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Chapter 7 : A Challenge?

Day 3


The said boy swirled his face to the person who had called him. "Yeah, Naruto? What's up?" He responded radiantly, with a big, wide, toothy, and extremely bright (and clearly unnatural) grin.

"What exactly are we doing here again?" Naruto asked demandingly, arms crossed and index finger tapping at the long sleeve, seemed pissed.

"Well, nothing!" Kiba answered dryly, hands in akimbo. Naruto raised a blond eyebrow. "If we're doing nothing, then let's just—"

"N-no!" Kiba cut him off hastily, causing the blonde to raise another eyebrow and stared at him with weird looks. "I-I mean, can't you see the beautiful scenery around? See the blue sky above? That's it! We're here to enjoy ourselves!" Kiba crowed cheerfully, scratching the back of his head.

Naruto's raised eyebrows suddenly twitched, lowered, and came together. "What?"

"Yeah! Look at the running water, Naruto! Doesn't it look beautiful? The steady flow, the color – wait, water doesn't have color…"

"Kiba." Naruto interrupted Kiba's sweet praises of hippy-talk. "I seriously don't understand what the hell you are talking about."

"But, mate! Come on, let's take a deep breath, and enjoy!" Kiba extended his arms and inhaled deeply.

"No." Naruto pressed two digits against his forehead, and inhaled deeply, before he exploded. "For god's sake, Kiba! What the hell are you talking about!? There's nothing to see here! This place smells like shit!" Naruto suddenly erupted, casting the other boy an incredulous look.

"Because, if you haven't notice yet, we're in a freakin' toilet!!"

Kiba froze.

Naruto sighed deeply. "Seriously, Kiba, what's wrong with you today? You've been acting really weird…" The blonde muttered, tilting his head to side confusedly.

Kiba, in the other hand, remained silent, unlike his usual loud nature. Actually, the question wasn't 'what', it was more fitting to 'who' caused the dog lover to act like this, hiding in the male toilet like a frightened little puppy…

Ah, 'frightened little puppy' does fit to describe his current situation.

What happened last night was nothing but a dream.

Was what the Inuzuka had mused in his little head this morning, trying ever so desperately to drive away the unnecessary memories. The moment he woke up this morning, he had thought all of it was just a really, really ridiculous dream consisting a stoic, cold bastard named Neji Hyuuga, who's Hinata's older cousin, and one of the most asexual being in the school, was hitting on him in a dark, locked storage. In the matter of fact, actually, almost raped him. Ha-ha, crazy dream, right?

Until he saw it.

A big, ugly, swollen, and completely unexplained bright red bruise spotted right on the bridge between his neck and left shoulder blade, and a perfect statued reflection of his thoroughly startled, shocked, and horrified self in the mirror. Dazed.

Kiba had found himself dead on his feet.

To put it simple, because he had (ironically) fully realized that what happened last night certainly wasn't a dream… Kiba was frightened beyond belief, and decided to lock himself and hide in the toilet. Away from Neji. And his gayness. Safe. Hallelujah.

"...Kiba, I think we really should go outside, now, breakfast gonna finished if we don't hurry-" Naruto uttered, raising his eyebrows as Kiba suddenly stiffened, paled, flinched, and finally squeaked a loud; "NO!" with a look on his face as if he just saw a grim reaper.

"Okay…?" Naruto muttered, eying at Kiba curiously, as the Inuzuka began to fidget uncomfortably.

"I-I mean, I'm not hungry! S-so, I'm here to… to… uh, take a shower! Yeah, I'll take a shower first! Then I'll go right away! No worries!" And he laughed sheepishly.

"Kiba… you can't shower in the toilet… and I thought you already took-"

"S-so!? I'm gonna return to my room, and take a shower!" Yes! Kiba mused joyfully, revering to the brilliant idea, but when he was just about to leave in a jolt motion, Naruto suddenly jumped onto his track, blocking the entrance.

"No, Kiba." He muttered. "I don't think you're okay, let's get back to the café and get you something to eat! You'll feel better." Then Naruto grabbed Kiba's arm and began to drag the struggling mutt back to the hotel café, where the rest of their schoolmates were eating their breakfast.

And quite unpleasantly, where Neji was too.


10:06 A.M. - Traveling Bus

Kiba Inuzuka had never known how hell really looked like.

Of course, as a curious kid, he had once imagined it, and in his head 'Hell' must be filled with ugly-looking monsters and lecherous devils, blazing red flames crossing your vision wherever you threw them, and painful shrieks of sinned people being tortured filled the humid space…every terrifying things the Inuzuka could think of.

And now, he wondered whether this was also one of his reflections back then.

And here he was, sitting in the bus, on one of the many, many passenger seats, and from all of those empty ones, he chose to sit beside him. Beside the frightened little Inuzuka. Who might it be, you ask? Neji 'I can see through you' Hyuuga, silly.

