Ruby: "I'd have to analyze these further with better equipment, but I have an idea. I happen to have a small digital camera with me."

She takes the camera out of her purse.

Ruby: "If we recreate the photo as it was taken back then, maybe we can catch the same oddity. If that's the case, it was defenatly the flash or a reflection off the windows. If not, there's a reason Old Man Johnson wants us to notice it."

She takes a couple pictures of Sam and Dean from different angles in the exact spot the family portrait was taken. She does the same thing with a panoramic picture of the orchard and standing on the back porch. All three from the angle the oddities were captured in the original pictures.

Ruby: "I have a slight sun glare off the back porch, but the others turned out pretty much the exact same. So, I'd say we have a good chance of figuring this out."

Dean: "Let's go see why Old Man Johnson is still hanging around upstairs. His spirit has to be attached to an object up there or there is something of his body still up there."

Ruby: "Ewe. That sounds disturbing."

Dean: "Welcome to our side of the job."

Ruby: "It could be residual. He's just recreating what he's done every day of his life and he died here in this house.."

Sam: "Maybe. But, he was interacting with us. So he's trying to make a point of some kind. What if he wants to join his family and the object is keeping him bound here? He's just living out his last days."

Dean: "Wow. You two really belong together. Are we done with the Ghost Whispering?"

Ruby: "Sam is right. There's a message he is trying to give someone. Some sort of warning."

Dean: "Yeah. Some freak killed him and the freak is haunting his property. Our job is to get rid of the evil spirit. We don't do cross overs or unsolved mystries."

There is a loud crash like something falling upstairs.

Ruby: "What the hell?"

Dean: "That's not Johnson."

Sam: "I'd say that was defenatly human sounding."

They head upstairs ready to attack the intruder and find nothing but a bowling ball rolling down the hall. An old closet stood open and the contents are all over the hall way.

Sam: "What the hell does an old bowling ball have to do with anything?"

Dean: "Great. Now we've become Scooby Doo. Dude, it fell off a shelf."

Ruby: "If you want to be a dog. I'd say your more like Fred and he's Shaggy because of the hair."

Dean: "Well, thank you."

Ruby: "Anytime."

Sam clears his throat.

Sam: "You say he died in the house, right?"

Ruby: "Yeah. His body was found up here."

Sam: "We know from killing malevoilent spirits that there has to be something with their DNA holding them to a place."

Dean: "Yeah. What's the point, Sam?"

Sam: "The point is a bowling ball would have DNA inside the finger holes."

Dean: "Not everyone puts their fingers in the hole. Professionals throw the ball wearing gloves."

Sam: "Gloves would have DNA in them and most gloves are in bowling bags."

Ruby: "His body was creamated. His remains were scattered at sea."

Sam: "It's worth a try."

He finds an old bowling bag in the closet and puts the ball in it. A pair of dusty bowling gloves falls out at his feet.

Dean: "God, I'm never telling anyone about this job. This is embarrassing."

Sam: "These aren't old man Johnsons. The have the intials H.R.S on them. What was your Gran's husband's name?"

Ruby: "Henry. Henry Sampson."

Dean: "The tag on this bag says Henry Raymond Sampson. H R S. His brother gave him his old bowling bag and gloves.

Ruby: "My Gran knew what happened to Old Man Johnson. That's why Henry was killed fixing the lights in this house. Henry was responsible for Old Man Johnson somehow."

Dean: "He played a part in his demise anyway and your Gran is the connection between both dead men."

Ruby: "Don't go all CSI on my Gran now. She has to know the history of the property in order to sell it to a tenant. They do their own research. They know all about the curse and the story of the Johnsonville Cherry Farm."

Dean: "Why kills your brother and his family and blame it on some Amnyville Horror House story?"

Sam: "To cover up your part in the actual murder. He'd inherite the farm and the money from the cherry farm. So, Old Man Johnson fixed it where he wouldn't get either."

Dean: "Well, I'm so glad we could clear that up. Where's the freaken bad guy we're supposed to get rid of? There was defenatly something in that cave."

Sam: "Then our part is outside."