Is This Really Home?


Raised from a small child to adulthood, Obsidian lives with her new family. The Decepticons. Having no memory of her human past Obsidian believes she is a Decepticon in human form. When she encounters Slash, a human girl changed into a Transformer, Obsidian begins to wonder who she really is and is this really her home.


This is like a side story and behind story that is part of the story written by blood shifter. The story title is 'Wish'. Please read her story, thanks! This story is based on the film that came out this year, 2007, the Decepticons and Autobots are upgraded and updated. Must see the film to get the idea of the upgraded and updated characters! Also in the film, those that were killed are alive in my story. Also I will be switching back and forth from Thrid POV to Obsidian POV. The indicators will be this: - - -

Get the idea?

Is short terms, what ever version they are, I picture them as the updated and upgraded version. If they a G1 I will use them as the updated version like in the film that came out this year. Not trying to confuse anyone but please try and picture it like that! I be using all the different virsions mixing them with the 2007 film, all cool and sweet looking! I hope ya'll understand, sorry if I got anyone confused!



The halls were cold and a bit damp, the sounds of machinery and electricity made her skin crawl. Her camouflage pants and green shirt matched well with her black combat boots. Dirt smudged her light tanned skin, her pants were wet and muddy as well as her boots. It has been raining for a long time now, almost a whole week.

She's been living in this place her whole life now, living with them. Her new family.

The family she had in years back, she never remembered them. She had no clue if they were still alive.

As she walked down the giant halls, a few Transformers walked toward her. She stopped and looked up at them, she recognizes their faces and they hers. She looked at their emblem on their shoulders.


Their metal bodies were sleek and deadly, she knew what they changed into. The one on the left changes into a Harrier Jet while the other changed into an F-22 Fighter Jet. They sometimes fly along side Starscream.

"You're late."

"Megatron will not be happy."

She ignored them as she always did, Megatron would never harm her neither would the others. She was precious to them all. As the door opened and she walked in the Decepticons walked away. The door closed behind her as she walked further in. She approached someone and kneeled before him as he remained in the shadows.

"You're late Obsidian. "

"I know."


"The road block has slowed down the Autobots. They are still weary from the last battle, they have to regroup and get fixed before fighting again."

Megatron stepped out of the shadows and bends down to Obsidian, he gently lifted her chin with his massive claw finger.

"What about Prime?"

"The same."

Megatron picked her up with his hand very gently. He despises humans but she was an exception, he raised her. He carried her into another room and sat her down, in the massive room was many electronics and a small house. Obsidian walked in, Megatron took off the roof and watched her, even as she stripped to get a shower. He considers Obsidian to be his pet, like a little boy and his hamster.

Obsidian didn't mind, she was used to it. All the Decepticons have seen her naked before, Starscream even used her to study the human body. But he needed someone to experiment on, he couldn't use her for she was Megatron's pet.

Megatron and Obsidian are close, he even took her into battle with him against the Autobots and humans. But she has to keep her identity a secret from the Autobots and humans thus she wears a mask. She is a Decepticon spy, Megatron even used her to entice human males to fight alongside the Decepticons. She has never laid with a single man, never.

He trained her to fight strong and hard, he used Soundwave and Barricade's little Decepticons to help her train. He noticed that Obsidian took liking to Frenzy, the crazy little Decepticon. Though he spoke little English it seemed that Obsidian knew what he was talking about.

Megatron even let her participate in torturing a capture Autobot, they couldn't get any info out of him so Megatron used Obsidian to make him talk which worked. But Megatron left Obsidian kill the Autobot herself. Slow and painful is her method, sort of like Megatron.

But the Autobot's words confused Obsidian...

"Why are you doing this?"

"I'm a Decepticon you Autobot scum, it's what I do."

"What about your family?"

"This is my family."

"I mean your human family."

Obsidian couldn't remember who they were, as he kept asking her these questions she had to leave the room. Her head was pounding like a jackhammer, she left Bonecrusher to kill the Autobot.

Then one day Starscream brought home his own little pet, Obsidian stood there on Megatron's back cleaning him as Starscream came walking down the hall holding something in his hand.

- - - Obsidian POV

I leaned on Megatron and peeked over his shoulder to see what Starscream had. It was a child, a little girl. She looked scared, tired, angry and lost. I felt something, there was something that little kid had on me. It made me feel sorry for her, even as Starscream walked into his lab I asked Megatron what Starscream was going to do.

"Who knows Obsidian."

"If he took that child from the humans, the Autobots might come and rescue her."

He just laughed at me as he walked outside, the cool damp air made me feel good. It's been raining the past few days, today it sprinkled getting me wet but it also helped me clean Megatron.

"They might and we'll be ready."

I shook my head, I knew the Autobots almost as well as Megatron and the other Decepticons. I knew that this might cause a rage in someone or some Autobots. As Megatron walked he talked in his language to see if I learned anything. I did know a few words and I was rewarded with a gentle pat on my head.

The wind forced me to put my long dirty blonde hair up in a braid, it was completely wet and I wanted pulled out of my face. We walked for a good few hours when we returned the Autobots had attacked and that little girl was gone.

Why didn't they contact us?

Megatron walked around looking for Starscream, I figured he was going to get his metal ass beaten so I got off of Megatron. I rather not see it, I walked around looking at the damaged that was caused and came across Frenzy. He was in hyper mode and gibbering in his language.


He continued to gibber so I kicked his leg and he aimed his gun at me. He soon aimed down and continued to gibber, I did catch one word he said.


Even as Megatron yelled at Starscream I was worried for that child, it was a strange feeling, as if I knew her from the past. I ran out of the base with Frenzy following me, he knew what I was planning. He knew I wanted to see that child.

He was shorter than me and a lot faster so he basically left me ride on his back.

Strong little bugger.

When we reached the limits of a hill, we looked down at the Autobot ARK. Frenzy changed into high class binoculars and left me look around. He left me see inside the ARK but I didn't see the child anywhere, a bunch of Autobots and a quick little one. I left Frenzy to change back and looked at him.

"What did Starscream do to that human child?"

He shook his head and pointed down at the ARK. He wanted to infiltrate but I knew better.

"We can't. They are under high alert Frenzy."

He hung his head and I continued to watch the ARK even as night fell.

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