Red Alert came in to the control room where Optimus and Scavenger were. He came in with more results on Hot Shot's data and by the look on his face it wasn't good.

"Optimus," he said coming to them. "It's time. Hot Shot can't take much more energy pouring out. It's only a matter of hours now."

"Autobots!" called Optimus as everyone came to them.

"Yes sir Optimus Prime," said Hoist as all came.

"Autobots we have little time to plan for an imminent attack, so we have to lead an all-out attack NOW!" said Optimus.

"That's good enough for me," said Blurr patting his blaster ready for some action and Hot Shot's rescue.

"Let's do this men!" agreed Hoist.

"To the moon," said Sideswipe.

Hot Shot didn't know how long he had been out there, but all he could do was stare at the earth for hours among hours wondering when the time would come for his demise . . . and earth's. Hot Shot sighed and took his gaze away. How could he look at something he was going to be responsible for destroying. How could he end like this?

The decepticons were just waiting and watching. After a couple of hours Cyclonus grumbled saying-

"Aww, when's he gonna explode? I'm getting tired of waiting around."

"Be patient Cyclonus, I'm sure you won't be . . . disappointed," smiled Megatron turning his gaze to the monitors just waiting.

Just as a couple more minutes passed their ship shuttered rather harshly. Not from a recoil from their engines either.

"Autobots!" cried Starscream knowing in his curcuits.

"NO!" cried Megatron seeing the autobots were going to ruin everything. "Get out their and destroy them before they ruin everything!!"

"Yes sir," they said leaving the ship.

And so the decepticons left and collided with the autobots. Both fought for control of Hot Shot.

"Autobots, hurry, save Hot Shot!" cried Optimus flying over the decepticons trying to keep them busy.

"Sideswipe, Hoist, with me!" said Blurr as he headed off in Hot Shot's direction.

Just as they neared him Hoist was hit dead in the back by an immense electrical force. Sideswipe turned to help him, but as all turned they saw Megatron standing right behind them flaring and ready to bolt someone, anyone.

"It's Megatron!" gasped Sideswipe backing up.

"That's right kid,' said Megatron as electricity flew from his finger-tips.

"AHH!" cried Sideswipe falling back and off the ship.

Blurr was hit dead in the chest and fell down. He looked at Hot Shot who was anxiously waiting for his rescue.

"Guys!" he gasped. "Hurry!"

"Optimus, sir, we have to hurry and get Hot Shot out of here!" said Red Alert seeing his readings were beginning to overload.

Optimus dodged a blast by going right through it, but soon, just as he became normal again, Megatron shot him right between the wings making them cripple for a while and his flight halt. He fell to the ground and paused for a moment trying to thrust his circuits to move and try to get up, but soon . . . Megatron was upon him.

Hot Shot looked over his shoulder to see Megatron ready to destroy Optimus. No! He couldn't! He wished he could do something, but it was useless and his time was almost up. Hot Shot was about to let out a 'NO!' but soon something happened that made him give out a sharp gasp . . . and then another . . . and another.

Blurr stood to his feet and saw Hot Shot some yards away doing this. He was jolting and gasping. Something was wrong and Primus if it wasn't that!

"Red Alert, it's Hot Shot . . . he's-!" started Blurr.

"Going to explode!" gasped Red Alert seeing the time had come. "He needs to get out of here, NOW!!"

"Optimus!" gasped Scavenger seeing Optimus needed to fight off Megatron to get Hot Shot away from earth.

Optimus gasped as he looked up to see Hot Shot's power leaking from him and everything melting around him. He tried to escape Megatron's grip, but Megatron wouldn't let go.

"No!" gasped Optimus reaching out for Hot Shot, but found he was too far away.

"Not so fast Prime," smiled Megatron with a small chuckle. "I want you to watch as all you know and protected BURNS UP!!"

"That's not gonna happen on my watch!" shouted Blurr running up to Hot Shot and getting him out of his bonds.

"Blurr!" gasped Hot Shot as Blurr took him and flew off the ship. "NO!!!"

Blurr used what engine powers he had to fly out and away from the ship and earth.

"Blurr don't!" gasped Scavenger knowing he was going to melt away.

Hot Shot struggled in Blurr's arms trying to get free before he killed him, but it was too late . . . Hot Shot was already engulfed in flames and Blurr was going to die.

"I promise to get you out of here and away from earth Hot Shot and that is exactly what I'm gonna do!" swore Blurr.

"No!" cried Hot Shot as his power tripped out and made his flames go crazy.

It was no use now. Blurr began to melt away as Hot Shot exploded more and more. He had gotten but a mile or two from the moon till he couldn't fly no more . . . the flames were too hot and his arms melted away.

"NOOOOO!!!!" cried Hot Shot seeing Blurr melt away into . . . nothing. "BLURR!!!!!"

He was gone now and as Hot Shot cried out in agony the power overwhelmed and took over him. His flames stretched far and soon it came to the moon and earth.

"Yes," smiled Megatron seeing the flames coming to earth. "Destroy the planet!!!"

Optimus had enough! He couldn't just let Megatron stop him from his duty. Optimus kicked him off and stretched his wings out to fly, but Megatron had come up behind him and latched on to him. Optimus didn't have to to play around.

"Get off me Megatron!" cried Optimus tossing him off.