Whyohwhyohwhyohwhy… The Inuzuka kept chanting in his head, as he pressed his body harder to the window, trying to make as much space between them as he could.

"What's wrong, Inuzuka?" Asked the Hyuuga prodigy softly, observing bemusedly as Kiba suddenly tensed in an abrupt motion, and two nervous coal eyes slowly cast to him.

"N-nothing!" Kiba quickly replied, shaking his head furiously as he curled up even more.

Chuckling, Neji straightened his pose, but his snowy white eyes still locked on the quivering Inuzuka. "Nothing indeed." He whispered in husky tone, sending shivers down Kiba's spine.

Why, God above? Why have you forsaken me!? Kiba mentally screamed, desperate. Why did he end up sitting with him? Of all the people existed in this bus, why the hell Neji!? Why!? And Naruto had chosen to sit with Sasuke – which had surprised almost all of the school – and abandoned his best friend, with a guy who was trying to rape him the night before!? Didn't you see how he looked at Kiba with those piercing silver eyes of his at the café when the mutt tried to eat his breakfast peacefully, but ended up losing appetite!?

This. Is. Hell.

And one unfortunate Kiba Inuzuka solemnly prayed to the Great God, for the first time in his short life, praying that today he would always be in crowded places so Neji didn't have a chance to molest him, and screw his brain out. But in the middle of his prayer, Kiba paused.

Actually… He mused, face suddenly tinted pink. Neji doesn't look like he's bad in bed…maybe the total opposite… I mean, he got that gorgeous muscular body, although he look weak from the outside, his arms were strong when he gripped me, and he was such a good kisser…and the way he grind against me—

Kiba mentally slapped himself.


"And, uh…why are we here again?" Naruto asked, blue eyes eying oddly at a rather large store in front of him. Huge throngs of student headed to the said store's entrance.

"Don't you know, dobe?" Sasuke muttered behind him, wrapping his arms around the smaller body. "There is going to be a party tonight at the hotel we're staying…" He whispered near the blonde's ear, nibbling slightly.

"Not in public, Sasuke." Naruto hissed, wriggling his body, but Sasuke's arms were tightly wound around his waist, he couldn't move an inch. "So what about it, anyway?"

Sasuke chuckled. "You're such a dobe." He said softly. "We're here to borrow some costume, Naruto, we are invited."

"Oh, so that's why!" Naruto exclaimed, clapping his palms together.

The Uchiha smiled slyly. "Yes, so…" He whispered huskily. "I'm going to choose one for you."

Then Naruto's face suddenly burst red, but it morphed to a pale shade of blue as he realized what Sasuke had intended.

"NO! I'm not letting you, Sasuke Uchiha! I can choose one myself!" He spat resentfully, shaking his head frantically.

"But Naru-chan…" Sasuke teased, pouting. "Don't you want your boyfriend to help you searching for the best?"

"So you can screw me with it again!?" Naruto shrieked. "I don't think so, Sasuke. Do you have any idea how many times you've screwed me while I was still wearing those kinky skirt for your twisted, mind-fucking, selfish obsession!? How many times you've pound into me like a wolf in heat without caring for my poor ass the next morning!? How many times you've made me cum, until I was completely dry!? How many times—Sasuke! Did you listen to me!?" Exclaimed the blonde frantically, glaring at the suddenly quiet Uchiha.

"Fucking—Naruto…" Sasuke suddenly shot up his head, causing Naruto to tense his body up at the sight of mischievous gleams in those exotic onyx eyes.

"Er…Sa-Sasuke-kun?" Naruto hesitantly said, poking him slightly. Then sudden shivers running down his spine as Sasuke's thin lips formed a dangerous predatory smirk.

"Look what you've done, love." Sasuke's gaze pointed to his rapidly bulging southern region, causing Naruto's baby blue eyes widened. Sasuke smiled. "All because of your dirty little mouth…help me get rid of it?"

Naruto gawked. "N-No! I resent that random accusation!! I refuse to!! …SASUKE! Put me down, you lecher perv!! It's embarrassing!! ….Wh - get your hand off my butt!! Not in public, I said!! SASUKE!"

Sasuke chuckled. "You know… I just remembered. If I'm not mistaken, my family's villa is somewhere near this area… why don't we visit a little?" He muttered teasingly, gliding a pale palm across Naruto's clothed buttock.

Naruto's eyes grew ten times wider. "You… you've planned for this! No! Put me down, Sasuke!"

But the raven didn't heed him. "Hmm… they gave us about two hours to choose costumes, right? That's plenty. Perhaps we could play a bit while waiting…" Said Sasuke, tapping a digit at his chin.

"No, no, no, no! Didn't you listen to my words!? I. Don't. Want. To! Sasuke!"

"Oh, such coincidence! Isn't it Izumo, my villa's keeper and personal driver? The world sure is a small place, don't you think, Naruto?"

