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A/N: My first NCIS fic attempt. My Numb3rs muse ran away, so I'm hoping this makes her jealous enough to come back. Un-beta'd so I apologize for any errors.

"Um… Abbs?"

The bubbly goth girl gave Tony a warm smile. "Yeah?"

"I do have a bed, you know."

"Tony," she gently scolded him. "You're being nice enough to let me crash here. I'm not going to kick you out of your own bed just because my apartment building had a gas leak."

"I don't mind," he assured her. "I can sleep on the couch."

"Nonsense," she argued. "I'll sleep in here on the floor-"

"In that?" Tony cut her off as he pointed at the object she'd carefully spread in front of the couch. "You don't think that's creepy?"

Abby grinned. "It's like a sleeping bag."

Tony shook his head and gave Abby a look of disbelief. "It's not anything like a sleeping bag."

"Really?" she challenged him as she stepped closer. "It's a bag, I can sleep in it, ergo it's a sleeping bag." Abby glanced down at the object. "Of sorts."

"Look, Abbs, I know you've slept in a coffin before… but a body bag? That's a little over the edge, don't you think?"

"No. And Ziva didn't think so, either," Abby said with a shrug as she grabbed her toothpaste and headed down the hallway to the bathroom. She called over her shoulder, "She's the one who gave it to me for my birthday."

Tony shuddered and put a little extra space between him and the shiny, black body bag. "Knowing Ziva, it's probably been used," he muttered.

"I heard that!" Abby called from the bathroom.

Tony looked up, fear clouding his features. "Hey…um, Abbs? You wouldn't tell her I said that, would you?"

Abby emerged from the bathroom and gave Tony a quick embrace as she passed him. "Of course not, Tony." She unzipped the body bag and climbed inside, shifting around until she was comfortable.

"Thank you," he sighed with relief.

"It's much more useful to hold it over your head," she grinned. "Good night."

The End