"Ok, so tell me again why we are making pancakes?"

"Because they are fun for Halloween."

"But nobody eats pancakes for dinner on Halloween."

"I do."

"Ya well, you're you. And, tell me again why I decided to help you?"

"Because you love me."

"And because I am a pushover."

"That too."

"Ok, do you have the mix?"

"Yes, it says we need 1 and a half cups of mix, 1 egg, and 1 cup of milk."

"Could you quit spilling it? Christ, just put them all in the bowl."

"Wait, you forgot the secret ingredient."

"What secret ingredient?"

"Food coloring!"

"Why are we putting food coloring in pancakes?"

"Because we are going to make them orange for Halloween. Duh."

"Alright, get the food coloring out."

"Oh shit, Blink I spilled some."

"How much did you spill?"

"A lot. I don't think there is any yellow left."

"Jeez, Mush, do you have to spill everything?"

"Damn, now we can't make orange!"

"It's ok, Mush."

"NO, it's not. We can't make orange."

"Well, can't we make another color?"

"NO! Orange is like, the Halloween color!"

"Well, can't we make black or something?"

"How do you make black?"

"You just put all the colors together."

"Ok, fine then, we'll make black. But orange is still the Halloween color."

"I know that, but black is still good right?"

"I guess so."

"Mush what color is that?"

"It's black isn't it?"

"I think you added too much green. It looks like lumpy puke."

"Ugh! I give up!"

"Well, look at it this way, it can be mummy puke or something."

"I don't think mummies puke, Blink."

"Well, it was worth a shot wasn't it?"

"You know what? Screw the pancakes."

"I know something else that needs to be screwed."



"That can be fixed."

"Those pancakes are beyond help though."

"Do you want to criticize my sad attempt at cooking or go have sex?"

"Ooh, pushy."


"Sex sounds pretty good."

"Then shut up and get in the bedroom."