Disclaimer: I don't own HP or Naruto

Disclaimer: I don't own HP or Naruto.

Well, no Bleach, although I will be making multiple sequels to this. One for Bleach, another following the Harry Potter story line. Don't expect them out soon though. I want to finish 'The Entity' first.

Man, the 'no' option won by a landslide…


Tonks looked up as several people walked into Naruto's office. It was just barely big enough for all of them, including the giant dog.

Her eyes flickered from face to face, some she recognized from Naruto's stories, and she instantly glared. "What do YOU people want…if you even deserve to be called that…" Tonks snapped, holding Naruto to her.

Ino and Sakura, along with several others, instantly saw how protective she was of him.

"Why are you holding him like that? He's not worth liking." Sakura stated, scowling at the sleeping boy.

"I learned that first hand." Hinata said, coldly looking at the metamorphagus.

"All he is, is a demon. He was born that way, and shall forever remain so."

"You guys simply don't get it do you?" Tonks said, gently placing Naruto's head on a pillow of the bed. "What makes you think he's a demon?"

"You were holding him like that and you don't know? He-"

"Has the Kyuubi sealed in his navel, bound by your strongest Hokage. He's had it since he was born, or rather, several minutes AFTER he was born. The Kyuubi was still raging when your Yondaime took Naruto out to the battlefield. He was probably still wrapped in a blanket." Tonks looked softly at Naruto sleeping face. "He's human. A human with a terrible misfortune placed on his shoulders. When he dies, he'll drag Kyuubi along with him…"

"That is because he is the Kyuubi." Kakshi answered in a monotone.

"THAT IS IT!" Tonks shouted, reaching for her wand. "I've had enough of your biased views! You can't even see the real him! Ma-"

"Nymphadora…" come a tired voice as a hand held her wrist in a firm hold. "Let them be." Naruto, sighing as he sat up.

"So the demon finally graces us with his waking." Neji also said in a monotone.

"Neji, everyone. I can't say that it is good to see you. I thought Sasuke would have told you to keep out."

"Don't talk about him like you're equal! He's a far better man than you'll ever be!" Sakura shouted.

"Sakura, please be quiet. Now, what do you want. You all wouldn't have come to see me unless you needed help that only I could give."

"We are…curious, as to what we did to you." Kakashi stated. "To my knowledge, we have done nothing."

Naruto, despite his best efforts, broke out into harsh laughing. "Nothing, nothing?! Nothing at all?"


"Excuse me, but Sasuke-san said to ask you if we could see your back the next time we see you. Would that be acceptable?" Shino said quietly, pushing up his glasses.

Blinking, Naruto hid a smirk before turning around and lifting up the back of his shirt. "I keep a genjutsu on it at all times. That way, it looks the same as three years ago. Dispel it, if you would."

Sakura muttered 'kai' after focusing her chakra.

And was shocked by what she saw.

Scars decorated his back, some in the shapes of claws, impalements, torture, you name it. These were products of…

"67 total. I've been on 54 risk-of-death missions that I accepted on my own will. 38 of those were taken in six months of after I told you about Kyuubi. Tonks, I'll be leaving now, but I'll be back in time for the tournament. I REALLY don't wanna stay here with them. Give Tsunade my regards."

Tonks held the kunai he had let her have in her pocket tightly.


The news that Naruto had left the castle late last night had spread like wildfire.

After all, in Hogwarts, some things that you think are secrets are of course, known by the entire school.

The night of the third task arrived, and Dumbledore found himself smiling at the blonde that had left the castle and gone into the forbidden forest. "Ah, Naruto, how good to see you again. How have you been?"

"Anxious, really. Just want to get this done." Naruto answered, leaning back into his chair.

Dumbledore let a frown etch his face. "What is the matter, Naruto?"

Sighing, Naruto said, "I don't really want to talk about it."

Silence over came the two before Dumbledore pursed his lip and said, "Very well. It is almost time for the first task. Although, I must ask, what have you been doing?"

"Sleeping." Naruto stated bluntly, getting up.

"Ah, completely understandable."

The two walked down to the field in silence.


Naruto could hear the deafening roar of the crowd as he and Dumbledore walked closer to the transformed and enlarged Quidditch field. Two large oak doors became bigger and bigger as Naruto walked down the champion's hallway, Dumbledore taking a different route.

Naruto thought over his former comrades appearances, in the short amount of time that he had before the task, and decided he was a little to cruel to them in his office. Or, in the most likely case, the cruelty was something that had been wanting out for a long time.

But, he knew how the war with Orochimaru's forces were going. They could use him, be they were too stubborn to ask.

He'd let them see how strong he was.

THEN he'd show them cruel.

Naruto steeled himself, and placed his hands on the two oak doors and pushed them open, the roar of the crowd, growing quieter now that the oldest champion had finally made his appearance.

They watched him through quiet eyes, as he walked over to Harry and the other champions, who had turned their heads towards the professor. "Professor!" Harry said happily.

"Hello Mr. Potter. Ms. Delacour, Mr. Krum, Mr. Diggory." He shook each of their hands, but stopped when he came to Cedric and Harry. "Cedric, I wish you the best." Naruto shook his hands, but looked long and hard at Harry, before holding out his hand. "Harry. May the best man win." Naruto said, a gleam in his eye.

Naruto walked away, hiding his smirk as he scanned the crowd for Tonks, Sasuke, and Jiraiya.

He found them on the other side of the stands glaring holes at the Konoha group.

Jumping up to where they were, and startling quite a few people, Naruto said to their 'what-do-you-want?' expressions, "Not even going to wish me luck?"

He was tackled by Tonks, who enveloped him in a hug. "Don't you even dare THINK of doing that to me again Naruto Uzumaki! You scared me half out of my skin! At least tell me where you're going!"

