Is This Really Home?

I died once, I will never forget the cold dark fingers of death reaching out for me. However, even that death was a necessary component of the big picture. Starscream killed me, and it was Unicron's spark that brought me back from the brink of annihilation. When I awoke, hatred became my master.

Obsidian pulls herself out of the burning elevator shaft, she was covered in blood, fresh and old, wet and dry. Her wounds healed, her face is speckled with blood and the blood from her mouth was dry.

'Emergency! The self-destruct system has been activated! All personal evacuate immediately!'

I found that Starscream, who killed me, was dead and the facility was just moments away from self-destruction. I did not have time to enjoy my new found life. I had something I needed to do.

Obsidian teleports herself into the Decepticon base, she walks to the main computer and hacks away. Doing so she activates the self-destruct sequence, blowing this place to hell.

"Time to grab the data and get out."

'Due to the emergency condition all data has been back up to the NUI 013.'

"Megatron was busy."

Obsidian quickly hacks her way in but it doesn't work. An alarm on the screen goes off.

'Obsidian, I am afraid that as of 24 hours, I have taken it upon my authority to revoke your access privileges to the main frame system.'

"Impossible. Who are you?"

Obsidian types away but the computer can respond by voice and typing. The alarm on the screen shuts off.

'I am One Siren. My primary objective is to protect and maintain Decepticons. My second primary objective is to collect combat data.'

Obsidian punches the screen destroying it as One Siren continues to talk.

"You will regret this my lady. That I promise."

Obsidian's eyes flash Unicron's green glow. The alarm system keeps going off, the beeping alarm warns the Decepticons inside that there's someone inside as well as that the place is going to blow.

"Time to change the plan. I better secure my escape, then I will deal with them. Megatron, I won't forget your kindness."

Mini-Cons and Insecticons appear in the room, Obsidian pulled out her .45 and shoots them down. Some of them were in their sentry modes and the Insecticons were in insect mode. Yet Starscream made new ones to take on forms of giant mutated frogs and spiders.

"It's time to take this body and power for a test drive!"

She kills two in one shot. She kills three with her telekinetic abilities, she smiles and laughs.

"Not bad, not bad at all!"

She walks closer to the door, but she had to ease her way around the massive containers in this room. More of those Mini-Cons and Insecticons appear, one was able to hit her but she managed to shoot it down and she shoots the ones crawling across the ceiling.

She finds an ammo and weapons container. It was full of human weapons, she takes a Submachine gun, a shotgun and lots of ammo. She garbs an ammo belt strapping it to her waist, she grabs a few grenades and a medical kit.

The alarm still going off and two more Mini-Cons appear, Obsidian shoots them down with her Submachine gun. Insecticons appear on the ceiling and she shoots them down, she makes sure they are dead by dropping a grenade on them as she left. She garbs more ammo and walks into the hallway. The new cons Starscream made appear and Obsidian shoots them till they are dead with the shotgun. She carefully looks around the corner a lift was at the end. She goes through the steam and into the lift taking her up to the next floor.

The doors open and Obsidian switches her weapons back to her .45. She carefully looks around the corner to see that a hallway runs through this hall, she carefully walks down to the join hall and checks them. Suddenly an Insecticon appears above her, she shoots it down as another appears behind her. She turns and dodges it, she then kicks it back down the hall. The force of the kick ripped its head off.

Obsidian laughs evilly enjoying her new power, her power she has long forgotten and enjoyed.

"What amazing power."

She turns and walks to the door to hear more Insecticons and the new ones. She quickly turns around as the new ones appear, she grabs her shotgun, shoots them both in the head. After they are full of lead she leaves through the door and has to chose which way to go. She heads left to find more ammo and other supplies. She hears something and shoots her shotgun behind her hitting and killing the new one.

She decides to call them 'Mut Hunts', for they seem to hunt her as she goes. She hopes that she doesn't encounter many of them when she escapes.

It falls with a loud shriek, another one appears and dies as well. Obsidian whips out her Submachine gun and kills two more Insecticons. She runs down to the corner and looks around to see a Mut Hunt and two Insecticons. She blasts them away and proceeds down the hall. She looks down a joining hall to find it empty she then proceeds to walk up the steps at the end of the hall. At the top she finds some dead humans and more Mut Hunts. One managed to hit her but she shrugs it off as she shot its head into pieces. She throws a grenade as more Mut Hunts appear, she waits for them to die before moving but one jumped at her from the ceiling grabbing her, she forces it to let go. She kicks up whipping its head back then force punches it across the room killing it. She walks past her kills to the next hallway.

"Megatron, I hope you survive long enough for us to have tear filled reunion. Heh heh heh."

She kills more Mut Hunts and Insecticons till she reached another door, she opens it and walks into the next room, a ladder was at the end. She walks to it and pulls out the shotgun, she turns around as six Mut Hunts appear at the door way, she kills three with the gun and the other three with her mind. She reloads her guns and climbs up the ladder, before climbing out she aims her .45 around to make sure its clear, it is and she climbs out of the hole to the next floor.

