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Chapter Three: Revelations

"There are far too many ways to begin this story," Dr. Hardy said. He hated telling stories, and the beginnings were always his weak point. But he had to try at least. "But I think I can say truthfully and without pretty fabrications that it began as a seemingly normal day, or at least for a hospital."

He settled himself on the floor, knees underneath him, and took a sip from his coffee. It was luke-warm, he preferred it hot. "You see it all the time, especially in the big cities. People get shot in gang fights, mugged, abused by spouses, forget to yield, pneumonia and other diseases. Soon you are forced -must- swallow all tears. Show how little hope you have for your patient, and they lose hope too, and the will to live, perhaps. Hope is such a tricky thing, both an angel and a demon of sorts."

Tim's face scrunched up, trying to figure out where Hardy was going with this. But, he guessed, most of the older generation back in Mineral Town liked to muse over the ways things used to be, no matter how much it hurt them.

Dr. Hardy coughed, slightly embarrassed by his ramblings. "Forgive me, I digress. Anyway, one of those everyday things that you do, like driving a car… Well, Farina…"

A frantic, typical chaos raged inside Lily Cove Hospital. Children cried, men paced, mothers either fiddled with their children's hair or bit their manicured nails, the elderly coughed and read month's old magazines. There were far too many magazines, and the place was beginning to smell like an old diaper…

"Oh, oh Goddess!" Cried the receptionist, her nose wrinkled up in a fruitless effort to block the smell. She glanced at a passing Doctor. "How can you stand that smell?!" She asked accusingly.

The man often referred by everyone, even his close friends, as Dr. Hardy simply looked at her skeptically "I wonder how long you'll last on this job if you can't stand a few dirty diapers. And please try and keep your discomfort to yourself, it's upsetting."

She flinched, surprised by his harsh words, then laughed. "I don't think I can quit anyway," she said. It was the truth; this was the best she could do with her degree. Why, she always wondered, why college have to cost so much? "It's no wonder that you have no girlfriend, Dr. Hardy." She teased.

He shoved his hands in his pockets, and stared and his shoe, "No wonder indeed…" He muttered. But she didn't seem to notice his distant, whispered words.

The shrill beep of his pager made him jump a little. "Got to go," he said, a small apology in his voice, "try and keep strong."

She gave him a small salute and he was off.

"D-Doctor Hardy!" Yelled one of the interns, a large, easily frazzled woman. "We've got trouble, sir!!"

"Of what caliber?" He asked, taking the chart in her hands, glancing over it. It was something he saw often. A car crash. One girl and young man in the car. Another car didn't yield and the rest was history… "How are they?" He quickened his pace.

"The girl, age ten, was in critical condition, but has since recovered and is now awake. Her older brother, age twenty-one, is…" She paused, her perfect robot-like recitation interrupted by emotions she had yet to swallow. It hurt too much to say the word. "…dead. He died instantly." She finished, wincing.

"Does she know?"

"N-no, sir." She fiddled with the edge of her shirt; she didn't want to be the one to deliver the bad news to the poor girl.

He sensed her discomfort, and sighed. He equally hated telling people about their loved ones deaths. "Don't worry, Elise. I'll do it." He offered.

She smiled, and brushed her red hair away from her eyes. "T-thank you, sir!" She said, grateful. He brushed away her gratitude as they arrived at the door. They both entered, the door squeaked in protest against the intrusion, but they ignored it.

Dr. Hardy felt even worse about the news when he saw her, Farina was her name, he thought. Bandages covered her arms, her legs, her chest, and one was wrapped around her eyes. He glanced down again at the chart. Ah yes, she lost her eyesight, perhaps temporarily, but it was still too early to tell.

He cleared his throat, and all emotion wilted. "Hello, Miss Farina," he said. "And how are you feeling?" He hated to beat around the bush, but he was starting to doubt if this young, fragile girl could accept the news.

She tilted her head to the side, as if she hadn't expected anyone in the room. "…I'm better…" She said a hushed voice. "Um, where's Andy?"

Ah, must be her nickname for her brother, Hardy observed. But he didn't say anything, and Elise took a step forward, shoes squeaking on the white floor. She really didn't want to be the one to do this…

"Honey," she started, "I'm really sorry, but your brother… Andy… isn't with us anymore…" Oh, such a simple four letter word. Why did it hurt so much to say it?

She tilted her head to the other side, confusion evident in her voice. "What do you mean…?"

Dr. Hardy finally stepped in and spoke. "Your brother is dead." He said simply and harshly. He regretted those words, she was too young! Too young to hear them so bluntly!!

Everything, the whole world seemed to stop that moment. Breath quieted, dust stopped dancing in the sun's rays, IV bags didn't drip a drop and all sound died, leaving everything fragile and ready to break. Just like that young girl in the hospital bed.


And in the next moment everything was too loud and to fast. Farina began a whispered chanting until it became a wild, insane scream. "No, no, no, no, no, no, no… NO!!" She scrambled around, trying to get blindly out of bed, her IV popping out her arm in the process. She had to see him! It wasn't true! It couldn't be! It wasn't!!

Both Dr. Hardy and Elise jumped for her. Elise grabbed her arm pushed her down gently but forcefully, simultaneously putting the IV back in her arm. Dr. Hardy quickly grabbed a white stick-like object and pressed the button, sending relaxes into the IV, and then grabbed her other shoulder and pushed her down. He saw the edges of her bandages around her eyes begin to get darker in color as it soaked up her tears. "Why didn't you do anything…?" She asked silently.

He had no answer for her.

"What happened after that?" Tim asked, trying to fill in the silence that had appeared after the story. He couldn't quite believe it. He didn't want to. He didn't want her to have a valid reason for her yelling and her hate. He didn't want to be wrong; it tasted rather bitter to be wrong.

Dr. Hardy blinked, woken up from memories. "She didn't talk to anyone, not even her parents. She lost the will to live, it seemed. And her eyesight never returned." Silence engulfed the room again, but it wasn't uncomfortable, but rather a respectful silence. As though anything said would ruin all and break, just like those many years ago.

Though people say time heals all wounds, it wasn't true in this case. Eight years hadn't healed the loss and hate, it had only numbed it. It was still raw. Still trickling blood.

Dr. Hardy broke the silence, but the world didn't break. "I eventually started to talk to her, and she began to talk back. She said I 'smelled' differently from the other employees, whatever that might mean." He chuckled slightly at the memory; it had also been the first time she smiled too.

Tim smiled too, though it was hard to imagine her say that. Then again, he'd only heard her yell at him. Smooth, Tim. Very smooth.

"And soon, she was released from the hospital to her parents. I shortly after retired to this place and by coincidence met her again, quite a small world we live in." He continued. Tim did not question his reason for retiring, Hardy had ways of speaking that showed he wasn't going to answer, and today he used one of them. A simple sideways glance worked wonders.

"Well," he stretched, bones popping, "I think we best get to sleep, we have to check up on Nina tomorrow, she isn't feeling so well. I hope you don't cause too much trouble there, Tim." Tim hated how much emphasis he put on his name.

Maybe, Tim thought as he drifted into a deep slumber, I can do something to apologize? I feel kind of bad, but she still shouldn't have yelled at me!! …I wonder if she's every seen the ocean? Is there any by Big Cities?

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