What if Sirius was never sent to Azkaban? What if Harry Potter grew up in a nice loving home?

What if Draco Malfoy was a good guy?... What if James and Lily Potter never died? (ok so it's a lot of what ifs, but this story will answer them all!)

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The Ministry of Magic

'Kingsley, thank you for seeing us'. Arthur said, once they had been taken into Kingsley's office.

'It is no trouble Arthur, no trouble at all. How can I help?'

'Well, I'm sure you know The Prophet has been reporting stories about sightings of Dumbledore – can you tell us if they're true? We went to the Prophet but they wouldn't see us. I have three sons at Hogwarts and they are very worried about what's going on.'

'Please, sit down gentlemen. I can say that I have not reported or had reported to me any sightings of Dumbledore. However, I have been receiving anonymous letters advising me of a group claiming they are stronger than death eaters – helping the same cause, but stronger. The aurors are currently investigating the letters; in fact someone has been brought in today for questioning.'

'Who?' James asked. 'And why weren't Sirius and I informed?'

'We didn't want to danger your families any further; you're already in hiding we didn't want you to have to leave the country completely. We have found no evidence that they are searching for you; we are keeping an eye on you from afar. As for who; I can't say but I have just been notified that they have been placed in Azkaban until they are ready to talk.'

'dun dun dun…another ones bites the dust…'

'Seriously James? Really not the time!' Sirius exclaimed.

'I'm sorry! It just keeps popping into my head at random times…'

Sirius rolled his eyes. 'Come on, we had better get home and let the women know. Thank you Kingsley – may we use your floo?'

'Go ahead'. Kingsley said; waving goodbye as each man stepped into the fire.

Who is it?

When the men got back to the house, the children were just sitting down to their afternoon classes. The men sat down and had some pasta and meatballs. While they ate, they also discussed what Kingsley had told them.

'I wonder who it is' Sirius thought out loud 'is it ex-death eaters trying to gain more power?'

'I doubt it; the death eaters were only powerful because of Voldemort I can't think of any of them that would be more powerful than him, even a group of them couldn't be more powerful' James answered.

'Do we tell our wives about this?' Arthur asked. 'I don't really want to scare them, when we don't have much information to give them. You know they are going to want all the information, even if we don't have it.'

'I think we should, we don't want to keep it from them then have something bad happen. They would be more upset if they thought we had information that we didn't share. Why don't we ask Kingsley if we can have an order meeting? Not to scare anyone, but to make everyone aware that we should be careful now.'

'Good idea James, I'll go and send Kingsley an owl just now and see what he says' Arthur said, leaving the table to go and write the note.

Within an hour Kingsley had sent an owl back advising that this was a good idea and he had sent messages to the other members of the Order, asking them to be at the house at 8pm.

When the kids' lessons were done for the day and they were eating their tea (fajitas – Lily cooked, and this was one of her favourites) the men let their wives know that there was going to be an Order meeting.

The women were all panicked when their husbands told them what was happening, but they promised they would be fine. After tea they took all the kids upstairs to start getting them bathed and ready for bed. Because there were so many people in the house, bathrooms had been added to each of the rooms. The older kids could bathe themselves, Megan had an ensuite bathroom in her room as did the twins, the other kids used the bathrooms that were attached to their parents' rooms and they were bathed by their mums before being put to bed. Megan, Fred & George didn't have to go to bed but they were asked to stay in their rooms while the meeting was going on. Molly warned Fred & George if she found them outside their room at all, she would not responsible for her actions. Fred & George were still scared and would definitely listen to her.

The women were back downstairs by half past 7 and started to get cups ready for making tea and coffee when everyone arrived. Molly also had a cake in the fridge which she sliced up and put on the table.

By 8pm the whole Order was seated in the kitchen for their meeting. Kingsley started by asking everyone not to panic.

'I had been informed, by anonymous letter, that were was a secret group forming. This group claimed to be more powerful than Voldemort and his followers. After some investigation, we managed to find some of this group – who are calling themselves "The Dark Watch" – and they are currently being questioned with veritaserum.'

'Who is it Kingsley? Is it ex-death eaters?' Lily asked.

'Until the questioning is complete I cannot disclose any information – I am trying to keep the investigation as secret as possible – I do not want this going to the papers. If the papers were to run anything on the investigation we are carrying out, it may alert other members of the group and we might not ever find anything out. I can confirm that we have not picked up any ex-death eaters – however if there are more of the group, I don't know who they are'.

Everyone nodded, they knew what Kingsley was saying but it was just hard to not know who was doing this. By 10pm all of the order, except Remus, had left. Remus decided to stay over so he could see all the kids as he had not seen them for a long time.

Before bed, they all had a glass of firewhisky and discussed the Order meeting; they were all in agreement that they were scared another war was about to break out.