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Summary : Naruto made a bet with Kiba, and had to wear girls' uniform in order to find out a certain Uchiha's true sexuality. This is a YAOI fic. No homophobes and flames, please! You've been warned!

Warning : BoyxBoy relationship, hand-job, groping, and beta'd.

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Chapter 1 : The Bet and A Sudden Realization

Naruto was lost in a deep abyss of confusion.

And all because of one harmless bet.

He made a bet with Kiba a week ago. It was just a simple bet, really, a REALLY simple bet. Yeah that's it. Except for the fact it completely, utterly, totally, went wrong for Naruto. And all had turned to chaos, and I say chaos.


A week ago

Naruto Uzumaki and Kiba Inuzuka were bored in P.E., because Guy was busy with his usual YOUTH-freakiness speech to his one and only loyal student who was willing to listen, Lee.

"Hey, let's make a bet." The dog-lover suddenly said, finally having enough of his boredom.

The blonde who sat beside him, turned his face to him. "Okay, what?" he replied with a mischievous look on his face.

Kiba brought his gaze to travel around the field, to find a perfect prey for their next wicked plan. They had pranked Shino, Sakura, Ino, Shikamaru, Chouji, and almost all of their classmates, it won't be fun if they place another on the same person… it had to be someone they had yet to prank, and it had to be a really hard one too.

And his eyes stopped, and locked on one person.

Naruto turned his gaze to where Kiba's went, his eyes grew slightly wide when he recognized the person. A raven-haired haired boy, poised casually with his back pressed against the wall, arms crossed, and he was surrounded by a group of persistent girls. Naruto was very familiar with his onyx eyes, smooth pale skin, and that annoying arrogant face…

His biggest enemy of his life, Sasuke Uchiha.

Naruto hissed angrily just by the sight of him, the freaking bastard, the prodigy of their class, the biggest rival of getting Sakura's attention (just you, Naruto, just you)… Kiba, who had been watching his best friend's behavior, grinned mischievously.

"Easy there, fox. We can't do anything yet, or it'll ruin the fun." The said fox brought his gaze toward the dog-lover, and blinked in confusion.

"You mean… he is?" and a wide grin plastered on the other boy's as his reply.

Unknown to what would happen, he grinned back, as his blue eyes glimmered in amusement.

"I'm in."


The next day was Friday, and as usual, Kiba went to Naruto's house to hang-out with the blonde, also to discuss their plans. Just in case, he brought some magazines with him, and a mysterious bag, all for the success of this prank.

"Why did ya bring that?" Asked the slightly confused blonde when he saw the magazines scattered all over the floor, opened, and Kiba busy reading one of them.

They were in Naruto's room, they usually play PS2 if they weren't going out. Iruka had a date tonight, so the house was empty, and Kiba planned to have a sleep-over at Naruto's. Again, this was a routine activity.

The said dog-lover grinned. "I'm researching on homosexual behavior." And the statement made Naruto swallow the gum he was chewing a while ago.

Almost choking to death, his hand held his throat, while the other swung desperately in the air, toward the shocked Kiba. His face turned from red to blue and to purple, from the lack of air which was caused by the gum that attached to his lungs.

"Gah! Naruto!" The panicked Kiba shouted, as he quickly went behind Naruto, used his hand and slammed on the blonde's back, trying to get him spit out the gum. After a moment of the near death situation, the blonde finally could spit out the gum.

Panting heavily, he turned his body around and punched Kiba right on his cheek, causing the other boy to fly backwards. "Hey! What the hell was that for!?" shouted Kiba as he rubbed his swollen cheek.

"You dumbass!! You could've killed me!! What the heck with that 'gay' thing? Aren't we supposed to find a way to insult Sasuke-bastard!? And all you did was research on that sick topic! And almost make me die young!" he shouted breathlessly, hand still caressing his throat.

Kiba brought his body to sit, and growled. "You idiot! That's exactly why I'm researching about it! It's all for the sake of our plan!"

"Huh?" Naruto tilted his head in confusion, obviously not catching the meaning.

Kiba sighed. "Listen, don't you notice something's wrong about the emo bastard?" he whispered in a low voice, and Naruto went closer to him, so he could hear more, curious.

"You mean?"

Kiba leaned his body forward, and their heads were close. "You know… he got a whole fanclub of his own, with ninety percent of the girl population of our school as the members… but don't you notice that he never has any… interest in them?"

