped at a small spark of demonic energy that escaped. It was a tight fit but not terribly so.

Once he was sure the collar was secure, Naraku moved behind the bound wolf and watched him shiver in revulsion as the hanyou began caressing the wolf's buttocks. "What a beautiful sight, my pet. Clearly all that running has been a great benefit…and what do we have here?" Reaching down he gave a firm squeeze to the sacs hanging between Koga's legs. Naraku smiled as he heard the demon moan despite his current situation. "It's no wonder why there are so many wolf demons, you appear to be a very potent breed. How you can run so fast and not hurt yourself is a wonder. Why had it not been for me, I'd image that you could sire an entire generation on your own." Naraku said chuckling. Giving them one final squeeze, he let them go and stood up. "We'll remove them in the morning.

Naraku's final words were enough to knock Koga out of the shock he was in. "Wha…remove them?" he stuttered.

"Yes," Naraku replied absently. "I honestly don't see a reason to keep them. Pets become much more docile after they're gone and besides, you won't be needing them anyway. The only pups you will have to worry about," reaching down and giving a playful slap to Koga's belly, "are the ones that I impregnate you with."

That was the final straw for Koga. He would die right here, right now. He'd make Naraku kill him. He pulled and struggled and growled with every ounce of energy he had. There was no way in hell he would accept this any longer.

In a sigh of frustration Naraku coiled his tentacles around Koga's limbs and with a single hand pushed the wolf's already bruised knees further into the stony floor and with a cruel, sharp voice he said. "Listen and understand pet! I have been very kind until now but I am at my end. Tonight you will be fully marked as my pet and tomorrow you will be gelded and displayed in front of your clan as proof of my claim to the northern lands. Now how your loved ones are treated and how long they live under my rule depends entirely upon you."

Watching the wolf end his struggles, Naraku slide down until his chest rested on Koga's back and whispered, "There is only thing I was you to say and I think you know what it is, now ask!"

Koga knew he had lost; he felt broken inside and wanted nothing more than for this to end. Fighting back the urge to cry, he lowed his head to the floor; leaving his tail and hind end up he spoke."

"Ah-ah, a pet does not address his owner as such." Naraku corrected.

Unable to hold back the tears, "Ma…master, please---"

Whatever Koga said next was drowned out by the explosion.

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A. Inuyasha fails to save Koga. (this route ends the story pretty quickly, like 3 or 4 parts and it's a dark story and doesn't end well)

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