Harry Potter the King of Kings.

The wizarding worlds hero, and scapegoat was at his wits end. Harry Potter the boy who lived, the boy whom some loved and even more hated, sat in his small room at his aunt and uncles whom he affectionately at this time called scum.

He had been abused, beaten, starved and kept ignorant.

He was tired of it all.

It was time for change. That change was to happen today.

With a maniacal gleam in his emerald eyes he hatched a plan. A plan to escape to live free, to make all that had betrayed him pay. But first he needed money.

Two hours later...

Harry had decided that in order for him to bring forth the changes needed to gain his freedom, he needed to use his status in the wizarding world to his advantage. He had sent Hedwig his faithful owl off with a letter to the goblins at Gringotts inquiring about his account, only to find out that he had not one but many accounts, he also received a note from Goblins informing him that they needed to meet with him as soon as possible. With the death of his godfather and his parents he was apparently very wealthy, as well as he also found that his account had many deductions in the last 16 years totaling many millions of galleons. Harry nearly blew his top finding this out, but took a few breaths to calm himself. He penned a reply to the Goblins to see when they could meet with him and that he had no way to get to Gringotts.

Nearly an hour later he got his reply in the form of a portkey, which the moment he touched it he disappeared to reappear in a office decorated with a warriors touch. Axe's, swords, and shields all hung along the walls. As he was looking around; fear edging on his nerves a gruff voice sounded from his left towards the desk.

"Hello Mr. Potter, I am Fangtooth your account manager here at Gringotts as well as a member of the Goblin council. I am informed that you needed to speak with me urgently." The old goblin smiled with a grin that would kill small animals at the site of it.

Harry whipped his head around and noted that the goblin behind the desk was old, very old if the wrinkles he had were of any indication.

Harry nodded and said "Yes sir, I need to find out who has been steeling my money I also need to know if there is a way for me to get my freedom from those who wish to keep me under lock and key.".

The old Goblin smirked if you could call it that. It was time for the game to be played, the king of kings was standing here in his office, the council needed to be notified that the boy was ready and that the old ways were about to be brought back.

He simply nodded to Harry and in a soft voice said. "Yes Mr. Potter it can all be arranged let me make a few contacts and we will see what can be done here. Please have some tea and relax for a few minutes while I make the necessary arrangements.

Harry took a cup of tea and sat down in the offered chair, his mind racing with thoughts of being free, free to control his life and his destiny. What he didn't know is that within the next few minutes his life was going to take a drastic change, one that could be welcome and for the better, or one that could be his breaking point.

As he kept his thoughts wandering trying to relax in the Goblins office, he thought of the prophecy and its meaning, he decided that he need to inquire if was truly real of if it was just made up to force him into Dumbledore's corner.

In just under an hour the old Goblin returned carrying a long case and a brief of files.

"Mr. Potter I have here a way to completely free you from the control of others AND the Ministry. It seems that a great injustice has befallen to you and the last 3 generations of your ancestors. But before we get to that, I have found were your money has been going and by whom it was taken. Before you take action on this please take this calming drought, as your aura is very powerful and I like my possessions just as they are." Fangtooth offered the vile of orange liquid to Harry.

Harry downed the drought in one swig and felt the expected calm come over him as expected.

"Now Mr. Potter your accounts have been audited and we have already started the collections process to return your monies and other items to you as it's evident that it was taken without your permission or authorization.

Now the funds we have found were distributed and acquired by one Albus Dumbledore.

As for were the funds went to here is a inventoried list.

Weasley Family Vault: 1,879,176 Galleons

Malfoy Family Vault: 2,891,137 Galleons

Ron Weasley Personal Vault: 179,176 Galleons

Ginerva Weasley Personal Vault: 54,100 Galleons

Phoenix Association: 17,657,349 Galleons

Totaling: 22,660,938 Galleons

Personal Property taken from Potter family vault not included.

As Harry read this he could tell the calming drought was doing little good as he looked up he saw no small amount of fear in the old Goblins eyes.

"Mr. Potter as I have said we are in the process of collecting your monies and property back, It seems that Mr. Dumbledore took it upon himself to make himself your magical guardian and in doing so gave himself full access to you vaults. The goblin that was bribed into this has already been eliminated.

We have found the original copies of your parents will of which I will assume from the look on your face that you have never seen." Fangtooth informed Harry and handed him the parchment.

Once again Harry began to read.

The last will and testament of James and Lily Potter.

I James Harold Potter, leave behind all my monies titles and possessions to my son Harry James Potter. Son I know that we have left this world and hope that you can forgive us for not being there to raise you. Your mother and I know we will be able to look down from above and be proud of you. I love you son, I know the headmaster says there is a prophecy about you and the Dark one, however don't believe it, and don't let it rule your life. Don't come see me until your at least 200.

I Lily Potter also leave all my worldly possessions to my son Harry James Potter.

Harry, as your reading this please be assured that I do love you very much and that as your farther stated I know Dumbledore says there is a prophecy about you, however I know this to be a fraud.

Only your father knows but I worked in the DOM after school, I know of ALL the prophecy's that had been made, and NONE are about you. Also before this will was made I found out that I am not of Evans blood, I was adopted. Son this may be frightening but you have a royal heritage. What does this mean? It's actually pretty simple, your were born of Potter and Pendragon blood. If you know of history of either the muggle or magical worlds, this means your a direct descendant of King Arthur. It also means you are Merlin's magical heir. No this doesn't mean you will be all powerful in magic, but learning and practicing it may come easier to you. The goblin Fangtooth knows of this inheritance and will give you a test to prove your bloodline. Please take care son as this can't stay a secret if you pass the test, it will be magically recorded at the Ministry as well as others around the world.

