Sasori isn't a puppet Yet, and He's 18 Years old.


A 7 year old blonde haired boy walked down the road. He didn't know where he was going, Or what he was doing, All he knew was that he had to get out of the house. Tears stained one half of his face. While blood stained the Other. He had been in so much Pain, Unbareable pain, It hurt like no tomorrow, No tomorrow. He continued to walk down that road. He never noticed a hunched over man walking on the other side of the road. As they passed he never looked up, Like he could see anyway, he was walking on the right side of the road. It had been his left eye that was gone. The hunched over man glanced at the small frame of the child with a small turn of his head. He noticed the blood dripping down the boys face, No emotion showed on his face, Why should he care for a small useless child? He was 18 years old, His childhood was left behind to sit on a shelf many years ago. But still, Somewhere inside his hunched form he still felt a bit sad for the small boy. But a small boy wouldn't get in the way of a mission, So he kept walking.The boy started to sob as he went back to his pained memories.


"I hate you!" The older Man yelled at him. "HATE! Do you hear me Child?!" He screamed. The small blonde boy huddeled in the corner of the room and shivered, not from the cold draft that was comeing in from the open window, But from Fear. He feared his father, His Abusive Father. Anything the small boy did would get his father angry, but he couldn't understand WHAT he did wrong. The older man walked over and grabbed the front of the boys shirt, lifting the small frame up off the floor. "You are WORTHLESS, I don't even know why I agreed with your pathetic mother to have a child." He spit at the child. He whimpered and struggeled against the grip. He was smacked. "I'm not done yet!" Another yell. The father took out a knife and held the child to the wall. Another figure walked into the room and yelled something. The small boy was crying for his life but nothing helped. His father plunged the knife into his beautiful left Ocean colored eye. He screamed in pain and was dropped to the floor. He couldn't think, he didn't want to. His mothers body lay near. "Run now My Child." She said in a horse whisper. "Don't come back. I'll wait for you." She said with her last breath. His father; Hit in the head with something after stabbing the boy was now starting to move. The child whimpered in loss of his mother and in fear of his father. He ran out of the house as fast as his 7 year old body would let him.


"Mother..." He choked out, it began to rain and he didn't know where he was. This was all new to him, Being on his own. He needed soft and gentle arms to wrap around his small frame, To whisper sentences that ment nothing, but full of love in his ears. He shivered and started to cry harder. He walked on more, not sure where he was or what he was doing. He got to a small pond and looked around. Nothing, Not even a small duck could be seen sitting on the pond to bask in the mid-afternoon glory the sun had on the earth in the mid-afternoon. He cleaned his face and sighed. He wanted to be done crying. He finger combed his shoulder length blonde hair, Taking his bangs and pulling it infront of his left eye so he couldn't see the disgusting color it was turning. He just wanted to be reminded that what ever he did was wrong. He sat down by a tree and leaned against it. Seeking warmth that would never be givin to him. He fell into a deep sleep.

The hunched man got down with his mission early and was walking back to a base somewhere over the rainbow. (Not really..)He decided that it would be wise to stop and rest, much of his energy was gone. He stopped and looked around. Nothing, He didn't notice a blonde boy sleeping. A man slipped out of the Hunched thing. Red hair fell in his eyes just slightly, While brown eyes looked over everything. He sat there and worked on the puppet he used to walked around in, Defense and Hiding. He heard a whimper and his head whipped around, Looking right at the tree the blonde boy was curled against. He walked over and staired down at it. (Haha.. It) It whimpered again. He racked his brain from where he saw the boy, He remembered. 'On the Way to the village..' He thought to himself. He nudged the boy with his foot and the boy's lonely cyan colored eye fluttered open. He scrambeled back against the tree and whimpered again.

"What are you Doing here?" The red Haired man Asked.

"I-I don't K-Know, un." The blonde boy Mumbeled.

"I saw you walking on the road. How long have you been here?"

"A while.. I guess, un."

"Where do you Live?"

"No where.." The boy said, just barly able to be heard. For the read head, Asking three questions was A LOT of talking. Unlike the blacked haired man back at the base. The red haired man kneeled down by the boy, The young boy flinched, but the red head pretended not to notice. He placed a hand on the blondes shoulder. The boy flinched and whimpered again.

"P-please S-s-stop.." He cried out slightly. The red haired man took his hand off the boy. He got up and walked back to the hunched puppet he had laying on the ground, opening the hatch that he himself got into, he pulled out a spare cloak. He walked back to the boy and kneeled down again.

"What's your Name?" The red head asked.

"D-Deidara, un."

"Do you always say Un?"


"I see."

"Deidara, would you come back to where I stay? Train and become loyal to the leader?"

Deidara looked up and pain and fear showed in his eye, he couldn't anwser. The red haired man Waited Pataintly.

"Hai, un."

The red haired man looked at the blonde boy with surprise. He never thought the broken boy would really say yes. He took the boy by the upper arm and pulled him to his body. With a yelp the boy was up against a warm body, he shivered when a hand was placed on his back, wrapping the spare black,white, and red cloak around his very small frame. The red haired man got up and walked back to the puppet and sat down again, Leaning up against it. He put the small child in his lap and looked at him, the small boy sat there and looked at the red hair with confusion and fear in his eye.

"Whats behind your bangs?"

"Nothing." The blonde haired boy said, He shivered slightly when a hand went to the bangs and started to play with the soft hair that covered the left side of his face. The red haired man moved the bangs to the side. The small boy was right. There was nothing but a disgusting colored hole in the side of the boys face. He put the blonde hair back and pulled the boy into his arms.

"I'm Sorry." The red haired man mumbeled in the boys ear. Sending a shiver through the boys spine. He really did feel sorry.

"F-for what, un?"

"Nothing.." The man said, brushing off the matter.

"W-whats you N-name, un..?" The blonde boy asked The red haired man, His cheek resting on the mans shoulder as the mans hands we're around his waist and back.


Deidara wrapped his arms around Sasori's neck and hugged it tightly.

"Thank you Sasori-danna, un." The blonde boy fell asleep.