Hot Shot's girl: Hey guys, Yup I know, I shouldn't be starting all these new stories, but I can't help it they pop in my mind like crazy popcorn and so I hope you enjoy this chapter 'cause I shall be updating my other stories after this and won't write this one for a while.

The autobots had received a signal from another minicon, but this time it was out in space, in some asteroid field and so the autobots had no choice but to go and get it. The decepticons of course heard about it, but found the autobots had gotten to it first. They stayed in hiding watching the autobots search for the minicon in the numerous and sometimes very large asteroids. It could be anywhere and so they didn't want to waste their energy and fight when they could have the autobots do so.

"I-I don't like not being held down by gravity!" stuttered Hot Shot as he struggled to move around in space through the asteroids.

"Ah, relax will ya. Stop struggling. It's just like you're flying," smiled Jetfire moving around with ease.

"Well that's the th-thing," said Hot Shot grasping a smaller asteroid. "You can fly, I can't. There's a reason why I picked to be a land transformer."

"Heh, you're funny Hot Shot," chuckled Jetfire as he fired his boosters up and flew around searching for the minicon. "I tell ya, you don't know what you're missing. Flying makes you feel free."

"Yea, well if some catastrophic event happens where I can fly I'll think about it," stumbled Hot Shot hoping from one asteroid to the next.

"Alright Jetfire, that's enough talking from you now we got a minicon to save men," said Optimus.

"Hey, why aren't the decepticons here yet?" asked Sideswipe. "Don't they usually come by now?"

"Yea you're right," thought Hoist. "Guys I have a bad feeling about this."

"Then hurry up and find that minicon!" spat Scavenger as they searched and searched.

After moving through some holes in the space rocks Blurr had managed to catch a small glimpse of a faint light. He turned to its direction and said-

"Hey guys I got somethin' here!"

"Good job Blurr," said Optimus as they all moved to where he was. "Where is it?"

"Up there Optimus sir," pointed Blurr.

"Alright men, let's get that minicon," said Optimus turning to his men.

Jetfire then boosted his engines and flew right to where it was. he reached for it and whispered to himself-

"Alright, come here little one."

But then his hand was shot at and other parts of his body. Making him back down and fly away.

"AH! What was that?!" he gasped.

All the autobots then looked and saw they faced the decepticons. Why were they not surprised.

"That minicon is ours Prime," smirked Megatron holding the requiem blaster in his grasp. "Now step aside will you." he said aiming the requiem blaster at the enemies.

"Guess again Megatron," growled Optimus his optics narrowing.

"Fine then, have it your way," smiled Megatron as he shot at them.

All then jumped away some barely being able to escape the blast . . . like Hot Shot for instant who was struggling to maintain his ground and balance.

"WHOA!" gasped falling backwards a bit. "I almost bit the dust guys."

"Well try and not do that little buddy," smiled Hoist looking at Hot Shot as he caught his balance.

"Heh, you know me," smirked Hot Shot holding up his thumb to his buddy.

"Look out!" said Hoist as he and Hot Shot dodged another blast. "Close again."

The decepticons and autobots then clashed, but had to stay clear of the requiem blaster's blasts. All managed to avoid being hit, but the minicon was still at large and all were occupied with the decepticons to try and get it. Optimus knew someone had to get the minicon, but who? Why all had their hands full. He with Megatron and trying not to get hit by that blast.

Megatron just laughed and then turned to the minicon. He smile vanished as he saw that young yellow autobot trying to grab it as he climbed up to get it.

"Why that brat!" he spat pointing the requiem blaster at him and squeezing he trigger.

"NO!" gasped Optimus coming up to Megatron and throwing his hand upward and making the blast shoot just head high above Hot Shot.

Hot Shot gasped as the blast hit above him and made him fall back. He hadn't been hit, but the minicon had. Hot Shot laid there with his mouth wide open as he saw the minicon disk be engulfed by the blast . . . it was gone! But then when the blast vanished all found the minicon to still be there.

Hot Shot stood up in confusion, but jolted back as the disk went berserk and flung itself up into space. It then began to crack and it leaked energy so much energy . . . so much strange energy. This had never happened before and so none knew what was going on or going to happen . . . none knew what to expect. All were awe struck it was still there.