She walks to the corner and stops, a shadow was on the wall. She recognizes it as Rumble, he has a new look to him. Obsidian shows herself to him, he doesn't say a word. Obsidian is surprised to see him, she was told he was dead. Well, she killed him and was told he was dead. She was order to kill him for he deceived them. He always said he was the best there was and a bunch of crap. Starscream experimented on him before making him nearly invincible but Megatron order that he be 'shut down'.

"You? I thought I disposed of you."

He slowly walks toward her, Obsidian fills him full of lead from the Submachine gun, he soon falls to the ground no longer moving.

"Nobodies perfect. Not even you Rumble."

Obsidian opens the metal doors behind Rumble and walks up the steps. Soon after she was out of sight Rumble stood up and followed. Only minutes remained until the entire base was engulf in flames. Obsidian was now just a few feet from the exit in escaping the explosion. She walked up a few more steps.

"The exit should be close. The hour glass is running low, time to pick up the pace."

She is at the main entrance she runs to the exit only to be halted by Rumble, he blocks the door way. Obsidian shoots him with her .45 and backs up.

"Quite stubborn Rumble, no time to play. I need to find another route."

Obsidian climbs the stairs and Rumble follows. Obsidian jumps to the next floor and goes through a door to be greeted by Mut Hunts and Insecticons. She kills them with her Submachine gun. She walks into another room full of ammo and Decepticon weapons. Rumble appears at the door way, Obsidian throws three grenades and shoots at Rumble, he doesn't fall.

"He must like me."

Obsidian grabs some ammo as Rumble runs toward her, he raises his arms to strike but has to fall back as Obsidian shoots him with the shotgun. Obsidian keeps firing as she eased her way around him, Rumble drops to the ground and soon gets back up. Obsidian runs down the hall to find two more Mut Hunts and one Insecticon. She kills them and Rumble was right behind her, she runs down the hall, down some steps into another hall. Three Insecticons drop from the ceiling, she kills them and the one running toward her from the joining hall. She runs to the other hall and closes the door, she rests for a moment.

She then walks through two big doors into another hall it was empty but full of ammo and supplies. But the emptiness didn't last long she had to run down the hall from three Mut Hunts but she was cornered but three more Mut Hunts and two Insecticons, she kills them with her power and proceeds to the door to have it ripped apart by Rumble.

She backs up.

"Humph. You are a stubborn one."

She fires her shotgun at Rumble and backs up as he drew closer letting out light moans from the hits. He keeps coming toward her no matter how many hits he takes.

"I see why they think your immortal."

Obsidian is pressed up against the wall and he punches her hard, Obsidian then throws a grenade, it explodes behind Rumble, he stops moving letting Obsidian to fall back.

"Starting to tire?"

Obsidian throws a few more grenades at him as he walks toward her, he was getting tired. He soon drops but gets back up and runs away. Obsidian watches and waits, she soon tends to her wounds. She pops her shoulder back in place and then leaves the hall. The next room contained maps and ten Insecticons, she is able to shoot some of them down, one grabs her from the front.

She pushes it back, upper kicks it and then force punches it. The force of it hitting the wall shattered the metal wall and it collapsed onto the Insecticon.

Obsidian sighs and looks around, she killed the rest with her mind, and soon exits through another door leading her back to the main hall.

She aims her .45 at Rumble who stood in the corner, he walks out and attacks Obsidian.

"He appears to be stalking me. Your desire for eternal slumber has been granted!"

Obsidian jumps over him and throws a new grenade she found. A magnesium grenade, it eats away at Rumble's armor. He tries to hit Obsidian but she dodged him easily as he is slowing down. She gets behind him throwing more magnesium grenades and shooting him with her .45.

She looks up to see a metal support beam right above Rumble, she smiles and looks at Rumble.

"The end has come."

Rumble walks toward her as the beam drops right on top of him, it kills him instantly. Obsidian looks at him and walks to the exit. She has to use the line Starscream used on her.

"Be a good boy and stay dead this time."

Obsidian begins to run through the forest as fast as she can go, the timer counts down and the Decepticon base explodes killing whoever was left inside and destroying all the data as well. Obsidian was a few miles away, she looks back at the rising flames and smoke. She knew that the Autobots will be wondering what happened and the Decepticons in a rage. The explosion could be heard a well one thousand miles. The smoke and flames rise and touch the sky, the wind blew at her. She enjoys it.

And so I was reborn like a Phoenix emerging from the flame. I no longer need the Decepticons. A new horizon stretched out before me. I have risen beyond the human and Transformer races; and cheated death itself, leaving nothing to oppose me.

Thus ends the story, Obsidian is alive and well. She is back to her orginalself, the one she was nineteen years ago. Will she join Slash and Frenzy or will she try and kill them? If y'all like this story please review and would ya like a sequal? Thanks for reading! YO BLOOD SHIFTER! Ya turn girl, the fate of Frenzy is in your hands. Heh heh heh... Transformers belong to whoever made them, i do own everything that does not belong to the Transformers!