A New Beginning

In a land far, far away called Fatherna, a beautiful and magical kingdom, lived a handsome king named King Martin and a beautiful queen named Queen Ianna. They lived happily until the evil sorcerer, Kingpin and the Tekans, a dark, evil men of Kingpin, came from Drakana, the kingdom of darkness. Kingpin plots to kill the queen, who bears the heroes who will destroy all the living things and objects in the kingdom of Drakana. But instead of the queen who is exiled, it was the king. He died of protecting his family. "MARTIN!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!" Queen Ianna shouted, "you'll pay for this!!!". "Let's go, Tekans!! Go! Go! Go!" Kingpin commanded. Woosh! A black smoke appeared from nowhere to fetch Kingpin and the Tekans. Queen Ianna suffered for many days because of King Martin's death. After two weeks, she accepted it. Nine months later, Queen Ianna gave birth to her babies. Princess of Fire, Annia, Prince of Air, Jake, Prince of Earth, Rex, Prince of Water, Apollo and the Prince of Lightning, Jesse. Meanwhile at Drakana. "NOOO!!!!!! I should've manage to kill that queen a long time ago! And it's the king's fault!!" Kingpin shouted to the enchanted water seeker, a magic mirror-like to see a particular person or thing you want to spy on. "Father, why did you kill the king??!!" Scott, the prince of Drakana, a thin man, asked. "Weren't you listening??!!" Janna, the princess of Drakana, a beautiful girl, asked so angry. "I was listening! Duh!!" Scott replied. "WILL YOU SHUT UP YOU TWO OR YOU WILL BE PUNISHED!!" Kingpin shouted. At Fatherna. "SERVANA!!!" Queen Ianna shouted. "Servana is the loyal servant of the royal family. "Yes, yourhighness?" Servana asked.