Johnson Farm

He walked into the bar strung out from the road. His hair looked wind blown and he walked like he had just gotten off of a horse riding across country. He wore a leather jacket and a pair of ratty jeans. A plain t-shirt and a button up shirt open to display the black t-shirt underneath. A strange medallion hung around his neck. Some sort of head with horns on it. She watched the man walk over to the bar. There was something in the way that he walked that caught her eye and made her stare at him. He pulled up a bar stool and leaned on his elbows on the bar. His hazel/green eyes looked up into hers and she about lost all train of thought.

Ruby: "What can I get for you?"

She wiped the bar absently in front of him while he decided what to drink. She felt him check her out briefly with an approving silent nod to himself.

Dean: "I'll have a beer."

She gets a clean mug and his eyes are now checking out her ass. She fills the mug and sets it in front of him.

Ruby: "You're new around here. I know all my regulars."

Dean: "Guilty as charged. I'm from out of town. I'm actually looking for my brother, Sam. Has anyone been looking for me or asking for me?"

Ruby: "No. I can't say they have. No messages back here either. You're my first customer of the night."

Dean: "Just like Sam. He's running late."

Ruby: "Must be. I'd remember if I'd seen another version of you walking around."

She takes this opportunity to check him out and smiles.

Ruby: "See anything else you want, honey?"

He smiled his cocky smile and leans forward enjoying the fact that her ample cleavage is showing and she's making a point to lean forward more for him to look.

Dean: "Oh, I'm sure the asking price is pretty high in this town. I'll just stick to the beer."

Ruby: "There's no charge. It's a beautiful, natural thing, Dean. The attraction between a sexy man and a hot female. Besides, if I were a whore, I wouldn't take the time to flirt first."

Dean: "Good because I don't pay for sex. I have my standards I follow."

Ruby: "I like you already. What did you say your name was?"

Dean: "I'm Dean Winchester."

Ruby: "Winchester. Like the rifle."

Dean: "That's right. A girl who knows her weapons. That's always good."

Ruby: "I know how to shoot one too. It's nice to find a decent man among all these assholes in here."

Dean: "I'm glad I could walk in."

At this point, another man comes into the bar. Taller then Dean with longer brown hair and looking a little more kept. He had hazel eyes that were softer then Deans and a more childish look to his face. He brushes his hair out of his face and comes to take a seat next to Dean at the bar.

Ruby: "You must be Sam."

Sam: "Yes. That's me."

Ruby: "I'm Ruby. What can I get for you, Sam?"

Sam: "I'll have a beer."

She goes to get him a mug.

Sam: "I tried calling you."

Dean: "Yeah. Cell reception in here sucks ass. I never even heard it ring."

Ruby sets Sam's beer in front of him.

Sam: "Let me take a guess. You already got her number."

Dean: "No, but I was working on that when you decided to crash my party and start talking about work."

Ruby: "About that arrangement we were discussing. Does your brother come with the deal?"

She eyes Sam up and down like she likes what she sees. Sam about chokes on his beer but manages to smile a polite smile.

Dean: "Oh God, no. I'm not even going there."

Sam: "No. Dean takes care of his own arrangements. I had a bad experience already."

He shook off the distant memory of walking in on Dean and the Double mint Twins.

Ruby: "Oh come on, Sam. It could loosen you up a bit. You're so tense around women flirting with you."

Dean laughs at the awkward look on Sam's face.

Dean: "Sam handles his own arrangements without my help."

Sam: "Are we forgetting the case we're working on here?"

Dean: "No, but we are allowed to have some fun."

Ruby: "I knew it. You're both cops. What case would you be talking about, Sam?"

Sam: "More like investigators."

Ruby: "This is about those two tourists that vanished off Highway 66, isn't it."

Dean: "How did you know about that?"

Ruby: "Local cops have been all over this case trying to figure out what the hell happened. They were in here asking me questions and showing me pictures. I told them I'd never seen them come into this bar. Which is true."

Sam: "What do they think happened to them?"

Ruby: "Well, supposedly this couple were having car problems and the man pulled over on the side of the Highway to check it out. The woman stayed inside cuz it was cold and she was scared and let him take care of the problem with the engine. Supposedly, the woman saw a dark figure come out of the woods and it grabbed the man and drug him off into the woods. She called 911 hysterical. By the time the cops got out there, she was gone and the car was there abandoned.