Naruto thought of it for a moment. Well… he has never seen Sasuke with even a single girl… much less dating one. And the fact that Sasuke didn't care about Sakura's advances on him, really made Naruto's blood boil. How come he couldn't understand the charms of the pretty pink haired girl? Naruto would do anything to get her to notice him, but of course, he failed. Miserably.

"Yeah, I think that's true…" murmured Naruto.

Kiba somehow got a little enthusiastic, "Don't you think that he might be a GAY?"

Naruto's body suddenly jerked, eyes widened. "NO fucking WAY!" he shouted in disbelief.

"Of course it's WAY, Naruto! That's why we have to find out whether it's true or not!" Kiba shouted back, and Naruto blinked.

"Err… your point is?" he asked, the information was too much for his brain to register, it seemed.

Kiba sighed at the blonde's thick headed-ness. "We are going to bet, whether the bastard is straight or a gay, understand?" and something struck the blonde's brain.

"Oh!" his brain finally registered Kiba's words. "Glad you understand, so, I'm going to bet that he is gay."

Naruto frowned, "Nah, he's straight, I'm sure!"

Kiba rolled his eyes, "Whatever. Anyway, because I bet that he is GAY, then you should be the one to wear this. To prove your theory." Kiba grabbed his bag, and pulled something from it, then showed it in front of Naruto's face.

Naruto was dumbfounded. And his mouth gaping. "Wh-wh—" he stuttered, and Kiba grinned widely.

"I AM NOT WEARING THAT!!" Naruto screamed in horror as he stood up, a finger point at the 'thing' Kiba showed to him.

"Oh? You scared?" yes, as his best friend since middle school, Kiba knew Naruto very well. That he, was a very easy person to provoke.

Glaring, Naruto's face reddened in anger, he fetched the 'thing' from Kiba's hand, and shouted, "I AM NOT SCARED!! Naruto Uzumaki does not fear anything!!! I'll wear the Goddamn thing!"


Kiba smirked wider.


Ever since Naruto stepped out of his house, people along the road had been staring at him. With odd looks plastered on their faces, the same question seemed to occupy their minds. At first, it was perfectly fine for the blonde, since he didn't know them and they didn't know him. So, the embarrassment was not that much.

Until he arrived in front of the school gate.

Pairs of eyes staring at him as he walked, their intense gazes formed countless of daggers, stabbing his whole body. And uncomfortable whispers had been exchange to each other since then, burning his ears. Well, his face already flushed much worse than boiled crab… Unable to hold it much longer, Naruto dashed madly.

He knew he was going to die of embarrassment.

When he finally arrived in the class, as expected, all eyes locked on him. Jaws dropped, eyes widened, mouths gaping. Yeah. Even Sasuke, who was annoyed by the persistent pink haired girl a while ago, was very shocked to see the blonde's features. Except for Kiba, who was trying to restrain his laughter.

"What. The. Hell. Is. Going. On?" asked one of his classmates.

"Err… It's a dare?" Naruto laughed sheepishly, and in an instant, all the people in the classroom burst out in loud chatters, whether laughing or swearing. And Naruto's face, if possible, grew even darker. To a complete crimson.

"So that's why you're wearing a SKIRT!?" shouted Chouji between his laughter.

Yes, Naruto wore the girl's sailor uniform. The blue wide collar swung in the air every time he walked, a red ribbon hung on his upper chest, the shirt was too short, it could only reach to his waist, if he bent down, the shirt would surely go with his arched back and show his flawless waist and stomach. And the navy blue skirt, everyone knew it was way too short, and so freaking frilly. It could barely hide his thighs, it caused the impertinent wind to blow his private area.

And he even wore panties.

I wanna die… Naruto cried in his mind, why the heck did he agree on wearing this bloody skirt!? Oh yes, because a certain –freaking- dog-lover would mock him as a coward, if he refused to do it.



"So, Naruto. Here's the plan." Kiba whispered in a low voice, so no one else could hear it.

The fuming blonde kept mumbling curses under his breath, face flushed from much humiliation and mockery he felt and received from a lot of people. He pouted cutely with that adorable face. The Inuzuka almost couldn't differ him from a real girl at this kind of situation.

"You know, Naruto. I think you got what it takes to be a girl after all. To be honest, you're really cute with that outfit, and you act like one." And he received a deadly punch up his chin.

"Shut up!! You say that again, and I'll fry Akamaru!" he threatened, and the statement shut the Inuzuka up.