"That minicon is mine!" growled Megatron as he took off towards it.

Optimus raced behind him, but all halted when the disk cracked fully and something that wasn't supposed to of happened . . . happened. The minicon disk dwindled down to but nothing and all that was left now was the energy of a dead minicon that was never set free, but now was with the powerful blast of the requiem blaster. It was too much and so it came out in a wave of power and energy and it was going in one straight and forward direction and anything in its path was to be vaporized, or so they thought seeing all the asteroids vanish into nothingness.

"Get out of they way!" cried Scavenger as the decepticons and autobots got out of the way as fast as they could.

"Um . . . guys!" gasped Hot Shot not being able to move quick enough . . . or in time!

"Hot Shot get out of the way!!!" cried Jetfire.

"I . . . can't!" gasped Hot Shot as his gaze was met with the full front force of the wave.

Optimus knew he had to do something, but what? How could he get to Hot Shot in time?! He then acted as quickly as he could. He used his guns to catapult him right before Hot Shot and so then he took him in his arms and guarded him from the blast with his body his back taking the full hit of the way.

"OPTIMUS, HOT SHOT!!!" all cried as they were hit.

The wave still flew through the field though and Megatron was just a little too close.

"Megatron sir, look out!" shouted Starscream seeing Megatron not paying attention to the oncoming wave.

Megatron saw it and so took action and tried to move out of the way, but he was too slow. It hit him as well, but only his arm was hit and so he was sent flying away from all else.

"Hhh, let us get Megatron and leave this place," said Starscream as all the decepticons left.

The wave was long and powerful. It began to burn Optimus' back and it wasn't too pleasant. It felt as if the very metal of him was being melted away. The wave went around Optimus and so he guarded Hot Shot from its direct hit pretty well.

Hot Shot held his breath in the whole time as the ongoing wave of force and power struck his leader who was only trying to protect his slow hide. If Optimus died because of this it would all be Hot Shot's fault and Hot Shot knew this. Optimus soon through his head up and cried out with a loud cry of pain. All heard this and it was murder to their audio receivers.

"We have to end this!" cried Blurr looking at Red Alert.

"There is nothing we can do," pointed out Red Alert. "If we try and help them then we may die as well!"

"We can't just let them die!" growled Blurr.

"Wait," said Scavenger looking more closely into the wave to see the two.

He saw Optimus guarding Hot Shot, but then something happened. Something that even surprised Optimus. As Optimus guarded Hot Shot with his body from the blast it came back around and got Hot Shot as well making his optics flicker as he was hit.

"No!" gasped Optimus ever so barely as the pain in his back worsened.

Then something happened that he never expected. Hot Shot fell from his grasp . . . right through his hands. Optimus didn't know what was going on as he watched Hot Shot go right through him like a ghost, but as Optimus saw Hot Shot fall he saw the wave sent out once find pulse of power and force and this time . . . Hot Shot was hit full on.

"NO!!!" cried Optimus seeing Hot Shot get struck so many times and his metal be nearly ripped off his body.

Optimus couldn't do anything but watch as his young soldier was hit by full on all around by the wave. For one moment Optimus could have sworn he saw Hot Shot vanish into nothing but his underlayer skeleton just being melted away with fire, but when the wave passed over him once more Hot Shot looked the was he was again. Then in one flash . . . the wave vanished into nothing only leaving a unnatural asteroid field behind. The autobots held their breaths wondering if their teammates were still alive or even there.

All they saw though was the fallen bodies of their men. They were still there . . . but were they still alive?

Optimus' optics came online, but just barely for only a moment. It was a blur, but he could see the outlines of his men. The one next to him was Red Alert and he was being pushed into the medical bay. He heard jumbled words as well, but he couldn't make them out. They were shouting, he thought, concerned, but soon he thought no more and everything shut off on him again.

When he finally came back online he found himself in one of the medical bay's rooms. He was attached to many wires and when he looked around he found he was all alone in the dark. He was dazed yes and very weak. He couldn't speak even though he longed to, but he figured he should rest and recharge to regain his strength just incase anyone needed him . . . anyone needed him . . . Hot Shot!