"Yes," Sasuke agreed, hiding his mirth, "we wouldn't want your little girlfriend panicing on us, now would we?"

Tonks immediately let go and her hair began turning various shades of red, the other two men laughing their asses off as Naruto glared. "Yes, I'm glad you two are having fun. So, I guess I'll see you after the task?"

Jiraiya clapped him on the back. "You bet gaki! Now get down there, they're about to start."

As Naruto was about to jump back down to the field, two arms encircled his waist. "Be safe, Naruto." Tonks whispered as she let go, him shooting a soft smile at her before jumping down to the field.

Jiraiya smiled softly as he saw the longing in the woman's eyes.


"Alright," Dumbledore said, as he gathered the champions around. "inside this maze, you won't find dragons or creatures of the deep. No…inside you'll find things much darker or sinister. Enchantments, creatures, almost anything and everything. I wish you all good luck. Now, Professor, when the cannon fires-"

Dumbledore was cut off by a loud bang, and he turned to Filch who was just shrugging, and then sighed, before gesturing to the maze, which Naruto then entered.

When all the champions had entered, he turned to the giant cube he had made, which showed Naruto running through the maze amazingly fast, Harry looking down a fork, Fleur charging straight ahead, Krum standing a four-way intersection, and Cedric using the 'point me' spell. He then took a look at how close they were to the cup, and found that our blonde hero was the closest.

But had to go through the worst things in that entire maze.


Naruto blinked as he looked at the crouching animal that was snarling at him. Oh, he knew what it was. It was a nundu.

A hungry one by the look of it.

He blinked again, and slowly reached for his wand, but the nundu didn't give him a chance. It leapt at him, forcing him to have to jump out of the way or be clawed to death. Quickly forming multiple hand seals, he called out, "Katon: Karyuu Endan no jutsu! (Fire Style: Fire Dragon Blast)"

A roaring dragon made of fire came zooming out of Naruto's mouth impacting the thing head on, making the nundu cry out in pain as it was burned alive, Naruto walking past without even sparing a glance.

In the crowd, Sasuke smirked as he watched the flabbergasted expressions of the non-shinobi. Oh, how fun it was to watch them be amazed…Turning his attention back to the cube, he asked Tonks, who was looking at how close each champion was to the cup, "What the HELL are those?"

Looking away from the map side she only gaped as she stuttered out, "T-those are Yeti! Abominable Snowmen!"

Naruto was surrounded by three of the blue eyed, white furred magical creatures.

Looking from one beast to the next, Naruto inched his hand towards his wand. These things were BIG…like Hulk-sized big. And by that, muscular.

Really…really muscular.

And he could only see that because of their white fur. This maze was too damn dark…

He barely had time to duck when launched a haymaker to his head.


The Konoha group watched as Naruto weaved in and out of the three Yeti's blows, barely escaping some. Lee spoke up. "Naruto-san's taijutsu has most defiantly improved. I must fight him after this!"

"Yes, well have fun…" Shikamaru yawned as he placed his head on his hands. "All I bet he knows are shinobi arts, none of this stuff they call techniques. Wake me up if something interesting happens…"

"Something interesting just happened."

"Damn it Ino, you just can't let me get any…sleep…the hell?!" Shikamaru shouted, sitting up right and staring at the screen showing Naruto, wand out, and the three Yeti's kneeling to him.


Harry was currently on his backside, trying to get away from Krum, who for some reason was shooting spells at him.

Talk about competitiveness.

His wand had been blown away a couple of minutes ago, and Krum's eyes were locked on him. He had nowhere to run away to…

And then, a bone chilling roar breached the quietness that had enveloped the two champions, and two huge bulks of white fur began charging from around a corner, and tackled Krum, another walking around after them, Naruto sitting on its shoulder, grinning. "Harry! Having a bit of trouble?"

Harry only nodded dumbly.

"Well, it's a good thing that I decided to show up when I did. Now…what to do with him…" Naruto said, one of the Yetis holding up Krum by his collar, before getting a wicked idea.

Whispering into the Yeti he was on's ear, it translated it into Yeti and the one holding Krum instantly kicked…well, more like punted, Krum over several hedges, back towards the stands.

The other Yeti put his arms up like a football goal when the punter looked at him.

"Now then, Harry." Naruto said, nodding to him, before he and the Yetis charged around another corner.

Harry blinked as he ran what happened through his head, before sighing and getting to work finding his wand.


Naruto walked around another hedge, he had left the Yetis several turns ago, and cursed as he came to another dead end. He was THIS close to just seeing if he could pull a couple Katon: Karyuu Endan and burn through the damn place!

Then, he noticed a seal that he had placed on his arm burning, a sign that Harry's location had changed, and wasn't nearby.

That was…bad. Very bad.

Focusing some of his chakra to his fingertips, Naruto pressed them against the seal, and murmured, kai.

And then felt himself being pulled a long distance, before being dropped off and landing on something hard. "Ow…"

"Professor!" a voice shouted, two people running over to his side.

"Cedric? Harry? What are you doing here? You should get back to the school. I'll escort you back." Naruto said, standing up, but noticed a small person come out from around a corner, before hearing a raspy voice say, "Kill the spares!"

The small man sent two Killing curses flying at Naruto and Cedric, the former pushing Harry and the seventh year Hufflepuff out of the way, before ducking to avoid the one sent for him.

Rushing to his feet, Naruto heard the raspy voice cursing the small man, who had a frightened look on his features, and began shouting out curses of all kinds at the rushing blonde, but couldn't get him to slow, only dodge and avoid them.

But Naruto didn't notice the binding curse that hit Cedric and the bouncing hex that knocked Harry into a Angel of Death's arms until it was too late, himself being hit by a binding curse as well.


Got that right.



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