Dean: "Any leads?"

Ruby: "They're saying it was a bear attack and the bear came back for her next. What bear do you know that has already eaten a full grown man, is going to come back for the woman for seconds? It sounds hoaky if you ask me."

Sam: "What's your theory?"

Ruby: "The husband is an idiot for leaving his wife alone in a car in the middle nowhere. I think he got what he deserved. They should've called for help first. Then maybe the bear never would've gotten either one of them. If you ask me, it was another human or something like a human."

Sam: "What do you mean, something like a human? You think it was supernatural."

Ruby: "Oh yeah. I believe that it was totally supernatural. What human is going to walk up the side of the Highway and prey on motorists? First of all, bears don't just chill out on the side of Highway 66. Go drive out there some time. It's not exactly accessible to the animals. A few dead dear end up there, but that's to be expected around here. Second, a bear is not going to just walk up and attack a human unless the human is threatening their territory, food or cubs. Highway 66 is a well known haunted place. There's a lot of local legends about that particular stretch of highway. I wouldn't be surprised if it was a human, but I believe differently."

Dean: "Share one of these legends with us. We're not familiar with this town and every town has a different legend."

Ruby: "You want me to tell you ghost stories? You must be bored."

Sam: "We've got some time to kill before we need to be anywhere."

Ruby: "You're investigators. You've heard the stories about people vanishing into cars off Highway 66. Phantom Hitchhikers supposedly seen getting into cars and a few miles up the road, the car will crash and the driver is killed. No passanger ever found."

Dean looks over at Sam with a "She knows her stuff" look on his face.

Ruby: " How about The Woman in White folklore? I'm sure you've heard about the woman in white seaking out married men or cheating boyfriends on the side of the road and killing them before she can be taken home."

Sam and Dean share a "If you only knew sister" look between themselves.

Ruby: "I'm sure your desk is full of cases of missing relatives last seen traveling down that particular stretch of road and in this town."

Dean: "We have many missing persons cases. Not just from this town or Highway 66. There are many different stories and legends. We're looking for the facts. I just want to hear your personal favorite. Maybe something you share can help us find out what happened to those tourists for real."

Ruby: "Whatever helps you out."

She gets them a refill on their beer.

Ruby: "OK. There's a farm house off Highway 66 approximately 20 miles from here. The Johnson family lived on that farm and worked that farm for 30 years. Mrs. Johnson had 8 kids and Mr. Johnson had 2 kids from a previous marriage. So, grand total of 10 kids living and working on this farm. It's a gorgeous piece of property and probably worth millions of dollars to whoever buys the land. Problem is, it's cursed."

Sam: "Cursed farm land?"

Dean and Sam share another look of understanding. Knowing now what the next move is in finding answers to the strange deaths.

Ruby: "Yeah I know. Sounds ridiculous to me too except I live next to the Johnson Farm and I've seen strange things happen on that land and in that particular farm house. So, I believe it from first hand experience. Any family that has ever bought this farm house or tried to farm on this property has had a tragic death. The crops eventually all go dry and die. The animals die from strange diseases and there are freak accidents all the time by and on that property."

Dean "So, what's the deal with the curse? Mr. Johnson piss off the wrong people at the wrong time or something."

Ruby: "They say the farm was built on abandon Indian land and when the Indians were forced out and onto reservations, there was a curse put on the property that no white man would ever prosper from the land and so far it's been pretty accurate. Only nature grows on that property. There's beautiful trees and a beautiful front and back yard. It's absolutly gorgeous for cursed property."

Dean: "Sounds to me like we're gonna need to go take a look at the old Johnson Farm."

Sam: "Yeah. I think so. Maybe that's where the tourists are at."

Ruby: "Anyway, to make a long story short. The property is cursed and no white man will ever prosper from the gorgeous land. The Johnson family met a tragic death. The mother died from cancer. Her kids all died from different types of cancer and Lukimia. Old man Johnson tried to leave the farm one night and was last seen running along Highway 66 trying to get help for his dying family cuz he couldn't understand medically what was happening to them all."