"..." Talking

(...) Thinking

:/...\: Me

Dawn: 21

Paul: 22

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P.S. If it sucks, I was Bored thats why I wrote this.

The Question kids always asked there Parents

It was peaceful afternoon in the Shinji Residents House. Paul Shinji & Dawn Hikari have been married for Two Years, and had settled down in Hearthome City, And had a family. :/Only two Girls, A Five & Six year old \:

" Rose, Anna eat your vegetables. " There mother scolded there two daughters.

" Mommy we don't like eating Vegetables. " Anna complained.

" Yeah Mom we hate them. " Rose added.

" Yeah Mom I hate them too. " Paul pretended to pout. He liked playing around with his Wife.

" hehehe. " The girls giggled at this.

" Honey, don't encourage them. "

" Okay Dear, but Your mother is right eat your Vegetables. " Paul got serious.

" But Daddy!!!!! " Rose & Anna Whined.

" Eat or no Dessert for you tonight. " Dawn said.

" Okay. " They said in unison.

:/After Dinner\:

" Come on girls time for bed. " Paul called. Rose & Anna ran upstairs to there room.

" Okay, but on one condition... " Rose began. " You tell us a Bedtime story!!! " Anna Finished.

" Okay what do you want us to read. " dawn said as she tucked both of the girls in there beds. Rose & anna started to whisper to each other.

" Okay, Me & Anna want to know how you and Mommy met. " Rose said.

" Yeah, Yeah tell us!!! " Anna said with excitement.

" Okay, But to tell you the truth Mommy and I never really liked each other when we were little, So will tell you are first date."

" Okay tell us. " They said in unison.

Flash Back

Ash,Brock, and Dawn were walking through Veilstone City, When Ash wanted to go get his badge, But Dawn said that she rather go shopping and would wait at the Pokemon Center, When they were done.

" Okay ash good luck. " Dawn said as Ash & Brock ran off to find the Gym.

" Okay now to find Paul. " She said as ash & Brock were out of sight.

" I'm right here. " Paul appeared out of nowhere as she jumped back Little.

" Don't do that." Dawn scolded him.

" Come on lets go. " Paul walked off.

" Hey, Wait!!! " Dawn ran after him.

'Sizzer' ( A Restaurant I made up.)

" So, Paul what made you Decide to take me out for Lunch. " Dawn said as she took a bit out of her Fries.

"..." Paul just spaced out.

" Hey Paul you a wake. " Waving her hand in front of her face.

" The reason I took you out is that. " Paul began.

" Yeah go on. "

" Is that I... "

" Keep going. "

" I...Like. "

" Spit it out. "

" I like you Dawn. " Paul Stated. Dawn just stood there shock. " Your...kidding..right. " Dawn stammered. He shook his head 'No'.

" Here to prove it. " Paul pulled something out of his pocket. It was a Necklace with a Gold heart pendent.

" Paul this is Beautiful. " Dawn took it in her hand and warped it around her neck.

" How Can I Thank Y... " Dawn couldn't finish, Because Paul caught her lips with his own.


" That's it. " Anna said.

" No, It's not but its time for bed. " Dawn said.

" Okay, Good Night. " Paul said as he turned off the lights.

" Good Night. " They said, Then they closed the door.

" Paul why did you choses me back then. " Dawn asked.

" Because your the only one for me. " He kissed her and carried her bridal style back to their own room.

Still Bored. --

The King is out :/