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So, this is a story including Parental!RoyxEd. However, English is not my first language and I made an effort to write this XD. If you find anything that may look too incoherent, please let me know and I'm sorry for any (or too many) mistake ; If you speak Spanish, I recommend to read it in that language!


Roy Mustang was certainly bored. Of course, that was nothing new. Lieutenant Hawkeye has just dropped a pile of papers that the Colonel should sign before his dismissal time, which the clock announced it was dangerously close.

Riza looked thoroughly how the Colonel took the papers, read them in detail and then signed them after he was convinced they were correct, so she turned her glance into the papers she was carrying.

"Are you sure about this order? With this description it could by anyone", Roy told her.

The Lieutenant looked him again a little surprised. "Yes sir, we don't have any more details of the thief".

Mustang growled in disagreement, but is she said it there was no reason to question that. His back suddenly asked for a little break, so the black-haired men laid down in his chair and turned to the windows to see the entrance of the Headquarter.

"He must arrive soon, sir", Riza said like she was reading his mind.

Roy turned to her smiling ashamedly. "I know, it just that it was his first mission"

"But he called to tell you that everything was alright, didn't he?", the blonde displace the papers she was carrying and took a sit in front of the Colonel.

"I know, I know" he answered not really amused. He moved again to look out of the window, so she just smiled.

Half an hour later, the door of the office slowly opened so both tuned to see who was coming. Roy could help but smile when a little head shyly showed up.

"Edward, come in".

A boy in a black suit and a crimson jacket entered the room trying to be as formal as he could. The sun reflected in the window made his blond hair trapped in a braid shine and his golden eyes look more live than ever. He was holding a carpet in his right hand and the other was in a fist.

He stopped in front of the Colonel, straight as a table and smirking. He didn't salute the man even though his rank was higher than his.

"So?" Roy asked him also smirking.

Ed closed his eyes and laid the carpet in the table, his smile not fading. "It was great".

The Colonel just took the carpet and opened it.

"I wrote that in the train back Central, so it could be a little…unreadable", he said with a hand in this head a little embarrassed. He looked at Riza and bowed. "Riza-San"

She smiled at him, so the blonde turn around and walk out of the room doing a signal to Roy of 'See you later".

The Colonel started reading the report of the mission, and Riza noticed that he looked satisfied, so she smiled again and took her papers of the desk to start reviewing them.


"Edward-San, I'm glad you're back".

Ed looked at the woman that just has spoken to him. She was the Second Lieutenant Marcia Ross, who was saluting him.

"Ross-San, I think I've told you several times that you don't have to be this formal with me", the boy said with an edgy smile.

"I'm sorry" she said putting down his hand, smiling too.

"I will go to the dining room to see what I can eat, I'll stop by later"

She nodded and Ed started walking again through the corridor. Some soldiers saluted him in respect in the way, some others did it just because they have to, and others pretended that they didn't see him. However, that wasn't a big deal to Ed, in fact, he just didn't care. He knew that some soldiers didn't accept him in the army, but that hardly would change anything.

When he arrived at the dining room, he ordered some rice with noodles and waited. However, a picture of a blond girl with some toys blocked his sight.

"How cute is Elysia-chan! Don't you think?"

Edward looked at the men annoyed. He was the Lieutenant Colonel Maes Hughes with his pictures of his daughter which turn mad at anyone he chooses to show them. If Edward didn't think of him as an uncle, he probably would just turn and go.

"I know, Hughes-San, I see her often enough to notice that", he told him with a hint of exasperation in his voice. "How is she?"

"Prettier than ever", Hughes gave a nervous smile when he saw Edward's glance. "She is more than ok, but she missed you a lot".

"I'll come over tomorrow, I'm pretty tired today to go", Ed started eating closing his eyes. Hughes then noticed a little sigh coming from the boy.

"The mission went fine?" he asked him taking Ed off of guard, but the blonde didn't look at the man.

"It's…kind of difficult", he answered. "People hate National Alchemist but they want us to solve their life".

Hughes looked at him a little puzzled, but tried not to do such a big deal of that comment.

"Hey, Hey", he muttered kindly. "Don't take it that way, there's no reason to be so dramatic about it".