"…help! Somebody help me!! I'm being kidnapped!! Where the hell did the human rights go when you need 'em!? Where are the cops when crimes are being done!? HELP ME, DAMMIT!! - I don't want to go in, Sasuke! Get me out right this instance!! No! KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIBBBBBBBBBBBAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!"


And away they go.



"Oi, do ya know where Naruto is?" Kiba asked, his head swirled around, looking for his blonde best friend.

"Nope. Haven't seen 'im." Chouji answered with mouth filled with chips.

The Inuzuka scratched the back of his head. "Strange…" He mumbled softly. Naruto had said that he'll wait for him until Kiba done in the restroom, but after he'd done, Naruto was nowhere to be found. Sighing, Kiba entered the store and began searching for costumes himself.

Maybe he was busy with Sasuke?

Kiba had utterly startled when Naruto told him that he and Sasuke were in a relationship last night, and that what Kiba saw the night before wasn't a rape, but a fully willing sex. And what the Inuzuka had seen yesterday morning (when he suddenly burst in and interrupted them) was them, getting ready for another round (though it was a one-sided decision, and Naruto had thoroughly thanked him). That had cleared all the misunderstandings. After Kiba heard the explanation, he had blushed a bright shade of crimson from both shame and wild mental images, but also had been thinking since then.

Sasuke was gay, and so Naruto too. And they had started dating. Both looked happy and very much in love with each other. The Inuzuka could clearly see the love in Sasuke's usually dull eyes whenever he stared at Naruto, and the way Naruto smiled and laughed at the Uchiha made it all clear.

Does that mean… being gay is okay?

Kiba shook his head in desperate attempt to drive away the odd question. No. He was not gay. And will never be. Even now, he still liked to ogle pretty girls with big boobs and curvy butts, and that was enough evidence of his straightness.


Right! Kiba stubbornly mused.


After all, just because he felt a little turned on by Neji's little ministrations last night, it didn't necessary mean he was gay! Who the hell didn't get turn on when such a sexy, erotic being kissing you deeply, practically sucking at your face, and grinding delicious frictions at your bulging crotch!? It was completely, utterly, and thoroughly normal!

"Inuzuka, did you hear me?"

And the fact that the Inuzuka had ran away after Sasuke had came to his rescue, running like a madman on the loose from that sick rapist, made it clear that he was a straight guy and didn't like those things Neji had done to him, much less enjoying it. Nuh-uh, not even a bit.

'Oh really?' A voice in the back of his mind questioned.

Hell yeah!

"Kiba Inuzuka!"

But why did Neji do those things to him? Why not someone else? Kiba was sure there were plenty of prettier boys who were willing to be molested by the handsome Hyuuga, why him? Was it because Kiba was an idiot and the class clown, and therefore easy to trick? Maybe Neji was only been fooling around with him…

Somehow, this thought dismayed the mutt.

"Kiba Inuzuka!! If you don't answer me right now, I swear I'll-"

"WHAT!?" The Inuzuka impatiently shouted, glaring at the impertinent boy who kept disturbing his thoughts of sexuality denial. The said boy suddenly paled and flinched away.

This had successfully made Kiba irritated more. "If you're just going to stand there and do nothing, then I'll leave." He scowled, hissing.

"S-sorry, but I was told to give you this." The boy said, as he shoved a wrapped box into Kiba's arms roughly, and then immediately jolted away in fear.

And Kiba was left confused.

"What's this?" He mumbled softly, eying at the neatly wrapped box in his hands. Then his coal eyes caught a piece of note slipped to the red ribbon on top of the box. Curious, Kiba pulled it and started to read.

The more his eyes went down, the more his eyebrows began to twitch and came together. And when he read the name of the sender, a short initial he'd realized who had sent this to him. And after he ripped the metallic red wrapping and peeked what was inside of it, he was completely startled.

Almost dropping the box from his trembling hands, Kiba growled resentfully. "Neji Hyuuga… if you want a challenge, then you already got one." The Inuzuka spat, eying down the box disgustedly.

The note fell from his grip. Fine lines of words were written neatly and beautifully, it reads:

Dear Mr. Kiba Inuzuka,

Along with this note, I have prepared a present as a token of my apology for my rude actions last night. I believe you will need it for the party tonight, and therefore I had bought and chosen a perfect one for you, if you may, please wore it tonight. I would love to see you in this costume.

If you decided not to wear it, then I would be extremely sad. So I thought I should cast you a little warning. I have your most prized possession in my place right now; he's a very lovable thing, isn't he? Don't worry; I shall treat him nicely… only if you do what I asked you. I believe it isn't a hard thing to do, isn't it?

See you at the party,


Along with the note, strands of short white fur was plastered on the lower part of the piece of paper, seemed taunting at him. The only one crossed Kiba's mind was how to kill Neji and get what's his back.

Growling, Kiba picked the note and crush it to a messy ball in his palm.

"I guess… a little strategy might do the thing…" Kiba mumbled, smirking. "If he wants me so badly, then I'll let him have what he wants."

"But never underestimate Kiba Inuzuka…"



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