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9 year old Deidara work up with a start. He had been dreaming again and it began to worry him, He had told his Danna but all he said was that he was worrying about him to much and that they would go away soon. Deidara looked down at his hands and sighed. It wasn't like him to dream, and he had been dreaming for the past week and a half. The leader had given him his own room, he couldn't share with Sasori anymore, for the fact that Sasori was partnered with the snake like man in the organization.

There was a knock on the door and the blonde boy jumped slightly. He climbed out of bed and rubbed his blue eye free of sleep, and opened the door.

"Deidara." Came the cold familiar voice of his danna carried with him.

"Danna?" The blonde asked, slightly worried.

"I'm going on a mission, So behave for everyone okay? I'll be back in a few days, I'll take you to Itachi and Kisame for now. So come along.."

Deidara nodded, he ran back into his room and changed quickly. Sasori waited and rubbed the boys golden hair when he walked back to the red head. Deidara looked up at Sasori and tugged his cloak sleeve gently. Sasori looked down and gave the blonde a questioning look.

"What is it Deidara?"

"Why do I have to get 'babysat', un?" Sasori stiffened a slight laugh and grinned.

"Your only 9."

"So, un?!"

"Too young."

"But Daannnaaa!" The blonde said, followed by a very child like pout. Sasori laughed at the blondes pouting face and wrapped an arm around his shoulders.

Sasori knocked on a door and waited for Kisame or Itachi to open it, It was Itachi. Obviously.

"Watch the brat for Me Itachi?"


"Please Itachi? I'm not about to leave him with Hidan and Kakuzu. I'm only going to be gone for three days, You can handle it. Or has the 'great' Uchiha Heir not been taught to handle small children." Sasori knew this would tick the Uchiha boy off, but as long as he watched Deidara, he could care less.

The Uchiha Heir gave into Akasuna No Sasori's slight plea. He rubbed the boys golden hair, It's Shine almost matching his own. His onyx eyes looking into a bright blue one as Deidara looked up at him. Deidara turned around and Grasped onto Sasori's cloak.

"Come back soon, 'kay, un?"

"I will."

Sasori knelt down next to the blonde and grasped his shoulders, he saw Hurt AND love the blonde held in his single, blue, beautiful eye. The reed head kissed the blondes forehead lovingly. Deidara giggled slightly and watched as Sasori stood up, nodded to Itachi and walked away swiftly. Sasori was soon followed by the snake like man. Deidara pouted slightly before turning back to the quiet heir.

"'Tachi, un.."

"Hn..?" Replied the heir, he told his partner he was going out and that he was bringing Deidara with him. Itachi walked down the hallways, and Deidara followed him silently.


"H-hai, un?"

"You've been here for about two years now, how do you like it?"

"I know everyone, un. I know where everything is. Hidan scares me, un."

The Uchiha heir smiled slightly. Sasori trusted him to make sure the boy was okay for the days he would be gone. Everyone had grown use to having the child around. Weather or not they liked it. They all protected the small boy. Sir leader wouldn't be the happiest person in the world if something happened to the boy. Both 'boys' walked down the hall and into the living room, Hidan and Kakuzu were sitting on the couch. Itachi walked over and sat down in a chair, while Deidara sat in another. Deidara looked around and sighed, Itachi looked at him with Onyx eyes.

"Deidara, How did Sasori find you?"

Hidan looked up and stared at Itachi and then the blonde boy.

"I think I was running away from home, un."

"And why did you run away?" Hidan asked, Itachi gave him a look, and he turned his head slightly.

"Daddy was hitting mommy and me. I didn't like living there.. He killed mommy, and hurt my eye-"

"Deidara, no more." came the swift voice of Itachi. Deidara looked at him with a confused look. Kisame walked in at that point, and nodded at Itachi. The Uchiha heir got up and walked over to his partner. Kisame placed a gentle hand on the younger mans shoulder.

"Everything's going to be okay. Go lay down." Commanded the blue man softly. Itachi nodded his head and walked away quickly. Deidara sighed and looked up at Kisame. Kisame also sighed and walked over to the boy.

"What did I say wrong, un?"

"Nothing. Itachi just has a rough past."

Deidara nodded and looked up and almost cried. Kisame looked at him with almost caring eyes. Kisame looked at the big blue eye of Deidara.

"What's wrong Deidara?

"I miss danna, un.."

Hidan looked up and motioned for the boy to walk over to him. Being an 'Obedient' boy, Deidara did as he was told. Hidan looked over the boy with purple eyes, causing a pink tint to appear on the blonde boys face. He laughed when the boy stiffened when he placed a hand on the boys shoulder. Hidan let his hand roam and it gripped the front of the boys shirt. He pulled the boy closer.

"H-Hidan-san!?" Mumbled the poor boy, he was confused and didn't know what to do. He tried to pull away but was held tight in the grip. Kakuzu has since left the room and Kisame left to check on Itachi.

"It would be so Easy to have my way with you Deidara without your 'danna' Here." Hidan said with a smirk. He looked at the boy again and was about to pull him closer when something hit him.

