Summary: Sharpay and Taylor were known for playing games, but not like these. Answer to the challenge made by zashleysilver.

Other pairings mentioned Troyella, Chyan

Timeline: Five years after high school graduation.

Word count: over 2,600 (I don't know what it is about this, but they are all being pretty long.)

A/n: Okay so you people can hate me or think I'm a horrible person for not updating in forever, but I have been super busy and whatnot (you know finals, holidays, working, writers-block, my charger dying for this shitty laptop, the every episode ever Degrassi marathon, I'm home and my brother has a Wii and he has LoZ:OoT and a bunch of other games and that has kept me pretty occupied) . Please take this as a peace offering for all of you that read. And I know it's late, because it's holiday related, but enjoy anyways.

"Game On: Shaylor: Would You Rather"

I knock on the door to her apartment. How dare her not leave it unlocked like always. Just because this is her place doesn't mean that she should change the routine. Plus it's freezing out here and this gift is heavy and I don't know why she's not answering the door. I've knocked like five hundred times.

"TAYLOR!" I yell as I knock again.

I want to know why it's always so cold in this hallway. And why it has to snow this time of year. I wish we were back in New Mexico.

Not really, but at least it's not snowing there right now.

The door opens slowing and there is my girlfriend of five years standing there like it's nothing that I had to wait.

"Took you long enough," I say walking past her. It's a surprise that I'm not nicer. It is the day after Christmas and she is the only family I have in the stupid city.

I still can't believe that she moved here a little while after she graduated just to be with me. I'm only here to be in a show. She's only here to be with me.

"You were only out there for a few minutes at the most," she says after shutting the door.

Okay whatever," I know she's right, "Anyways I have something for you!" I say lifting the gift a little higher.

"I though we said we weren't getting each other anything?" She asks, "Besides it's a day late."

"What we said was 'no Christmas presents', it's a Kwanzaa present," I say handing her the gift.

She takes it but shakes her head as she does, "You know I don't celebrate Kwanzaa."

"You don't?" I ask shocked. I was positive that did. I thought that was why she didn't want to do Christmas.

"No, I never have before. You know you did this last year and the year before and I told you then the same thing."

I think for a moment and then it hits me, "That's true. I'm sorry. Then we can make it a Christmas present again," I say trying to make my mistake better.

"Well since you bought it and wrapped it already I might as well," she turns the gift around then shakes it. It doesn't make any significant noise, "What is it?" she asks.

"I don't know," I lie, "maybe you should open it."

She shakes it once more and still no noise comes out, "You know what? I think I'll open it later," she says putting the large red wrapped box on a table.

"Why? Won't the suspense kill you?" I ask trying to persuade her into opening it now.

"No, but I know that it's going to kill you," she says walking into the small kitchen area, "Anyways, dinner is almost ready and I need someone to set the table."

"Okay," I say as I go across the room. Her apartment is small and pretty much one big room, but it's cozy and home to both of us more than my place.

We don't live together because I came here first and got an apartment where the rest of the cast members live. I tried to get it so she could move in, but there were no open places and the rest of the cast thought I was trying to get special treatment. I know I could have moved when she got here, but where I live right now is so convenient. It's right next the performance place and super close to the theatre too. That might be selfish, but Taylor understands, and that's all that matters. Besides whenever I try to talk about moving in, she never seems excited about it.

I open the cupboard that has he plates in them and grab two. Then I grab the rest of the thing for the table and start setting the table. This is what we usually do. I set the table and she cooks. She's a fantastic cook.

"It smells delicious. What is it?" I ask.

"Meatloaf. We always have meatloaf on Wednesdays," She says matter of factly as she pulls it out of the stove.

"And you know how much I love your meatloaf," I say coming up behind her and leave a kiss on her check.

She smiles and starts to slice the meal as I grab the water for the table. After I place that on the table, I go back to the kitchen and grab the sides for the dinner. I sit down and wait for Taylor before I touch anything.

A moment later, she comes out with the loaf and sits down. We start to set the food on our plates and being to eat.

A little but into the meal she asks, "How was practice today?"

"Good, stressful, but tolerable. I can't wait until it's over. I can't stand not being a lead," I say complaining.

"You're taking it well though," she comments.

"Yeah, it's just so frustrating. Half the chorus can't dance and the other half can't sing themselves out of a paper bag. Sometimes I feel like the only person in that group that has talent."

"Well there's always the next show. You'll defiantly get something," she says comforting me.

"I just don't get how Ryan can get a lead in his first real audition."

"You're both doing West Side Story. There are a ton of male roles and three significant female roles and half of them are Puerto Rican."

"That's true," I say going back to the meal.

"Gabriella called today," she says trying to act nonchalantly about changing the subect, but I know better.

If there is one person I wish she didn't still talk to from high school, it's her. No matter how much I try to like her I can't, but whatever I'll deal, "What did she say?"

"Her and Troy are coming up in few weeks with Chad and Ryan," she says in-between bites. She knows this is bad news for me.

"Are you serious?" I ask. I knew Ryan was coming and I expect him to bring Chad, but Troy and Gabriella? That's just too much.

"Yeah. I only got to see her for a few days after graduation and that was almost a year ago. Can you just be nice to her while she's here? I know you hate her, but she's my best friend. Can you please just do this for me?"

"Fine, but only her, Bolton is another thing."

"That's good enough as long as you don't do anything too 'forward'."

"I can agree to that," I'll only do things like this for her, "Anyways, how is the job search going?"