He then tried to fly off once more, but Megatron tackled him again and began to fry his very circuits out. Optimus cried out in pain, but it wasn't the last thing he needed to to. Optimus concentrated just hard enough by-passing the pain of the shock and when went right through Megatron.

"NO!" cried Megatron not wanting Optimus to save earth.

"I'm not done with you yet Megatron!" said Optimus turning to him for one final hit.

To this day Optimus didn't know how, but somehow he used some power from his spark of power that glew like a white light and shot Megatron dead in the spark. It was a force so powerful and strong it flung Megatron so far and away very damaged. Optimus didn't have time to wonder how he did such a thing and so he immediately flew off into the oncoming flames.

"Opti . . . Optimus!" cried Jetfire trying to see into the flames, but he couldn't nor could he follow.

It was all up to Optimus now. The kids all watched from earth as the flames neared and closened. The strange prophecy was unfolding and all knew it was up to the guardian to use whatever power he had to save all.

"Do you think this is it guys?" gulped Carlos looking at everyone.

"No if Optimus can do anything about it!" said Rad through his teeth just hanging onto the edge of his seat.

"But Rad, Blurr was destroyed what if the same thing happens to Optimus?!" gasped Alexis.

"We can't think like that Alexis," said Rad looking at her. "The autobots don't need that right now. They need our full support."

"You're right Rad!" said Alexis looking back at the monitors. "But I'm afraid they won't have it for long if they can't stop that explosion!"

Optimus struggled to maintain his flight through the pushing raw energy and power, but he had to get in the center of it. Hot Shot would be there. He called out his name so many times and so long he heard nothing, but soon he heard the cry of one falling apart.

"Optimus!!" cried Hot Shot barely being able to hold his own form. "AHHHH!!!!!"

Optimus went to touch Hot Shot, but soon he went right through his form and not because of his power of being to go through things either. Hot Shot's form gave out and now he was pure, mindless, raw energy.

"NO!!!" cried Optimus guarding his optics from the bright light of the flames that continued to stretch throughout space and to the planets to destroy all and cause great chaos.

He didn't know what to do or how to save him. That hidden power was still hidden. What was he going to do, but then he remembered that strange power he shot Megatron with that shot him far out into space. If he could do that then he could perhaps find that hidden power . . . or was that his hidden power? In a time of distress he used it, so now could he?

Optimus stopped struggling now and stood straight in the inferno. He stretched out of his wings and arms and concentrated on nothing but protection. Soon his spark of power created some kind of force, some kind of hidden power. His whole body glue and he became ghost-like again.

His wings stretched out and they grew and grew till they stretched over the inferno and caught it up in him. His wings wrapped around it and closed in the explosion. It almost took all Optimus had to do it, but for some strange reason he felt it was the one most important thing he had to do. It was all he could think about.

He widened his arm length and knew he had use this strange and new power of his to somehow reform Hot Shot. He still had him even though he had been converted into pure raw energy. He just had to reverse it and reshape his body back into the way it was. It was the only way.

Optimus placed his hands near one another and focused on putting all this raw energy into one place to stop it from spreading. He did just that and as he did he used all he had to reshape Hot Shot's form back to the way it was, but that was only the easy part. He had to focus on his insides as well to make sure he wasn't just some hallow shell. Optimus feared if Hot Shot would be the same now that he, himself, had to reconstruct him.

Optimus was the only one who could save Hot Shot. After all he was his protector and guardian as the poem said right? Optimus stretched his arms out wide and far to bring out the form. he did and how he had to shape it correctly using a holographic memory of Hot Shot and so it worked.

He was able to reconstruct his insides as well to match the original Hot Shot so he should be as good as new. Now just as the energy stabilized down then he would see if it worked. Soon the fire had stopped and Optimus looked to see he held that same small yellow mech. Hot Shot let out a gasp as his flames ceased back under his control for good this time.

Optimus opened his wings and there was a silent peace on the universe . . . but not much happiness. Optimus was but surprised to see Hot Shot embrace him tightly, but not so much to see him cry. Everything and everyone was saved . . . but not Blurr and this Hot Shot mourned.

"Optimus!" he cried digging his face into Optimus' chest. "He did it to save everyone and for me . . . He melted away Optimus . . . he's gone, he's gone, and it's all . . . my fault."

"Hot Shot he gave his life to protect everything and his friends," said Optimus patting him softly twice on the back.

"I should . . . have died!" cried Hot Shot. "Not him! ME!! Why does everything have to be . . . like this?! It was an accident in the first place that we ended up like this and now . . . my friend, one of my best! . . . paid the price!!"

"We may never understand why things happen Hot Shot, but just remember to never forget Blurr," said Optimus bowing his head from his lost comrade.

"If I could change I would . . . I never wanted to be like this!" gasped Hot Shot.

"I know Hot Shot, neither did I," said Optimus. "But you should be fine now Hot Shot. Your spark of power is stabilized now. It's not easy to be like this, but we must. It is who we are now . . . and it's who we might always stay like."

Hot Shot just mourned still his energy was spent for Blurr. He would do anything to bring him back, but he wasn't given the power to resurrect the dead. Optimus saved and reformed Hot Shot yes, but for Blurr he could not do the same for nothing was left of him . . . nothing. Perhaps one day a new power would come to change and turn back time itself . . . perhaps.

Hot Shot's girl: The end. The sequel will be up some time. It was fun to right and new things will unfold in the sequel :) Till then by.