Edward tuned his glance to the dark haired man, but he then draft a shy smile. Hughes rose and put a hand in the back of the boy.

"I'll see you tomorrow", he said before walking out of the room.

Edward sighed again tiredly. He finished his meal and went to the phone. He dial up some numbers and waited to someone to pick the phone up.

"Otoosan, I will go home. I want to sleep".


Roy Mustang took his keys off the pocket and carefully opened the door of his house. He noticed that the lights were on, so closed the door and walked into the living room, where the TV was also on. He couldn't help but smile at the view. He came close to the couch and sat contemplating something. He stroked the hair of the boy that was deeply sleep and cutely snoring.

"I'm glad you came back right, Edward", he muttered.

The boy moved a little at the touch, but he didn't wake up. Roy has really missed him; he couldn't remember being apart of the blonde for that long since the day he brought the kid into his home.

Edward was the only child of Trisha Elric, a closed friend of Roy since they were young. The man liked to stop by sometimes, however, one day, a fire made the Elric's house disappear and Roy couldn't make it in time to help. He just saw the little body of Edward in the ambulance, but when he asked about Trisha, his heart broke into pieces when they told him they couldn't do anything for her.

He was shattered for weeks. Trisha had been his best friend for years, they had grew up together and always supported each other, like the time when Trisha's husband abandoned her or when Roy had to go to Ishbal's war, almost losing his mental sanity.

One day, when the black-haired man was looking at Edward with an oxygen mask, he remembered something that Trisha had said to him once…

"Trisha, why are you telling me this?", he asked her a little skeptic.

"Please Roy, just promise that you would look after Edward if something ever happens to me", she begged with a serious tone in his voice causing that Roy looked at her in disbelief. "Just that…"

Mustant thought about it for a moment. It would be ok to promise something that he didn't know he could do? "…I-I promise, Trisha".

She gladly smiled; sure that Roy would do everything he could to protect Edward if the time asked for it.

Roy was surprised when he felt a little hand holding his shirtsleeve. He looked at Edward to see that the child has just opened his eyes after many days of being unconscious. He was so small… they had had to amputate his right arm and his left leg, and the doctors though the boy would not survive, but the blonde finally had opened his eyes. Roy saw the pain in the golden orbits and some tears and fell down in his cheeks, but the onyx-eyed man smiled: He was awake.

When the boy could be out of the hospital, he spent some days in Roy's house while the man decided what he should do. Give him in adoption?...That would mean that he would never see the boy again…But, how could he take care of him? He was an active soldier…in addition, he didn't know anything about children, in fact, he never considered being a family man…ever. Edward was sleep at his side holding on the man, deeply sleep…so innocent, like nothing had happened. Of course, the boy didn't understand what had happened.

When the boy moved a little and closed his fist with apprehension to Roy's shirt, the man could feel his heart squeezing. However, that was when Mustang took a decision…


Roy jumped a little and looked at Edward, who was squeezing his eyes.

"I'm sorry, did I wake up you?"

Ed just shook his head half-sleep, but Roy knew he was lying. Then man came close to the boy and embraced him in a hug. Edward's cheeks were flushed.

"Otoosan…you know this is embarrassing", he said lowering his sight ashamed, but Roy just smiled.

"Nobody is looking", he said messing up but Ed's hair. "How was the journey?"

Edward yawned. "Well…Mostly it was fun"

"Mostly?", Roy asked a little puzzled.

"Well, it comes that people really hate National Alchemist", he said somewhat ashamed. "But I think they changed their minds at the end".

"You already knew that"

Edward shrugged. Of course he did know, but he had never seen so much hate towards him.

"Are you sure about all this?",Roy asked suddenly. Edward looked at him surprised for the question. "Do you really want to be a National Alchemist?"

"Of course I do, no doubts"

Roy smiled resigned. He placed his hand in Edward's shoulder and drew him closer. "Are you hungry?"

Edward yawned again. "No, I'm just sleepy".

Mustang took Ed in his back like when he was little, making the boy blush in embarrassment, but the man only made a short laugh. He took the blond into his room and lift him into the bed, noticing that he was already slept. He pull the elastic band off Ed's braid and walk out of the room standing in the frame of the door.

"Good night, Ed".


"Otoosan" means Father, Dad in Japanese.