"What the Hell?!" He yelled. He looked around, letting go of the blonde and forgetting all about him. Deidara was scared and trembled slightly. A boy with unruly black hair and an orange mask walked over to Hidan.


"What do you want Tobi?!"

"Sasori-senpei wouldn't be to happy with you if you hurt Deidara-chan."

"I don't give a-"

"Language Hidan."

"Go the hell away Zetsu."

"We would, But that would be no fun."

"And what would you care about fun anyway? And why are you here? I thought you we're on a 'mission'."

"We we're, But seeing as Tobi is such a good boy, we got back earlier then expected."

"Do you have a problem with that, Hidan?"

"Tch.. No. Anyway, I'm off to find Kakuzu."

Hidan left the room, Zetsu followed him for the most part, His room was next to Hidans and Kakuzu's. Lucky Him. Tobi walked over to Deidara and looked at him through his mask, the same onyx eye as Itachi.

"Deidara-chan. Are you okay?"

"I'm fine, un."

"No your not. Hidan didn't do anything else, did he?"

"No, un."

"Your scared aren't you?"


"I guess I'll watch you until Sasori comes back."

"Really, un?"

"Sure! Tobi is a good boy!"

Over the course of the three days Tobi hung out With Deidara to keep him company. Even though Itachi was supposed to watch the brat, He would come and check up on them like a good baby sitter. Deidara was moping around the lair about the whole time, his feeling hurt with what Hidan tried to do to him, he, being only 9 years old, didn't even know what Hidan was trying to do. He didn't want to ask Tobi or Itachi about it, And Zetsu wouldn't tell him, Kisame would only laugh, and Kakuzu would only ignore him.

Tobi walked into Deidara's bed room and looked at the sleeping form, Sasori was supposed to be home today, he was surprised the blonde wasn't bouncing off the walls, or at least awake. The blonde boy tossed and turned and gave a small whimper. Tobi sighed.

"Another dream.." He whispered. He felt the boys forehead and wasn't surprised when it was burning. The boy didn't have much of an appetite, he was still dreaming, and he was scared for life and all he wanted was to hug Sasori. Tobi smiled when the boy's dream ended and he slept for a while more.

Tobi walked out of the blondes room and walked down some of the may hallways. He managed to walk to the front of the lair, he then bumped into someone. He landed on the ground and looked up to see Sasori and Orochimaru standing there.

"Watch it Tobi." Growled the Red head. Orochimaru only stared at him. Tobi stood up and brushed himself off, His brace like clothes fitted his form perfectly as he moved to the side and walked along side with the two older missing-nin.

"When you have the chance Sasori-senpei. Go see Deidara."

"I will. Just not right now."

"You better soon, it would be better If you did it before he wakes up."

Sasori nodded to the orange masked boy as he walked away. Tobi nodded back to Sasori and then to Orochimaru. He took a turn when there was a part in the rode.

"Deidara was 'almost' 'raped' by Hidan Sasori-senpei. See ya later!"

Sasori stopped walking and looked at the boy jog down the other hall way. Orochimaru placed a hand on the junction between Sasori's neck and shoulder. The red head shivered and smacked the hand away. Both missing-nin's walked down the hallway walked ended up in front of 'Sir leaders' door. Sasori knocked and they we're both invited in.

"How was the mission, boys?"

"Sssuccesssful." The snake like man hissed out. 'Pein' gave a grin and nodded.

"I'm glad to here that. Sasori What's wrong?" Fake concern filled his voice, he was smirking in the darkness, but could not be seen.

"Nothing Sir leader. Just tired." Pein nodded and waved them out of the room.

"Then get some sleep."


Sasori walked out of the room swiftly, his cloak flowing behind him. Orochimaru had dared to stop him and was thrown against the wall. Sasori knocked on Deidara's door, and when no one opened it he walked on in. He found Deidara sleeping somewhat peacefully on his bed, sweat beaded his small forehead though. Sasori placed his hand on the blondes forehead and sighed. Yep, he had a fever. Deidaras eye opened and he glanced around.


"Yeah.. It's me."

Deidara sat up and hugged Sasori around the waist. The blonde coughed slightly and pulled back, rubbing his eye with a hand and then laying back down. Sasori played with the blonde hair before he stood up. He looked down when he felt a slight pull on his sleeve.

"Don't go, un?"

Sasori smiled gently and laid down beside the blonde boy. Deidara gave another un-violent cough. He cuddled up to Sasori and tried to fall asleep again.

"Deidara.. What did Hidan do.."

"Nothing really, un. Just scared me."

"I see.."

"Hey Danna..?"


"How did your mission go, un?"

"Just fine, now go to sleep."

Deidara did as he was told, and fell asleep within a few short minutes. Sasori wrapped his arms around the blonde and pulled him close. Maybe now he would get a good nights sleep, without having to worry about someone he loves.

Before Sasori's eyes closed, he reminded him self that he would have to kill Hidan when he woke up. Alas, the great thing about Hidan is that, He can't die! Somewhere in the lair Hidan sneezed. He looked around.

"Aww.. Crap."

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