Son please take care of yourself and our world. And bring me lots of little grand babies once you are ready.

James Potter and Lily Potter.

Harry was in tears at the end of the will and very confused. He quickly sobered up once it hit him what his mother had told him in the will.

He was to be king

Fangtooth noted the look of simple awareness on Harry's face and nodded reassuringly.

"Mr Potter I know this is much to take in, however the words your mother wrote are correct. You are a royal prince of the Pendragon line. All that needs to be done to complete the process is this blood ritual to verify your status. Please be aware Mr. Potter that once this is done it cannot be undone nor can the results be hidden. Within hours every magical being in the world will know that the King of Kings has returned."

Just getting verification that this as all real made Harry light headed, then moments later his world turned black.

Waking up feeling very foolish and for some reason very wet, Harry tried to sit up gingerly and as he did so was looking directly into the old goblins eyes which glimmered with mirth.

"Mr. Potter thank you for joining us again. Sorry for the water but I couldn't help myself." Fangtooth nearly giggled out.

"Fangtooth, sorry but this is a lot to take in, what is involved with this ritual and what happens afterwards?" Harry asked.

"Mr. Potter the ritual is very easy, we take a small amount of your blood and place it on this sword, if you are able to pickup the sword afterwards your will be crowned king. however afterwards is a different story. Once words gets out, which it will just mere hours afterwards you must know that the lands of Camelot will once again be visible, they were spelled lost over two thousand years ago to prevent thieving and damage. You will have to take on a council of advisors, as well as you will be very short in time for at least the next few weeks." Fangtooth replied.

Fangtooth handed Harry a small blade to cut his finger with and directed Harry to the sword he had just pulled from the long box. Harry let loose a few drops of blood on the blade and instead of picking up the blade it jumped from its position on the desk straight into Harry's waiting hand.

Fangtooth grinned widely it was a good day to be a goblin..

"Now Mr. Potter your name is formally Harry James Black-Potter-Pendragon as one Sirius Orion Black claimed formal adoption before his demise if you were unaware. Being so you are not only entitled to three wives according to the old laws as you are the lord now of three houses of the old name, you are required to wed three with at least one heir to each that has to be male. However only the wife you choose as queen will have the heir to your throne. As a side note at least one of the marriages must be completed within twelve months of your sixteenth birthday. As of now you are of course emancipated in both muggle and magical worlds. Please hand me your current wand so that I may remove the tracking on it." Fangtooth noted

Harry offered up his wand to the goblin and with a flick of his finger not only did he remove the ministry tracking spell, but it appeared that there were no less than twenty other spells on the wand.

As Harry took his wand back Fangtooth spoke again. "Mr Potter those were some very interesting spells on your wand, please allow me to check you for others."

Harry stood up and the old goblin once again flicked his finger and a multitude of things then happened, Harry fell to the floor in agony as if his insides where being torn to shreds.

When the pain finally stopped Harry looked around everything was blurry, and he felt lighter than he had ever.

"What happened?" Harry asked

Fangtooth replied " It appears that you had numerous spells placed on you many of which were blocks on your magic, if those were left in place for another two years you would have died of magical overload. As well there were a number of tracking spells and a few dark curses that I'd rather not mention. Theres something else you need to see Mr. Potter" Fangtooth then conjured a mirror and had Harry stand in front of it.

Harry gazed at himself in the mirror, his looks had changed a bit, he looked taller nearly 2 meters tall now, his body was filled out more, the thing that he noticed most tho was that his famous scar was so faint it was nearly missing.

Harry slowly cracked a large grin seeing his new look. He didn't really look like Harry Potter of an hour ago, his eye sight was perfect now.

Harry had a hundred thoughts running though his mind at that moment.

"Fangtooth, how is it I've changed so much and why is my scar nearly gone?" Harry asked.

"Mr. Potter, both were a result of the spells put on you as a child. to put a block on ones magic hinders their growth, as well your eyesight looked to be magically hindered as well, the purpose of I don't know, maybe it was to make sure you looked like your father as much as possible." Fangtooth replied.

As Harry thought about it, it made sense, as least with his looks and eyes, it would make those that hated James Potter remind them of him when they saw Harry. his magic being blocked was also disturbing, was this part of Dumbles grand plan? to get Tom Riddle and himself in battle once his body was saturated in magic overload? It only made sense.

It was all starting to make sense now.

Anger coursed through Harry's veins like never before, he had put Dumbledore's plan together, he was going to make him a martyr. Then he would take the credit for making Harry the hero.

It wasn't going to happen, not now that he was king.

Harry then had a thought, what was the kings role in modern society, well as modern as the wizarding world in Brittan was anyhow.

"Fangtooth? What exactly is the role of King in the wizarding world today?" Harry asked barely concealing his anger for his former headmaster.

Fangtooth took a moment to gather his thoughts, then replied.

"The last king was nearly two thousand years ago, from what we can tell that was long before the ministry's were built. We have researched it and as we can tell you have complete rule over every British wizard and all loyal creatures. You have the power to abolish the ministry as it is if you would like. Does that explain it your Majesty?"

Once again the maniacal grin came across Harry's face, oh yes there would be many changes in the days to come.

Fangtooth then proceeded to inform Harry of his many responsibilities and other facts, once that was completed the Goblin requested that the new king be fitted for decent clothing. After all a king needs to play the part does he not?

As Harry was being fitted for his new wardrobe, news that once again after nearly two thousand years a king has come to take back the wizarding world. Those in the ministry were franticly looking up the old laws trying to find a loop hole in them to keep there status and positions. Those whom would be considered peasants hoped this would bring them better fortune than they had had in recent generations, those of the "PureBlood" faction were trying to find ways of killing off this new "King" why? because their lord and master required it of them.