"Okay, okay. Back to the topic." He said after Naruto cooled down. "To prove whether the bastard is a gay or not… you have to seduce him, and see his reaction."

Naruto's body froze at the statement. Eyes widened, and a sudden awkward silence lingered between them. Kiba knew that Naruto's brain was trying to register his words. The retarded thing.

And it clicked.

"Me… seduce him!?" Naruto shouted in whisper, as he stood up. It was a good thing that the teacher was absent, and the whole class was minding their own business.

Kiba grinned widely, "Yeah. You. Seduce. Sasuke Uchiha."

Before the blonde exploded, Kiba added, "What? Are you… scared? Of Sasuke?" he teased, knowing full well of the effect of his words.


Kiba was very glad to have such an idiotic friend.

Because that what makes his days interesting.

However, unknown to them, a certain Uchiha had been staring at the two, and his onyx eyes locked on the dead last of the class.


The bell had rang, it was the signal for the students to go home.

And this was a chance to find out Sasuke's true sexuality, since no one will watch. "Good luck!" Kiba whispered to him, before he took off, laughing the whole damn while. Naruto noted in his mind, to kill the dog-lover after this bet was settled.

The others had gone, only two people still remained in the class; Sasuke and Naruto. It was a perfect chance to do the job, the Uchiha was one of the student council member, so he often returned to the class late.

Naruto gulped hard, as he turned his gaze toward the raven. It was like a slow motion; Sasuke's movement was so delicate, the way he put his books into his bag, the way his eyes narrowed while he looked down to his bag, and how the… the ghostly hand moved…

Naruto gulped again.

When he realized what he was thinking, he shook his head to drive the thoughts away. "Sa-Sasuke…" he called softly, uncertain.

But the raven kept silent.

The blonde was wondering if Sasuke couldn't hear him because of the distance between them. Thus, he walked to approach the silent teen. His mind kept thinking, Sasuke is not gay, he isn't! I'm sure, so it'll be fine, Naruto! Just get over with it, and then go straight home! …and I'll tell Kiba that I won the bet, and make him my slave for a whole month! He thought as he walked.

Not gay, not gay, Sasuke is not gay… he chanted repeatedly like mantra.

"Sa-Sasuke-kun…" he began his attempt of seduction, using a very woman-like attitude, he gracefully approached the raven from behind.

His hand gently made its way to the raven's shoulder, he felt Sasuke tense up when his fingers brush his shoulder. Wh-? "Sasuke-kun…" he purred gently as his other hand also began ghosting on Sasuke's side, which earned a soft moan from the older boy. Naruto stiffened.

It wasn't just his imagination… Sasuke was enjoying his touches!

Curious, Naruto wanted to elicit another reaction from the usually stoic boy. He slowly, but seductively, trailed his hand to the raven's sides, one moving to his stomach, while the other on the clothed chest. He could feel the firm muscles of Sasuke's chest, and the washboard abs of his lower part, as he embraced the older boy from behind.

There was a short silence then.

"Ne… Sasuke-kun… do you like me?" he asked, his mind somehow had gotten blurry, and he wanted to get it finished quickly. The reason was, because he felt that his own heart thumped loudly and violently, which he didn't know why.

The said raven boy grabbed Naruto's arms, and yanked them off his body. For a moment, Naruto sighed in relief when he thought Sasuke wasn't a gay as he had expected, until…

Sasuke then swirled his body around to face the blonde, a smirk plastered on his face, with strange glint inside those onyx orbs. It sent chills up Naruto's spine.

"So… you like me, dobe?" he whispered huskily near Naruto's ear, making the younger boy shudder. Before the blonde could answer, he was turned around by the Uchiha, so now his back was against the desk. "Wh-!" he had no time to answer as he was being pinned on the table, with his hands over his head.

"You wore this outfit to seduce me, huh? I didn't know that you're into this kind of stuff…" the Uchiha over him whispered, and Naruto could feel something moist brushing his earlobe, sucking gently.

Naruto began to panic, he tried to move his hand to release himself, but it was a vain. "W-wait, S-Sasuke, I can explain this, it's just a—Hmmph!" he was silenced by the raven's lips, caging him in a searing kiss.

The kiss was gentle at first, but soon grew fiercer and forceful as Sasuke noticed that Naruto was no longer struggling, but tried to keep his lips clamped shut, refusing to return the kiss. Growling angrily into the kiss, Sasuke bit down the blonde's lower lip. In attempt to say, 'Ouch! That hurts!' Naruto got a moist tongue in his cavern instead.