"Horrible, I had another interview today, but they said I'm 'Not what they are looking for.' whatever that means. I think I'm just going to get my teaching certification. There's not much you can do with a chemistry degree," she sighs, "Then maybe I'll get decent job."

We finish eating while making simple conversation. After dinner, I clean the table as she does the dishes like always. Once everything was clean, we settle in front of the television to find something to watch.

I grab the remote as she snuggles up next to me. I turn the TV Guide Channel and we both watch it for a moment.

"How about "Law and Order?" she asks as the beginning of the channels reappear.

"I don't know. Let's just wait for all the channels. I like to see all our options."

"Okay that's fine, but we always end up watching that because there is nothing else ever on," she states back.

"But maybe something changed from last week," I say looking for some hope.

We watch it until it starts to repeat and nothing was different from usual. I slowly press the buttons for the channel that "Law and Order" is on and ignore the smile that is on Taylor's face.

We sit watching the show. It's a rerun and we both have seen it, but we always watch it.

During the first commercial break, I remember the gift, "How about you open your present now?" I ask ever so innocently.

"I guess you have waited long," she says walking over to where the gift was sitting. She opens the side of the box slowly. She knows this kills me. she removes the paper and finally realizes what I got her," You got me a toaster?" she questions.

Yes," I say proudly, "I remember you complaining about how yours was dying and you would have to go buy a new one, so I did for you. And I got the same one you had before."

She smiles, but I can tell something is wrong, "This is great. It saves me a trip to the store. I'll go set it up," she says walking into the kitchen area.

I turn my attention back to the TV. I wonder what is wrong with the gift or if it was something else. It couldn't be the gift because it's perfect.

After a while, I hear a loud crash coming from the kitchen. Then I see Taylor standing above a broken plate looking quite upset. Her arms are full of the rest of the dishes we used for dinner. She was probably putting them away because they were dry. I decide to get up and help.

"It's okay. You don't have to help. It was just me being clumsy," she says.

"Yea, but I want to help," I reply taking the dishes in her hands and placing the on the counter.

"I know, but this happens all the time."

"Don't kill yourself over it," I say trying to comfort her, "it's just a plate. I can buy you more tomorrow if you want."

"Sharpay, stop it!" She practically yells.

"What?" I ask unsure of what is the matter.

"I don't like this," she answers sadly.

"What?" I ask again.

"You and me like this. I don't like it," she says falling to the ground.

I could see her eyes getting glassy and it scares me because for all the time we have been together I haven't really seen her cry.

"Tay, I don't understand. Are you breaking up with me?" I ask getting straight to the point. No point in beating around the bush.

"No, it's just…" she starts to say.

But I cut her off, "Then what are you talking about?" I ask even more confused then before.

"We're in a 'funk.' We do pretty much the same things every day. "

'What's the problem with that?"

"We're my parents, no my grandparents. Minus of course the whole lesbian and living in the city with her girlfriend thing," she said mostly to herself, "My grandfather even bought her a microwave for their fiftieth anniversary."

"So we're completely committed, what's the problem with it?"

"There's no passion in it and without passion we're just like really close friends or sisters," she says making a disgusted face.

"I can see the problem with that now, but what can we do about?"

"I don't know. Add some passion, some fun, some spontaneity. Anything. As long as it's something," she says.

"Okay I have an idea," I start, "How about we play a game?"

"How will that help?"

"It will. Would you rather play this game or go back to watching that rerun of 'Law and Order'?"

"Fine I'll play," she says not sure where I'm going with this.

"First question, would you rather keep the toaster or return it and buy something sexy to wear?"

"I really like the toaster and I need it, but something sexy sounds appealing too," she contemplates.

I give her a look that says just pick one, "come on, think about what you said before."

"Fine the something sexy," she smiles, "My turn," she thinks for a moment, "Would you rather come with me to buy the something sexy or wait for the surprise?"

"I'll go with you. No offense, but you have horrible taste," I say and she hits me playfully, "Would you rather go out to eat with me friday or to see a movie?"

"Can I say both?" she asks.

"No, you have to pick one."

"Okay the movie, but you know that we'll just end up doing both," she stops and thinks for a moment. she also has a shy look on her face that looks like she doesn't want to say what is on her mind, but she does anyways, "Would you rather move in here or me move into your place?"

I take a moment to process what she just said. I'm shocked that she even thought about something like that. She looks at me like there is something wrong and I realize that I should say something, "Move in here, but are you serious?"

"Yes," she stands up and goes to the small Christmas tree she has in the corner and grabs a small gift under it, "I had a feeling you were going to get me something for the holiday, so I had this made for you," she hands it me and sits back down next to me.

"What is it?" I ask.

"I think you might have a clue. Just open it," she insists.

I slowly open the end of the tiny pouch and dump the contents into my hand. It was a key, "Is this to your apartment?" I ask.

"Yes and if you want that would make it 'our' apartment."

"But I thought you didn't want to live together?"

"I didn't because I thought we would kill each other, but I think if I'm going to be with you for while I guess we have to get used to living together. Is that a 'yes'?"

Are you kidding me? Yes, Absolutely," I say then throw my arms around her and kiss her gently, "It's what I've always wanted."

She kisses me again with the passion that has been absent. She starts to fall back pulling me on top of her when her foot hits a piece of the plate. I hear it and laugh. She stops and asks, "What?"

"Don't you thing you should clean that up?"

She grins and asks, "Would you rather stay here and make-out or help clean up that plate?"

I push her down all the way, "Do I even have to answer that," then kiss her. It's turning out to be a good Kwanzaa.

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