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The darkness gathers... Evil has come to this world...wherever it is...

She woke up with a start, her heart pounding, her breathing ragged. There was something wrong...somewhere. The young woman sat up, her ragged blanket falling to her waist. Her dream was vivid, surreal. Cool air swept around her as she stood up and walked out of the cave she inhabited.

It was a pleasant night, despite all her worries. The moon, slowly growing to a half, was low on the horizon, skimming the tops of the waves. She walked out onto the sandy shoreline, avoiding the rocks scattered around the island.

She lightly stepped onto the largest, a boulder a short distance from the cave entrance, settling herself away from the cliffs, towards the sea and the moon. Its silvery light flickered on the turbulent surface of the sea, like diamonds strewn across a black blanket. In that one instant she felt both a serene tranquility and a sharp pain in her heart, and it took little thought to figure out why. After all, how could she forget the emptiness both next to and within her?

There was someone she wanted with her, near her to gaze upon this beautiful landscape, so that she could share in its soothing calm. I wish you were here... But no, that someone...he wasn't here.

Her fraying dress fluttered in the breeze. The silk edge, torn apart by grass and thorns when she scoured around for food, was halfway up her calf, and her slippers were thinning from the rough ground. Fittingly, the only edible food, a citrus that reminded her of an orange, was where the ground was roughest and the grass and thorns most destructive, tearing apart the regal fabric.

She had been stuck here on this island for five days. Five miserable, lonely days including the memorable first where she had sunburned from staying out for too long, wincing in pain when she moved throughout the night. The calming breeze of the sea was the only thing that had relaxed her then.

She couldn't even remember how she came to be here. She remembered the battle she had been witnessing, the clanging of metal against metal and the explosions of power that shook the tower that was her prison. And then darkness enveloped her from nowhere, lulling her to a deep slumber. She awoke in the cave she now used as shelter, covered in the ragged blanket. No one else lived here, came by here, or passed near here.

And ever since she had arrived, her dreams had become more pronounced, darker in tone...


Again, she stood on the cliff. The warm salty air swept through her delicate nostrils. The sea breeze wrapped around her slender frame, brushing through the thin fabric of her dress and rustling her blond hair. She leaned against the wind, her striking blue eyes looking at the crashing sea while the waves disturbed the bright rays of the sun. The clouds were white and full, slowly trailing across the vibrant sky. The gulls were loud today, wheeling and diving in the air as they scanned the sandy beach for food. It was a beautiful scene.

The young woman walked to the very edge of the grass cliff and peered below. The roaring waves crashed onto the rocky shoreline, but as she stood up, the earth gave an almighty lurch. She struggled to stay balanced and wildly looked around her. The white clouds had given way to towering black columns that blotted out the sun. The wind gusted fiercely, and the waves pummeled the shore, tossing rocks to and fro and dashing them against each other. Rain began to fall in a torrent, drenching her and chilling her body to the core. Lightning arced from cloud to cloud as the seagulls fled in terror. A single bolt lanced down and struck one gull, burning its body to ashes, before continuing down to the sea.

The young woman screamed, running back down the path she had come up from. Her cave was close by, if she could just make it... Another bolt flashed before her wide eyes. In the afterglow, she saw two large figures before her, emanating pure evil...

Again...her dream had come to her... She thought about the last few times that she had dreamt so vividly. The visions that would come to her in her sleep, disturbing her, confusing her.

There was nothing else, but the darkness that she could sense. She walked outside again in the moonlight toward her usual place, her ritual now since the first dream and the many that would plague her each night. The constant anxiety felt the same as when she had dreamt about him. That monster, who tried to take over her homeland, trying to kill her father, her mother, everyone she knew and loved. Even him...

The similarities were glaring, even if the setting was completely different. There was a powerful darkness somewhere, and death. The lone, unfortunate seagull that had fallen from the sky... he was someone important. She tucked an errant strand of golden hair behind her ear and looked across the wide ocean, gazing at nothing in particular.

And then her heart stopped.

There, just barely visible in the dim half-moon's light was the silhouette of a ship, a small flag atop the mast. In an instant she ducked beneath her rock, even though at this distance she wasn't remotely visible. Another few minutes and it was clear the ship was coming to this island. She stood up, heart suddenly pounding and ran for her cave. A small outcrop of rock hid the entrance from the ship's view, but if the young woman had her way, they would not find her at all.

From deep within her, she summoned her magic, wisdom she had acquired over time, and nudged several of the boulders to the entrance, piling them in front her. Her blue eyes glowed spectrally as she moved her hands, shifting one rock there, another to that spot.

As she finished, she left a small opening, just barely wide enough for someone of her frame to pass through. It was a draining task, and when she finished, she swayed and then fell to her knees. She hoped, before she fell unconscious, that she would be the only person to use it.

The feeble moonlight slipped inside, illuminating her limp form resting on the ragged blanket, the strange mark on her hand, and her prominent, pointed ears.


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