The forceful tongue traveled in his hot mouth, tasting every bit of the wonderful taste of him. It tasted like ramen, miso ramen, the ramen Naruto always ate for lunch as long as Sasuke could remember. And he always wondered whether Naruto became a dead-last because of it. He sucked on Naruto's tongue, coaxing moans from the blonde, the pleasurable ones.

He smirked into the kiss, then pulled away. Seeing the blonde's eyes were half-lidded, his breaths were short, lips bruised from his abuse, and the sight was so beautiful to Sasuke. "Do you like it, dobe?" he teased, he knew the dobe obviously liked the kiss.

Blushing madly, Naruto's eyes snapped opened. "No! What the hell are you doing, you bastard!? You aren't gay! You're not supposed to be!"

Sasuke cocked an eyebrow, "Who said I wasn't?"

"I di—" wait a minute… Naruto had just come to realize that there wasn't any proof that Sasuke was straight from the beginning, Kiba obviously had said that Sasuke was definitely gay, his un-interested behavior with girls was clearly suspicious…

Naruto suddenly realized the situation he got into.

He stared up at Sasuke, he laughed sheepishly, "Eheheh… Err… I did? C-can you let go of me now? This is just a mistake!" he begged, as he began to feel a little scared.

Sasuke smirked evilly. "Why should I? You offered yourself to me, and I have been waiting for this moment for too long." And he leaned down to sink his teeth into Naruto's neck.

Naruto arched his back at the pain he felt on his throat, groaning all the while Sasuke resumed sucking and biting on the smooth skin, leaving a red mark of his own. Naruto jerked up violently with wide eyes when he felt a hand was on… on his freaking thigh!

"S-Sasuke! S-sto—aahhh… nnnnnggghhh!" he moaned out, as Sasuke had his hand underneath his skirt, and cupped his crotch roughly, and began to jerk his clothed manhood, gradually hardening the shaft underneath the panties. Naruto's breathing hitched, and endless moans came out of his mouth.

The Uchiha watched the writhing blonde as he kept moaning and moaning, looking so damn fuckable, the sight had made him hard. He pulled his hand away, and Naruto unconsciously let out a groan of displeasure. "Sshh…" Sasuke whispered near his ear.

Naruto's eyes snapped wide when he heard a sound of cloth being ripped, looking down with horror, he soon found that Sasuke had ripped his panties, leaving his lower part covered with nothing but a skirt. "You bastard!! Why did you tear that!?" he protested.

"Because it's in the way." Sasuke stated simply, Naruto gasped when he felt a hand had gathered his hard shaft, and began pumping it.

Out of fear someone might hear them (why didn't you realize it sooner?), Sasuke muffled the blonde's screams with his mouth, while his hand was busy pleasuring the blonde's southern region. With Sasuke's tongue down his throat, Naruto could hardly make a sound.

Naruto felt he was close to his completion, and soon he did, spraying hard into Sasuke's hand, he let out a scream into the kiss. Sasuke pulled away, with his cum-slicked hand he left Naruto's limp member. The blonde laid on the desk, panting heavily. His sailor uniform wrinkled disorderly, his body had run out of energy, his legs spread wide, while semen spilt on his skirt, desk, and some tainted the floor. The ripped panties were underneath the desk, forgotten.

Sasuke licked away the cum from his hand, an obvious smug smirk plastered on his graceful face. He leaned down, and gave Naruto another gentle kiss, and pulled away after a while.

"I'm glad you enjoyed that… dobe." He said as he grabbed his bag, and began to walk away, leaving the still bewildered boy.

After Naruto had finally come to his senses, he brought his body to sit on the desk. Dazed. He looked down to see his own semen still there, between his spreaded legs, and wrinkled skirt. And reality hit him.

What. The. Fuck.

Oh my God!! Sasuke is gay!! His mind screamed as he clenched his head, the memories of him, being jerked off by his rival crossed his mind, again, and again. Sasuke Uchiha, had given him a hand-job, and he himself had said that he is gay.

He bent his head down, he sighed. "I lost the bet…"

But something much more important thoughts crossed his mind, and Naruto couldn't drive it away, no matter how hard he tried. The feeling of Sasuke's lips pressed his, touching him… how he was able to make Naruto felt so many emotions at the same time…

Naruto couldn't help but to ask himself;

"Am I gay…?"

Because he definitely enjoyed it.


To be continued!

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