Optimus' sparkbeat became faster as he looked around for Hot Shot. No he must have been in another room. He might not be alive though for he was hit the most. Where was he? How was he? Optimus wanted to know the condition of his men.

Red Alert noticed the rise in Optimus' sparkbeats and so he came in to check on him and found he was awake.

"Optimus sir, you're awake," he smiled.

"Where's . . . Where's?!" struggled Optimus wanting to know.

"Hot Shot is stabilized sir," said Red Alert trying to calm him down. "He was hit the most and all over his body. He's lucky to still be hanging on, but so are you sir."

"I need to . . . I need to see him," gasped Optimus.

"Not now Optimus," said Red Aler halting him. "You need to rest just as much as he does. Don't worry you're both in good hands."

Optimus then calmed down and so decided to rest again. Red just smiled glad to see he was doing and so then went to check up on Hot Shot. When he entered his room his smile vanished. Hot Shot wasn't doing to well.

They just saved him. One more minute, second later he would have been gone. It was up to Hot Shot now to decide if he wanted to live though and if he could see himself now Red Alert if Hot Shot would want to even live. He was so badly injured, but they had managed to fully heal back his metal and Optimus'. It was their insides that were messed up the most and Red Alert was, in a way, glad it was like that.

Red Alert then left but still made sure they were both doing well. Both got visited from everyone even the kids who were mostly concerned for them and so Red Alert had to explain how much they needed their rest so they could regain their strength and fight to stay alive. The kids understood and so they left them alone and went home for the night. That night . . . changed everything.

Hot Shot hadn't moved as he rested nor had he woken up, but this time he gave out a twitch from his head like he was having a nightmare. Soon his whole body began to do the same and he wouldn't stop. Red Alert noticed this and so came to him and tried to see what was wrong. Nothing was, but his temperature rose and he began to shake worse, but he wasn't waking.

"Hot Shot if you can hear him you need to stop!" said Red Alert. "Hot Shot stop!"

He tried to hold him down, but as he did his own metal began to melt just by touching Hot Shot's body. Soon Red Alert gazed into a bright light and cried-

"Oh my Primus. Hot Shot STOP!!!"

Optimus awoke from his slumber from a strange feeling he got. Something was wrong, but what? As he sat up he then got another feeling it was as if Hot Shot was crying out in pain but yet he wasn't. That feeling grew so big he had to see him and so he made his way out of his room and down the hall where Hot Shot was.

Optimus was so weak he struggled with all his might to walk. He tried balancing from the walls, but soon Hot Shot screamed again and following that a sharp pain surged through Optimus' body making him jolt back in pain and hit the wall hard. He tried to catch his breath, but soon another came and he fell to the ground just aching and crying from the pain that pain that was coming from his back. Soon all that was seen was his shadow and strange shapes emerging from his back.

All the autobots came to Red Alert and when they found him they all guarded themselves from the flames blazing hot from Hot Shot's room.

"What the Primus is going on Red?!!" gasped Jetfire seeing Red Alert's scared face.

"Hot Shot is in there!" cried Red Alert. "He's the one who is making all those flames, AH!!"

Then another burst of flames shot out of the room making all move back. Things began to melt it was as if the sun resided in that room.

"What are we going to do?!" gasped Sideswipe.

"We can't do anything!" cried Red Alert guarding himself from the heat. "He's too hot!"

Then out of nowhere Optimus comes and stands before the room. All gasp seeing him and what he looked like.

"Optimus . . . sir?!" gasped Jetfire seeing the strange formation on Optimus' back.

Optimus then rushed in the room and came to Hot Shot who was consumed by fire and shaking so bad to where he had no control. Optimus then fell to his weak knees and and placed his hands on Hot Shot just pushing him down and then his strange formation upon his back wrapped around them and the flame was no more. All gasped seeing it be put out like a light. When Optimus had opened himself to show all that Hot Shot was stabilized he then went offline and all rushed to see if he was okay.

None knew how this happened. Hot Shot caught on fire and Optimus was resistant to it, not to mention the strange formation on his back was a pair of large metallic wings ever so sharp. It must have been the wave that did this to them . . . that changed them into . . . what they were now . . . power transformers.