"Epilogue: Their perfects lives"

"Happy birthday, Elysia-Chan!"

The girl jumped in Edward's arms excited, "Onii-Chan! You're late!"

Ed hugged her lovingly, "A woman lives with us now, remember?", he muttered to the girl's ear as he laughed happily.

The blonde put Elysia on the floor so Winry, Roy and Riza hug her while he greeted everyone who was in the house…and noticed that they were the last ones to arrive. Alphonse approached him surrounded by squealing girls with a fake smile.

"Hey, It's the FullMetal Alchemist!"

The girls glanced at Edward for a moment, but then all ran towards the blonde and grabbed his arms.

"You're Edward, aren't you?! Elysia-Chan's handsome friend!"

"Come and sit with us!"

Ed raised a brow and shot a glance at Al who was relieved that he managed to get rid of the girls, "You'll pay for this!"

Alphonse just drew a smile. However, Winry approached the boy and pulled him by the arm with possessed eyes, "Girls, he came with me, so back up!"

"Hey! You're too old for him!"

The blonde's eyes widened and discretely moved away from Winry when he noticed the girl was about to explode as a volcano. And he wasn't wrong, as soon as he moved, the girl began a yelling fight with the girls who seemed to have a invincible strong spirit.

"At least both got of them", Alphonse said sighing, "I have an hour already trying to hide from the girls"

"That happens to you because you arrived early"

The boy sighed again as Ed said hi to Gracia and everyone left. The house was full with people considering how big it was. He suddenly saw Hughes with his camera photographing every movement Elysia did in her 9th anniversary.

"Hughes-San, youre lucky Elysia-Chan it's ok with you stalking thing"

"I'm not stalking her, I catching all this special moments to last forever", he said clicking the camera.

However, the man flinched when he saw Fletcher approaching the girl. Edward noticed it and raised a brow, "What's wrong?"

"…That kid…he wants to take Elysia away from me…"

"…They're kind of little for him to 'take her away from you', aren't they?"

Hughes clenched his fist, "No, I think Elysia likes him, I have to go to separate them", he said as he stood up, but Ed grabbed him from the arm.

"Hughes-San! Come on…they don't look that bad together", he said teasing the man which managed to make him angry since he frowned and began to pull his arm.

Roy then approached seen the scene confused, "What's wrong?"

"Here", Edward said handing Hughes' arm to him, "Try to avoid that he kick Fletcher out of the party"

The dark-haired man shook his head in denial, he couldn't believe the man was angry for something like that. Winry then showed up and pulled Edward by the arm.

"Come on, I manage to escape from the little bothers"

The girl leaded the boy to the house balcony and took a peek behind them to check if the girls weren't following them.

"Little brats, that girls scare me", Winry told him approaching the blonde, who just smiled. "Look, the sky is pretty tonight"

Both stared at the starry firmament, it really was a particularly beautiful night with a full moon. Edward closed his eyes feeling the fresh wind that brushed his hair while Winry grabbed his hand and leaned his head on his arm.

"How did you say that 3 stars constellation was called?", she asked him suddenly.

"Orion belt, it's one of the more popular ones"

Edward leaned his head on her hair while both stared at the sky in silence for a moment. However, Ross appeared behind them almost turning around since she had interrupted the teens, but she knew that is she didn't talk, all the girls would come after Edward.

"Winry, Elysia wants you to help she and her friends to put the princess costumes on…or something like that"

The girl sweat dropped and Ed smiled feeling pity for her, "I'll go in a minute"

Ross nodded and walked back to the house while Winry put hand on her forehead in frustration.

"You're the maid of honor of the birthday girl, you can't complain", the boy said so Winry threw him a small blow in the chest.

"I'll be right back", she said resigned.

They kissed in the lips and the girl went inside the house. Edward watched her as she walked with a smile, until he saw his dad walking towards him, so he averted his face blushed. Roy couldn't hold a small laugh as he stopped at the blonde's side and glanced at the sky.

"I can't believe you're still so shy about that"

"…Leave me alone"

Both heard some screams inside the house so they turned around to see what was happening, but they just watched how Hughes was running after some boys that wanted to play with Elysia.

"…Why does he invite boys to the party if he is going to be like that?", Ed asked almost in laughs.

"I think is Gracia who invites them"

Both glanced at the sky again and remained quiet for a moment. The boy removed a lock from his face and smiled.

"Can you believe that just a year ago all this was almost destroyed due to Kimbley's attack?"

Roy smiled and lowered the heard, "I think the fact that just a year ago everyone here risked their lived it's more unbelievable"

Edward looked at his dad out of the corner of his eyes, "Being a part of the military, you know every day we risks our lives"

"…You know that's hardly the same"

The boy nodded and smiled, "So, are you going to leave tomorrow?"

"Yeah, the Fuhrer is going to the North and asked me to go with him"

"Tell Olivia-San I say hi", he said with a smirk amused.

"…Of course…if she doesn't treat me with her sword if I dare to come close to her"

The blonde laughed and moved another lock from his face, "Do you think peace is going to last?"

Roy glanced at the boy quite surprised by the question, but then smiled, "I don't know, but I'll enjoy it while it last". Ed smiled him back and both turned at the ski again, but then Roy coughed trying to clear his throat, "…I have something to tell you…"

Since his dad voice sounded serious, the boy stared at him slightly worried, "What's wrong?"

"…Well…I've never asked you this before and maybe I should have done it…", Roy swallowed and run a hand through his hear, "But…what do you think about…you know…siblings?"

The boy stared at his dad with wide eyes for a moment, but then he fought a laugh back, "Is Riza…?". Roy staggered for a second, but then nodded, "…Well, as long as it is a sister, I'm ok with that"

The man smiled relieved and then ruffled the boy's hair. However, he noticed the smirk in Edward's face.

"Did Riza try to shoot you when she found out?"

"…No because I hid her gun when I had my suspicions"

"Smart man"

Roy put an arm around Ed's shoulders drawing the teen closer as they stared at the firmament for a moment.

"This seems…away too perfect, don't you think?", Ed said suddenly, "Our lives have always been full of problems"

"Maybe, but I kind of like this perfection"

Edward nodded satisfied by the answer, but in that moment, Hughes walked in the balcony.

"Edward, my princess wants a prince and I will jump from that balcony if you let that Fletcher boy be his prince, can you take his place?"

The teen sweat dropped, but he nodded, "I see you inside…if Elysia's friends don't lock me or something"

Roy smiled amused and saw the boy walking away…or Hughes kidnapping him, whatever. The man noticed how Izumi threw his friends a warning glare, so Maes let Edward go and then heard racket inside.

Yeah, he could get used to this perfection.



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